Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Wedding Anniversary

One colleague of mine shared with me how he and his wife celebrate their monthsaries. It's interesting to learn that they usually spend their monthsary the night before that special day. They unwind and bond together the night before and wait for the 12 midnight to strike and greet each other with warm hugs and kisses. Since they're newly married, they plan to celebrate their wedding anniversaries that way and as for their third wedding anniversary they plan to go on a vacation abroad. Probably by that time, they were already in Canada.

They usually don't give presents during their monthsaries but will be giving anniversary gifts by year. Everything is planned in advance. And I think for me, the best gift would be an offspring. They should be considering that in their plans.

Cyber Monday

Because we don't have an internet connection at home as of the moment, I want to make my first day of the week as my Cyber Monday mainly because I report to duty earlier that my regular schedule so I have the time to surf the net and to blog. It's pretty hard not having an internet connection at home but I'm getting use to it, hopefully. I just hope I don't get hack using public computers in the cafes.

Baby Shower

How exciting it is to look forward for my friend's baby shower. Just early this morning, I received a baby shower invitations for my friend who is soon to be a mother. My friends and I were all excited. With too much excitement, I am even now pressured what present I would give. Something cute and functional, I think. Hopefully, she will be delivering her baby sometime early this month.

Monday, August 30, 2010

The Retreat

It was a one day overnight retreat at Malaybalay, Bukidnon. I was invited by the ORNAP Davao Chapter to take part on this event. It was a blessing for me as I get to see the magnificent view of this monastery, the Benedictine's Monastery of Transfiguration. Their church is situated on top of the hill surrounded by mountains and hills that is breathtaking. It was one silent and relaxing venue. The monks were accommodating and hospitable and we were given the chance to pray with them as they pray seven times a day on their church.

Their voices were soothing and calm, as if you were listening to an angel's voice when they chant their prayers. The food were sumptuous and fresh, and I especially love their brewed coffee. I even take some at home.

The experience was one of a kind. I appreciated life and it's simplicity.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

An Early Prom Shopping

It's still the month of August but surprisingly, I can see a lot of shops selling prom dresses this early. Must be cheaper to buy this time of the day than cramming next year, right? And you can even have the luxury of time to choose which dresses that would best suits you and have the chance to hop from one shop to another. Anyway, there's this cute black dress I saw online and if I am the one going to a prom, I would probably buy this kind of dress.

House Party

It was one fun night at one of our friend's house. He just moved in from that new house and invited us over for a drinking session. There we met his cute little puppy, a two months old labrador. Drinks were abundant that night but glad to say that no one went home drunk. Everyone was cool that night. His house seemed like a bachelor's pad with bean bags as his living room set and a log furniture outside the house for guests who wants to stay there.We were all hoping for another house party sometime next week.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fun Sunday

It was one great fun we had last Sunday. Early morning we joined the Adidas Fun Run and was able to complete the 5k run. Though we really didn't do much running, it's more of walking. But anyways, it was fun to do it with your friends and with a lot of people as well. I was amazed how that event turned out. A lot of people had joined in.

Next stop, off we went to Malagos Garden Resort for our lunch buffet. Surprisingly, it was their farm fair day and a lot of guests where there. It was my first time to be in Malagos and I had fun with bird feeding and taking pictures around. One of the great photo we had was with this gigantic San Miguel balloon. We might look stupid with this photo with so many people around looking and laughing with our trip. We didn't mind though because we're all having fun goofing around.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Miss My "Sugbonding" Friends

It has been several months that I haven't been my college friends. I'm starting to miss them especially our "sugbonding" moments. It when we stay in one of our friends house to drink, grill and bond. We usually make barbecues from an outdoor electric grill. I miss those moments. And it's just sad that whenever they invite me out, I'm always not available. Hopefully we could get to bond one of these days.

Lucky I'm Out Of School

There are times I would reminisce my days back in school. I missed the lectures, my friends and my allowance. But having graduated was indeed one goal that I met. And now that I am blessed to have my work, I met new set of friends. And because working as a nurse is a stressful job, we usually set a time for us to unwind. Tonight we will be having a night out with my colleagues and I thought that, it was good I finished school. I won't have to worry with my gmat prep and now I own my time as well. I can go out my my friends anytime that I want and my parents wouldn't be scolding me for that anymore. Hehe.

Saturday, August 7, 2010

It's Time To Exit

It bothers me a lot to know that one of my high school crush is now married and a father. I was expecting I could get to know him more. But after seeing him in the hospital now fat as before, I figure out it's one of the exit signs I was looking for. Anyway, it was good seeing him, at least I had the confirmation of not longing for him anymore. Hehe. What am I saying? LOL. I was just having wishful thinking. And so I have to move on to my next crush. Hehe.

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

I Feel It Again

This day's one of my saddest moments of my entire life, I think. I wasn't able to visit my grandfather's graveyard to commemorate his death anniversary. In addition, I feel longing for one person again. It's hard to feel this way and there's no way to reach to him. And I hate this feeling. Good thing my duty was busy and so my attention was diverted so I couldn't really dwell on this emotion. True enough, being busy can be a lot of help too.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Just Being Curious

Yesterday during my PM shift, there was nothing else to do since we haven't received any surgeries within our shift. And so while we were cleaning the entire department, I passed by this Kohler kitchen sink right beside our janitorial's closet. I was wondering why there was a yellow cellophane placed on top of the sink. Thought the faucet was defective and so I tried turning it on. To my surprise, it was functioning and I quickly turned it off because water was on the cellophane already. I guess, the drainage was defective on that sink. Never told anyone about it. Hehe.