Saturday, February 26, 2011

Party Hibernate

Missing a party also means missing smelling those second hand smoke from nearby smokers. Who by the way may be smoking a cheap macanudo cigars. We all know that second hand smoke is more dangerous than the first hand smoke. And so as much as possible I avoid smokers nearby. And missing a party is another way of avoiding those smokes. Though in respect with my smoker friends, they also are polite to take consideration to smoke in an open space away from us non smokers.

Missing Two Consecutive Parties

Being one of the certified, "Laagans" in our group, missing two consecutive parties may be a big deal for some of my co-workers, who are my group of friends by the way. They think, I get envious of them partying all night while I'm stuck at the unit working on my night shift duty. Honestly, it's fine with me if I miss their night out parties. It's a time for me to relax from those alcohol and sleepless nights. Just don't want to miss any outside events like beach party or out of town escapades.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Jewelry Stores In Line

It's good to see how one of our local malls here organized the shops inside the mall. On the 3rd floor, you could see an array of jewelry stores in line. No need to walk a distance when doing your window shopping. I was browsing their jewelry collections on display and they were very beautiful. But I wonder why I never saw any chamilia in any of the shops I entered. It must be purchased online only.

Strong Immune System

Being in the medical field entails a good health. Handling patients who are sick, with different kinds of diseases may also lead you to susceptible to these diseases. That is why it is necessary for every healthcare worker to take multivitamins to boost up their immune system. WHo would take care of these sick people if we the healthcare workers are unhealthy too?

Slimming Down Fast

In order to slim down, one needs to speed up their metabolism. That is how cardio exercises work. And in order to attain a faster result, some people uses fat burner pill together with a proper diet and regular exercise to attain their desirable weight. Though this pill is one faster way, not all supplements suit every individual. It's still best to consult your physician first.

I'm Missing Everyday

It's kind of hard to be in a long distance relationship. And we practically started this relationship being apart. Physical longings is evident. And everyday I'm missing him a lot. Looking forward to see and be with him soon. Though we saw each other 10 years ago, I don't know why I miss him this much. Lol. Waiting for his major come back soon! I wanted to hear his voice, to see him and even to hug him. Hays.

A Good Night Sleep

I used to search for ways to treat my acne. Been using different products but with no effect. It only made my skin dry and more prone to breakouts. Until I got tired and didn't care much with my face anymore. Then slowly, I noticed my acnes disappearing. Therefore I conclude, that having a good night sleep is the best treatment for acne.

Maintaining A Healthy Pregnancy

During pregnancy, it's a must to see your obstetrician for a monthly prenatal check up. This is to know if you and your baby is safe and healthy and to detect any malformations during pregnancy. It's also important to note that whatever your intake is, it's also your baby's. And so it is necessary to be healthy always. Additional prenatal vitamins are recommended to help keep you and your baby healthy.

Cobra Detectors

The least thing I want to see inside our home is the snake! I'm super scared of snakes, in fact I think I have a phobia with it. Though there were instances that we caught some baby snakes inside our house and made me really freaked out! The latest one was a baby cobra inside our bathroom. How I wished there were already Cobra radar detectors that time so we could have detected it beforehand.

Rocketeer ala Marie Digby

Here's another new video of Marie Digby singing the tune of the "Rocketeer" bythe Far East Movement.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Losing Belly Fat Fast

Oh that's my dilemma at this moment! I'm curious on how to lose belly fat fast! I need something that could help me achieve a flatter belly. Those love handles are becoming annoying. Needs to work on these as summer is fast approaching. Don't wanna wear my swimsuits with unflattering tummy, right?! I know the best thing to do is regular exercise but I don't have the luxury of time and the money for it. I wanted a quicker result though and so I opted to some appetite suppressants to no avail. And so I'm doing spot exercises. Hope it could help though.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Wifi Phones Over Laptops

Before I was craving to have a laptop since I consider myself as a heavy internet user. With all the blogs that I maintain, having a laptop is more convenient. But as technology is so upgraded these days, even cellphones are internet capable. Now my only fetish is facebook since it serves as our medium to communicate with each other. Wifi and internet ready cellphones for me now is a must. So I could chat with him wherever I am.

Doc's Got A New Phone!

We were having an ongoing case yesterday and intraoperatively, the anesthesiologist and I were talking about cellphones. He handed me his new Samsung cellphone and bragged about how much it cost. It was a decent phone with wifi capability. Affordable, I think. And I looked for other phones over HD7 and they all costs a lot. Doc surely made a good catch.

Looking For A Cheap Printing Service

My printer's broken and I can't find any solutions to fix it. It would take sometime for it to function normally. As of now, there are some things that I needed to print. And I am looking for a cheap printing service to do the job for me. I was lurking for internet cafe near my vicinity and they all costs the same thing. Just differ in the quality of prints they could make. And so I headed to the nearest internet cafe at home and had my documents printed.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Anticipated Mati Surgical Mission

Here I am, frustrated for not being allowed to join the Mati Surgical Mission this March. I was looking forward for this mission since I first joined this last year and it was fun! I don't know why I felt happiness and satisfaction joining surgical missions even though it's very tiring. Anyways, I can't join this time since I'm not entitle for a vacation leave yet and I am only allowed to have 5 days service incentive leave in which I will be using this summer when my boyfriend visits here for a vacation. That's the sacrifice I have to pay. Lol. My boyfriend's visit is my priority this time since this will be his first time and probably the last time since he migrated.

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Best Vitamins for Me

Women has a lot of issues and concerns with regards to their health. Even I was worried with it. There are a lot of vitamin supplements in the market today giving interesting facts about health. But which of these is the best vitamins for women? Vitamin C is a must for me. I take 1-2 tablets a day to boost my immune system. Have to have a stock of it at home always.

Slumber Party

After the pool party we had last weekend, we headed for a slumber party at one of our friend's condo unit. We were just so exhausted to go directly home and we decided just to spend the night there. We had a popcorn night and watched Simon Birch which was a very inspiring movie. I was way too sleepy to walk myself to the bathroom and was limping due to my minor injury. Thankfully there were bath rugs to help me prevent from slipping. It was a great help of course. We went home around lunch time the next day.