Friday, August 29, 2008

Thinking business

Computers are already a part of our lives, and I mean the life of my brother and I. Since we were kids we were already hooked up with computers. Back then, the "in" thing were game boy, family computer and game & watch. Remember? And "Mario Brothers" was our favorite game.

On the other hand, my father is into electronics. He's also fond with videoke, it was in the form of VHS tape and betamax several years back. But now, speaking about modernization, videoke has been upgraded. The trend now consists of magic sing as well as megavision. Name some more, guys! With these, my father decided to come up with a videoke business, the coin slot thingy where you usually see in eateries. Aside from videoke, he also ventured to computer games. Same thing with the videoke where people would insert coins in order to play. He started making these things with the help of my uncle and some friends. Now, were making money out of it. Talk about passion and business.

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