Friday, October 31, 2008

I just want to write nonsense...

Haha...there's no particular topic for this particular entry. I ran out of words as well as ideas. What I want to do is to update this blog often. Missed this blog and I hope I could make up for those times that I've taken this for granted. I often have the urged to blog but the problem is, I feel sleepy when I try to start my entry, blame it perhaps on the home lighting that makes my room more conducive for sleeping. Haha. Anyways, I'll try to make more sensible entries next time. Wish me luck then!

Friday, October 17, 2008

When in doubt...

...DON'T! I've often heard this statement in our working field as we are handling patients' lives. True enough, if you feel like there's something wrong with what you are doing, better stop it or else you might regret it. Our subconscious mind, specifically the ID is telling us what is right and what is wrong. Still with me? Hope you get the message since I'm no expert when it comes to explaining things.

Moving on... I got struck with this message as I was browsing a forum online. Somehow it does not only apply in the working area, it also applies when we make decisions in life. Our emotions tend to greatly influence us in our decision making hence, it might lead us astray. Don't get me wrong and I hope you get the point though. Whatever decision we will make in the end will likewise affect the people around us, the people we care for and the people we love the most. Be patient and seek God's enlightenment before making a decision so you would get a clear answer. Don't let your emotions control you.

*Photo by photo-cap of deviantart.

Being a bedside nurse

Having my duty in the CCU helps me lose weight and I know I should be happy with it. Oh well, of course I am and I wish it stays that way. Haha. Anyway, being a bedside nurse gives me the reason to walk a lot around the area, walking from one patient to another. It's one good natural fat burners I must say. I don't need to take diet pills to help me lose weight. It's one good cardio and I am definitely liking it. Haha.

Yey! Got a new header...

I've been wanting to make a customize header for my blog and fortunately, just last week, my brother was kind enough to make me one. So he gather and look for some nice photos of me in our pc and chose two for the header. It's just a simple one since he's new to it. He's been practicing using it and this is one of the outcome of his practice. Weee! Now I'm more motivated in learning to use photoshop. I'm envious! Yikes!

New frames are in!

Fox news TV has featured positive reports about Zenni Optical. If you can remember back then, Zenni Optical has been aired on Fox News or you might have heard about it over the radio. Indeed, $ 8 Zenni Optical Rx Eyeglasses has served thousands of satisfied consumers and even continuously serving the people.

I've always wanted a trendy prescription eyeglasses for myself if I have the need to wear one. Why won't I? I don't want to look nerdy, eh. And Zenny Optical have a variety of trendy spectacles to choose from. You can buy it online for just $8!! You can choose from their collections the one that suits your personality or whatever your type is. Plus, they have new frames available online! An added choices for your personal needs. Despite of their low prices, they can assure you that they only sell their products with high quality and with full guarantee. The reason why they have low prices is because they don't have middlemen in any of their transactions. Ever heard of The Clark Howard Show? They even recommended Zenni Optical to their viewers. This is perfect for my parents, I might buy one for them one of these days. How about you?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Think of Laura...

Christopher Cross' song entitled, "Think of Laura" conveys the message I want to relay to the people that I will be leaving as I go on with my journey. It's one sad song as Laura died in this message. But whether I end up my journey or just go on with the chapter of my life, for sure there will be people that I will be leaving behind. I want them to remember the happy moments we've shared together and cherished every remembrance of it.

Now...can I change the song title to "Think of Crissy"?! LOL. Here's the lyrics of the song...

Every once in a while
I'd see her smile

And she'd turn my day around

A girl with those eyes

Could stare through the lies

And see what your heart was saying

Think of Laura but laugh don't cry

I know she'd want it that way
When you think of Laura laugh don't cry

I know she'd want it that way

A friend of a friend
A friend to the end

That's the kind of girl she was

Taken away so young

Taken away without a warning

I know you and you're here
In every day we live
I know her and she's here I can feel her when I sing
Hey Laura, where are you now

Are you far away from here

I don't think so I think you're here
Taking our tears away

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Tell me what this is...

I usually bring my digicam on duty to take some pictures for our upcoming photo exhibit. One time, I handed over my digicam to my colleague for her to take some pictures during her shift. Last night, I had the urged to organize the pictures we took and edited some of it for enhancements. While doing so, it was around 3am in the morning, I then halted to this paticular image of a person is evident in the isolation room where no patient was confined at that moment. I was beginning to think that this might be the person some of our patients claimed that they are seeing a person inside the isolation room standing and watching over them. Hmm...creepy huh?! If you say it's just a reflection, whose reflection would it be? No watcher is allowed inside the area and if they go for a visit they are obliged to wear a striped gown inside. It couldn't be the patient as well, since they are not allowed to get out of bed.

Well, it's all up to you to judge. Anyways, here's the photo that I am talking about. Click the photo to enlarge. Should I say, "Happy Halloween"?!

Inventory check...

Every start of our work shift, it is an SOP to check the availability of the stocks inside the area. We manually check all the stocks and emergency meds we have and in case of a missing one, we remind the previous shift to make some replacements for it. One of these stocks is the oxygen humidifier which is necessary for all our patients since patients under our care requires oxygen therapy.

Digital Signage

At first, I thought digital signage is related to graphics or web designing. With it comes to accessories and pc hardware, I admit I only have limited knowledge about it. How I wished I knew a lot so I could tweak and modify my gadgets by myself. In short I dunno anything about digital signage. I would greatly appreciate it if you could enlighten me about it somehow.

