Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Needs To Detox

With all the stressors out there, I feel like I need to detoxify. I'm starting to avoid night outs as much as possible nowadays, and yet I still feel like I am so streesed out. I htink I need more sleep and antioxidant supplements. I even need some anti wrinkle lotion to prevent from having wrinkles especially around my eyes. Can't help but be paranoid about this since I am aging up. LOL!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Rainy Season

I'm beginning to dislike my schedule. Because I have to report at one in the afternoon and it's very hot to go out at this hour. My skin feels like burning from the scorching heat of the sun. And at the end of my shift, it would be evening. Usually the time for the rain to commence. I hate it when water rises because water can go inside my shoes. I have to wear rain boots to protect my shoes and my feet. Now I'm beginning to suggest to my senior to transfer me back to the main OR Complex.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

May Go Home

My Aunt has already given the physician's consent to go home and right now she's recovering at home. She'll visit her surgeon tomorrow for a check up and hopefully everything will be fine. She still needs to undergo an MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) for her eyes as advised by her opthalmologist to verify if the problem of her left eye is caused only by mild stroke. She's diagnosed with breast cancer and we are hoping that the problem on her left eye has nothing to do with metastasis of her cancer cells. Still hoping that she will recover. She needs to undergo chemotherapy sessions and right now, what we are worried about is the expenses for her therapies. I pray that God will guide us in looking for ways to finance her needed therapies.

And to help her out, I also ask for you generous hearts for donations in any amount to aid her with her laboratory work ups and other therapies especially with her chemotherapy. It would be a great help for her recovery and may the Lord bless you.

Girls' Best Friend

They say that diamonds are the girls' best friends. How true is this? All I know is that we girls long to receive a diamond ring from someone we love, as a symbol of engagement and that marriage is coming soon. We all want to be married to the person we truly love right? Well I guess that is why it's trademarked as our best friend. Hmm...I still don't get the connection. Hehe.

Laughing My Heart Out

Being with my workmates in the unit gives me the laughter I need to forget about my problems. They truly are a blessing. Makes you feel happy and spontaneous. Laughing is another one good fat burners. Just be cautious for too much laughing as it may cause wrinkles in the long run. So don't wonder our unit is one big happy family, because we all have a strong bond through our laughters. Indeed, laughter is the best medicine.

Eye Bags

This is one flaw I have that I am very conscious about. Especially that I often work on a gaveyard shift, plus the night outs I had with friends all contributed to my puffy eyebags and discoloration. I wonder how to remove dark circles under eyes because i's not really flattering. I looked haggard on this and to hide this, I have to use concealers under my eyes so often. I want a permanent remedy for this and hopefully, there would be a product that could do wonders for my eyes.

Feels Bloated

It's kind of uncomfortable waking up in the morning feeling bloated and even the whole day. Feels like your stomach haven't digested the foods that you have eaten. Perhaps it's one factor that aids in the weight gain. That is why, there is colon cleanse that works among all other colon cleansers in the market today. Just try to search for good reviews online and you would find some decent cleansers that works!

Burning Fats

Don't take me literally with this guys. I'm talking about weight loss. And if losing weight is your goal like me, I think you are also on the path of looking for a fastest way to burn off fat. Cardio exercises are good in burning fat. But nowadays, how come it seemed so hard to lose weight even if I go to the gym? It isn't the same as before. Perhaps age is one factor to keep in mind. Now I'm even thinking that there might be a problem with my program. And so I'm thinking of transferring back to where I used to work out before. Hope that would help.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Site Back Online

Phew! At long last, I removed the site where my blog got infected with. And now it's back to normal again. And I am happy to figure that out.

On another note, I think this day is one of the unfortunate days I have. First off, I got an emergency text from my cousin asking help to admit her mom to the hospital. Second, I lost my cellphone at the gym. And third, I found out my Auntie's condition. Seems like it's not a good scenario. But I still hope God can do miracles and wonders for her.

I just got preoccupied this day. Hope everything will went well.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Rashes Everywhere

I'm currently suffering from skin rashes due to being exposed to the sea water last Saturday. I think I do have aquagenic. And it's so itchy. Tried taking some diphenhydramine last night, and it helped me get to sleep. I need some cottony lingerie to help me prevent from scratching my skin. It does help alleviate the pruritic feeling of my rash quite a bit. I just hope it would diminsh overtime. I can't go back to work with this condition. It's so damn uncomfortable!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Malware Detected!

It was a surprise to find my blog being attacked by a malware virus. If you can see the red warning on this site, I ask for my sincerest apology. As of now, I can't find a solution on how to troubleshoot this problem. Hopefully you guys can help me out. I don't want to spread some virus into your blogs as well. This might have been due to using public computers when I had no internet connection these past few weeks. And now I swear I won't be using public computers for my private accounts.

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Receiving Benefits

I got a friend in the states who is currently handicapped. Initially she was undergoing a big and difficult adjustments in her life. But with the help of her family and friends, she managed to live a normal life. And even though she's disabled, she still managed to earn a living with the use of her remaining functional body parts. She's good in cooking and so she cooks and bakes and earn from it. Good thing she also has Medicare part D plan to use to receive her benefits.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Back At Gym

I'm actually working out again and on my 5th day in the gym. I enrolled in a gym near at my workplace for convenience. So far, the equipments were fine, they were all branded. The area is wide and I think, it's even complete. Plus, I like the fact that I can use their sauna. And since it's still my 5th day, I can't see visible results from my work out. Hopefully tomorrow my trainor will give me a a set of program to follow.