Thursday, March 31, 2011

Personalize Gift

Days ago were our monthsary and prior to that I was freaking thinking of what present should I give him. I was thinking of surprising him and thought of personalized doormats to give. But then, I figure out it was kind of mushy. And because I was telling him how surprise I was for him to come into my life. I made a photo video with a song entitled, "Beautiful Surprise". I feel the song just suits how I feel for him.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Creatinine Supplement

It was sad to learn that my uncle is ill right now. He has complications from his primary disease which is Diabetes. He's suffering from high levels of creatinine in his body in which no best creatine supplement he could take for now. Hopefully with the right compliance of medication and right diagnosis, he'll recover soon.

It's Closed

While mall hopping at SM we passed by this used to be lingerie shop somewhere in the 2nd floor. We found it's already closed and we don't know the reason behind it. Too bad. They were selling cute lingerie apparels in there and this garterbelt that find nice. We were there to supposedly see it again. Perhaps the locals doesn't really adores those kind of stuff yet.

Graduation Week

This is the time where most schools is having their graduation march. I remember on my graduation day years ago. I felt teary eyes thinking it would be the last day of my school year, and it means getting to see my friends a little or even never. I felt emotional that time and remember my childhood where I first entered school. The basic reason why I chose my school that time is because of their school playground equipment. I was playful at that time and it is inside the school's playground where I won several friends.

Cramming For Certificates

We just conducted a seminar yesterday and we were expecting to have a maximum of 150 participants. As the registration started, we were surprised to reach 230 participants in the said event. We were cramming to print another set of certificates. Good thing a colleague of ours brought her epson printers to help us with the printing process. Some of our colleagues bought another set of food and drinks for the participants. However, it was a huge success!

Sunday, March 6, 2011

I Missed Our Fun Run!

I hate the idea that I missed our planned fun run! It could have been fun participating since a lot of my workmates are joining. But sad to say, I wasn't able to participate since I had trouble sleeping the night before. I couldn't just bring myself there without any sleep, I might collapse before reaching that 5k run. Next week, we will be participating again. Hopefully this time I could join.

Saturday, March 5, 2011


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