Sunday, August 31, 2008

Annoying as it is

Isn't it annoying knowing that people talk bad about you?

Right at this moment, I am annoyed. I learned from someone that some people were criticizing me over small things...from my weight to my pimples and etc. The heck! Don't they have nothing to talk about? Why make a big fuss over these?! My imperfections makes me who I am but it does hurt knowing that people are really judgmental considering that you don't even know them and it hurts even more if you knew these creeps and have treated them nicely. Geez, give me a break and mind your own business!

*Photo by ~cocopuff1216


Dave said...

Often, actually most of the time, people will be quick to point out 'flaws' in another before people see the real flaws in them. Strike first so nobody sees my issues! Make them look at her/him. Don't let it bother you because by their actions they are showing people how petty and small they really are! Good luck with the little ppl.

ratemyphilippines said...

You're above these people Crissy! Don't let them get to you... Keep your head up high! here's something to smile about...

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Bill said...

Most of the time when people do that they are just jealous of something you have that they don't so they try and make you feel bad.