Friday, December 31, 2010

Fond of Jewelry

I have this fondness for accessories, though I don't have huge collections of it. It makes me attracted to vintage looking things and glittering things. No wonder I had my eyes set on chamilia beads while surfing the net. They are a keeper! It's one way of expressing oneself, your own personal style.

Trophy Hopping

I remembered the time when we used to canvass for trophies to be used in our school's intramural. There are a number of selections to choose from. But what's eye catching are the pinewood trophies which stands out from the rest. It's a good looking trophy. Suitable to be given to the winners of the said events.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Trying To Resist

The mere fact that he's here makes me more want to fly away. I missed him, that's a fact. But reality bites, he has a new relationship now and I just have to accept and respect it. And even though I'm having this urge to communicate with him, I just have to resist it then. Don't wanna make things complicated. Anyway, if he's still interested, he'd call. I realized I already fell out of love for him.

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Right now, I am looking forward in upgrading my employment status this year 2011 despite of my tardiness. So I could have a raise in my salary and therefore I can apply for a credit card. I need one for emergency purposes not just for shopping. Hehe. I even need this to pay things online. this would be of great help.

The Right Shorts

Running helps burn more calories. That is why runners are physically fit. It would be better to perform this exercise if you had the right outfit like wearing the running shorts as well as the running shoes. You can perform even better with it since it's more comfortable. Maybe that is why runners wear this skimpy shorts. It's with a purpose.

Perfect Match

This is one Korean drama I loved. Not only because of it's lead actor, Lee Min Ho, but as well as the story itself. I admire the character of Lee Min Ho here wherein, he slowly feel for that girl who by the way is a designer furniture. The latter has this genuine kindness trait that made Lee Min Ho's character fell in love with her. The drama was lightly comedic and so you can find yourself laughing in ti at the same time it will sent giggles as you witnessed these characters feel in love with each other.

Hypothermia Complication

Hypothermia is one of the complications I encounter in the PACU unit. It delays the transporting of my patient back to her room as I have to stabilize his temperature first. It would take like 2-4 hours to normalize his temperature even though you provided double drop light, fleece blanket and no aircon. I guess, having an electric blanket would be of great help to help speed up his recovery from his hypothermia state.

My First Depth Charge Experience

After our Christmas party in the our department, we went out to chill in a bar. Most of us were present during the night out except of course for those who were on duty. Beers were abundant and everyone has their own beer on hand. Apparently, one of us noticed that it would be long night for us if we just stick to a beer, and so he ordered to buy a tequila for everyone and make it to a depth charge.

It's a cocktail, a strong one. They say it's a party drink since most of us were alive after one shot. The alcoholic effect was delayed and after awhile I can sense the alcohol flowing through my bloodstream and started to get tipsy. I had 3 shots of it. Most of us did have our fair os host. And majority of us knocked out. It was a fun night, seeing a lot of us were drunk. It's the best and the worst party we had. And we all had a great time.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Testing Lead

There was one particular moment that there was a massive recall of some toys after learning that the materials used has lead content in it. Popular toy companies were greatly affected with it. parents, were frantic after learning about the controversy which resulted to this serious recall. even I was surprised with that news. I've been a fan of some of those toys since childhood and I wonder if I got some lead from it. As observed, I'm still normal. And maybe I wasn't affected with it.

Lead is potentially dangerous to our health especially for the kids. It can result to lead poisoning that is particularly toxic for the children. That is why, we have to take precautions in buying stuff for our kids. We can choose to buy the most effective lead test kit that can help detect lead contents in various things. It's difficult at these times keeping protecting our family from the harmful toxins if we don't have the aid on how to detect it. And so personally, having a lead test kit is helpful in our households. You can find it in your leading departments stores or hardwares near you. You can even find it online.

It's one way of preventing lead poisoning. So safeguard your family's health. Use lead test kit now.


It was last week, if I remember it right, that most of the areas in our city experienced total blackout after a lightning hit one of the electric post. It didn't last though. Good thing we had our own emergency light at home which was a big help as an alternative to having a honda generator. Of course having a generator has the most advantage than the former.

Perfect Time To Unwind

It's that special season wherein you wished you are with your special dear. Perhaps, just merely sitting in a wooden swing sets while looking at the stars above and talking about just anything. Maybe, you future together perhaps. It's romantic. The cold breeze makes you hug more to each other. What a sweet moment for the two of you together. And what a sweet way to spend Christmas together.

Wanna Return It

I think this is the appropriate time to return the ring he has given me. I guess most rings that are given to you by a special person strengthens your bond for that person. And because of that, having that ring gives me the hope that everything would be alright. But since I think that thigns won't be the same again, and there'll be no more reconciliation, I guess it is just right to return it. It has special value for me.