Auto Insurance

My uncle just bought a second hand car for his family. We all thought it was a good buy considering that the car's still in it's best condition and has been slightly used. We went joyriding around the city and it sure feels like riding in a brand new car. Then I suggested to my uncle to browse online for an online auto insurance quote.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

The long wait...

Decided to go home last night after my PM shift. I logged out of the area around 11:30pm hoping we could get home earlier. My room mate and I traveled together and on our way to the bus terminal, the tricycle needed to drop one of his passengers in one of the subdivisions in the downtown area. The trip was quite long so by the time we arrived at the terminal, the bus had already took off. We waited patiently and ordered some food and hot choco from Dunkin Donuts and it was around 1am when the bus arrived. *Phew. That was a long wait and it was kinda scary knowing that it's already wee hours in the morning. Good thing, my room mate's guy friend arrived as well and there were like three of us now. And because there wasn't any air conditioned buses available during those times, we took a non air conditioned one. It was suffocating so we needed to slightly open the window to allow fresh air to get inside. I agree it was a tiring night for us though it's still nice to come home. Haha.

*Photo by *alabaster-retard of deviantart.

Guess my watch...

With my profession, a watch is essential during my duty. It is useful in monitoring the vital signs of my patients. I remember back then, I was looking for a nice and decent watch to use during my work shifts so I dropped by one of the Guess shops here in our town and scan over their Guess watches which were really nice. Gotta have one in one of these days! i wish!

Ever since I first traveled abroad, that was last year where I took my NCLEX in Hong Kong. I came to realized that traveling is fun. Seeing different sights and meeting new people as well as learning from their culture is fascinating. Helps you keep an open mind and understand the personality of an individual through it's origin. And with my dream of traveling abroad in the future, isn't it nice to make my next stop in Las Vegas and stay in one of the vegas hotels in the area?

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Here I go again...

Yes here I go again ranting over my life. In 3 weeks time I will be ending my clinical training and right now, I am starting to get excited with that idea. I will be staying home more often and get back to my blogging activities and be with my boyfriend more often. It will be more boring at home I know, but right at this moment, I am feeling mildly depressed and bored back here. I feel like giving up but I know I can't and don't want to do it again. And I'm not even interested to go on duty anymore, huhu. Can't wait for the day to come...our graduation day!

There's no assurance as to getting a job after the training, in a way I am hoping. But if not, it would be frustrating. You know how hard it is to find a job here in our country as a nurse.
Hmp! Things have been complicated back here, but nevertheless, there's always room for mistakes and learning from these experiences.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Food Galore

Last Saturday, we had a gathering at my cousin's place. It was the feast day of their patron saint and together with that is my cousin's wedding. It was a double celebration and a reunion with our distant relatives as well. What a nice time to bond! It was also a great time to eat and exempt myself from dieting as for that moment. Phew! Don't tell me that I'll be depending on diet supplements to help me maintain my ideal body weight. Yikes!

Gift Giving

Christmas is fast approaching and together with that is JC's birthday. Can't think of anything to give him as a present. Will Barney or Baby Bop stuff toy will do? I know he likes Baby Bop a lot. Or should I give him another toy. What about a toy car or a toy gun? Hmm... I think rc helicopters are nice and they can be used for collections. But as with JC's age I think it's still not suitable for him, so I guess I have to give that to him some other time. I'll stick to Barney for now. Hehe.

Friday, October 3, 2008


It felt lonely back at home. I got accustomed being greeted by my nephew's hugs and kisses whenever I arrived. But awhile ago, it was lonesome to come home without no one welcoming you. The house was empty, they were all at my cousin's place. While waiting, I was scanning the house for new improvements. Unfortunately, I only found slight changes and dust all over the house. Nyay!

When the rest of the household arrived, I was surprised not to hear JC's voice so I assumed he fell asleep, in which I was totally wrong! It has been 2 days that JC didn't come home. He's staying at his lola's house with his cousins. My parents left him there every morning since there is no one whose going to attend to him in our house, (it's a long story). And because his cousins were there, he already have playmates and perhaps enjoyed his stay there and didn't want to come back. Huhu. Missed him and I felt like crying. It'a a lonely home once again.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Irritating blackheads

It's been years that I haven't had a facial. Back then, I enjoyed having facial because the dirt on face is being cleaned and the stubborn blackheads were gone. But right now, even as I religously cleanse my face, my nose blackheads are still visible. I tried over the counter drugs and patches to no avail. Huhu. So I opted to leave it as it is.


In two months time, I'll be attending a wedding of my bride-to-be-friend. At this time, I'm already starting to get anxious on how much I'll weigh on that day. Will my gown look good on me or what?! One of my plans after my training, which will be ending at the end of this month, is to hit back to the gym. If not, I'm gonna take some fat burners I think to help me lose weight faster or better yet some diet pills. Ohh...don't I sound frustrated?! I guess I am, and I don't think I'll stand alli side effects. Haha.

Night Market

Last night, we went strolling around Tagum City's streets at night. There were various kiosk and barbecue eateries scattered along the streets. Feels like being in the Ladies Market in Hong Kong. It's not only food that is being sold in the market. There were also stalls selling cheap t-shirts, shoes, bags, stuff toys and others. Unfortunately, we were looking for plain bed sheets but wasn't able to find one.


I've been eating a lot lately, despite the fact that I kept telling or rather swearing that I will watch what I am eating. Sad to say, foods are tempting! The more I distant myself from these, the more I get tempted to indulge myself. Eating has been one of my spare time activities, and without knowing, I'm gaining more and more weight as days comes by. Right now, my taste buds tells me that they want some Mexican recipes for a hearty meal. Huhu. Spare me from gluttony!