Medicine Storage

Personally, every house should have a medicine cabinets that cannot be reach by children. It is a must to store your medicines. Remember, medicines isn't good for the health when taken inappropriately. That is why, it should be away from the kids. There several medicine cabinets you can find in the market today. There are the classy ones, the colorful ones and the trendy ones. So pick one for your home.

Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Worst Party Ever

It was our unit's Christmas Party last night and to make a difference, we used the Filipiniana Theme for our party. Everyone were required to wear something Filipino. Prizes were given to those who has the best costume.

We sang Filipino songs and carols. We had jokes in Filipino were everyone was complaining how their jaws aches from laughing too much.

Everyone had so much fun last night!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Had A Mini Grocery Shopping Awhile Ago

Mini because I only bought 6 items in the grocery store for use in our Christmas Party tomorrow. It wasn't that hard to line up in the cashier area because they process it so quickly with the use of a barcode scanner.

I'm kinda excited for our party wearing our national costumes and eating a Filipino delicacies. Our games and presentations tomorrow are the highlights. And even our guests are excited to witness it. I surely hope everyone will have fun tomorrow!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Auto Repairs

Owning a car entails a great deal of responsibility. Not only in terms of safety but as well as maintenance of your own car. You may need to undergo some repairs, especially with rv repairs. Kind of time consuming but it's part of your car maintenance. To make sure that your car is in good condition thus lesser risks for accidents.

Heartbreak Again

Every time I see the face of that girl I hated, that seemed happy and inlove with my ex boyfriend, I still feel a little jealous and hatred. Jealous because my ex isn't around with me anymore, and is diverting his attention to this girl to cover up his emotional longings towards me. And hatred because, he didn't believed me and instead succumbed with his jealousy and anger and left me.

Though after almost 2 years of being single and heartbroken, I find myself difficult to love another. And over and over again, I still have heartbreaks over my ex. I guess with all these emotional stressors, is there still a best anti wrinkle cream to prevent my face from forming some wrinkles? I do hope so, because this is one thing that stresses me. Luckily, I've already accepted the fact that it's over and I'm moving on. I guess, there's no more turning back this time. I just hope he's happy with his decision and with his new girl.

Looking For A Lingerie

Just awhile ago, while my friends and I were malling. We dropped by at this lingerie store since my friends is looking for one. We were scanning there items and yes, most of their products were pretty and sexy. But my god! It's too expensive, personally. I don't think the price is worth it's value considering that it's just a lingerie. Perhaps, they really have a name and they're products are of in good quality.

Using ECG Machine

One of the things working in the Intensive Care Unit is the routinary take of ECGs on patients. I used to know how to it. But with almost a year of not getting a hand of it. I seemed to forget how to place the specific electrodes. In the operating room, we do monitor the patient's heart rate through an ecg that is showed in the cardiac monitor. But we don't have that ecg machine in the unit.It's not that necessary though. We just need a cardiac monitor with a printer on it.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Got My IV License Expired

That is so sad news for me. I had my IV license expired already last December 1. At first I thought it was December 10, but when I was preparing for my renewal requirements, there I clearly read that it's the former. Now I have to gamble with the submission of requirements hoping that there is still a grace period after the expiry date. If not then I have to retrain again and pay two thousand bucks for that. Hayz!

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Cable Movies

Amazingly, our local television can get signal from cable network. I didn't know how since none of us tried tweaking our antennas for that. I guess, it was a natural phenomenon since it isn't only in our household that gets reception of these cable channels. The reception isn't that clear though, but can still be viewed. So it's just fine. I was thinking of subscribing to a cable network. Maybe someday when I get promoted from my job.

Goodbye To Our Not So New Car

It was a relief having a car. It was given to us as a payment for some company's debt in our business. It isn't that old nor new. just decent enough to be driven around. And it felt comfortable being fetched by my brother with this car every after my duty, especially at night.

We had it for months, and my parents decided to sell it due to financial reasons. It was saddening but it's important to do it for our family's sake. I was beginning to search for cheap auto insurance quotes already but halted it because of the sudden selling.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

The Idea Of Moving Out

It's kind of saddening to note that my family and I were planning to move out from our old house. This is where my home is since childhood and had formed friendships around the neighborhood as well. Memories are abundant in this home. But sad to say, we are to sell it due to financial reasons.

On a lighter note, instead of wallowing, I find it an opportunity to make use of my dream to design the house interiors, maybe have some laminate flooring perhaps? having a new home will make way for this dream to commence. And because of that idea, I am excited to transfer to our new home.