Sunday, February 28, 2010

Anticipating For A Tsunami

After the 8.8 magnitude earthquake that hit Chile, a tsunami is expected along the Pacific coast as an aftershock. A tsunami alert level 2 has been disseminated nationwide for places that are near the Pacific Ocean. Evacuation wasn't recommended though people living in the shorelines are asked to vacate to a higher grounds.

I was waiting for updates of the said tsunami and glad that after hours of the designated time for the tsunami has passed and no reports of big waves took place in our country, I was glad that the alert level has been cancelled. Though big waves were reported in Japan.

I guess, prayers can indeed do miracles.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Fat Burners

There's one cool way to burn fats, it's called thermogenic fat burners. We don't have any idea about it as of now and only heard that fro one of our colleagues. My colleagues and I are really into physical fitness and we are wondering why our institution hasn't affiliated with any gyms locally and haven't put up a physical fitness program for their employees. I think we all need to maintain physically fit in order to work well. They should consider that because "Health is Wealth".

Having My PM Shift

At last, I had my PM shift duty. I consider it my first time in the unit since during my training we didn't have PM shifts. There I learned to do pre-op assessment for the next day's OR patients. PM shift was relaxing since you only need to wait for any stat cases. Nevertheless, there are times it would be boring since you only be waiting for your time to end your shift. And so what we usually do to kill time is to bond and mingle with each other. We talked about a lot of things while making a O.S. We even talked about good dermitage reviews and where to get a good massage. We all needed that to relieve our body aches. Ohh...can't wait to have one!

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bothered With My First Encounter With Her

It was one fun day. Not knowing what's in store for me as the day progressed. After lunch, I got a surprise announcement from my head that our senior wants to talk to me. Confusion sets in and thoughts of the agenda for the meeting must be related to the endoscopy unit. Hence, I wasn't wrong. Though I never expected her approach would be quite mean. I was surprised by her tone of voice and the way she delivered her message.

The news about my refusal to be assigned in the endoscopy unit got her and asked me the reason behind it. With her having the thought that I didn't find that unit challenging. With all respect, I humbly told her that my concern was the radiation exposure. Since I have assisted ERCP cases back then not knowing that my lead gown was defective. She emphasized the flexibility of a nurse to be assigned in other areas and that I shouldn't say "NO" to it. And that it would be an added learnings for me if I get assigned in that unit. And that I am still under observation. Point taken. But I'm still concerned with my reproductive health. LOL. Hays. Now it bothers me so much whether I should give in with their expectations or stand firm with my decision and safeguard my health.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Supposedly Work Out Buddies

It was one exhausting work day for me. The unit was busy due to several surgical cases that we have to cater. I assisted a tonsillectomy this morning and after which, my colleague and I felt sleepy after the operation until our duty was done. Perhaps it may be due to the general anesthesia that was given to the patient. After our work, we took our snacks just outside the institution. Working makes you hungry! And with that you are tempted to eat to satisfy your body's needs. Some of my colleagues do set aside their diet supplements because they needed to eat and replenish their body so they could regain their energy. I just hope we won't get fat with our lifestyle. We really need to have an active lifestyle.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Contract Signed!

At last, after several days of waiting, I had signed my contract last Monday. There I read how much my rate is per shift. It's not that much but at least I'm earning on my own and grateful that I have a job. I'm on a reliever status and so I don't have any benefits yet. Despite of my status, I'm still reporting on duty five times a day. Not bad! And since I am already starting my work, one of our uniform requirements inside the unit is to wear mask. I observed my skin is quite sensitive with the disposable mask our unit has. Been having zit appearances every now and then around my chin and jawline area and now it has formed into scars. I guess even though I use acne scars removal, it would be useless since I'm still using a mask.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Delayed Contract Signing

It's been weeks already and supposedly I should have started my official duty on the 9th of this month. But unfortunately, I wasn't able to go on duty due to the fact that I haven't signed my contract yet. Been following it up with our head nurse and with the H.R. office. Sad to say, still it hasn't been signed by the president. Hays. When will that contract be done? Our unit is already short staffed. They should have prepared that ahead of time. Lack of good system again. So disappointing.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Love Addiction

The color of red is everywhere, red roses and hearts. Couples are flocking the city to celebrate this special day. Happy Heart's Day Everyone! Indeed, seems like there's an addiction to love. Love makes the life of an individual colorful and happy. But there's no drug antidote for love addiction nor a drug rehab for it. So love openly and wisely.

When you fall in love, it seems like surrendering yourself to the recipient for hurt but trusting him/her not to.

*Photo credited to Kelsea_Kismet of deviantart.

Happy Chinese New Year!

I want to greet everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Even if you're not a Chinese. I myself isn't Chinese either. But Filipinos also respect this Chinese celebration. Some even celebrate it too. And so I don't think tackling about quick weight loss tips is necessary this time. Go and have fun this day! Set aside your diet first. LOL! And go grab a bite with every food preparations in the table. It's the year of the tiger and I am anticipating a better year 2010 for us all.

Got A Two Days Rest

Now I'm feeling okay. Last Friday night, my friends and I went out for a celebration. We celebrated my friend's promotion. It was one fun evening. As night progressed, my colleagues fetched me from where I was and invited me over to their hang out place. There we gathered until the wee hours in the morning, just plainly chilling. Then off we went to Cogot for a cool down. I had several drinks that night, and fortunately, I didn't get drunk. But the day after, my body was heavy and my stomach's bloated. Feels like I'm getting fat that instant, so go get me an instant best weight loss pills quick! Nah! Kidding aside, after two days of rest, now I'm feeling better.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Upset with the Late Information

It was on November of last year that the recruitment agency of my employer emailed me and informed me of the upcoming meeting with my employer this February of 2010. The meeting will commence sometime between February 3-16 to discuss about our application status and the retrogression. A survey was also conducted for the possible venues of the said meeting. They will update us on the final schedule of the said meeting but sad to say, there wasn't any updates on it. Until I received a text message this morning from my agent informing me that the meeting will be tomorrow and the interview for new applicants will be on the 13th. Hays! I'm 2 hours away by plane from the venue and they expect us to be there tomorrow?! Aren't they a little inconsiderate of the time? If only I have the financial means to board the plane on rush then yes I can be there. They could have informed us way earlier so we could have time to prepare. Because of my disappointment, I faced my pc and started surfing the net. Stumbling from different websites to the other without any particular site to look. Then I dropped on this site, I then remembered our last outing in Buda where one of my friends teased our friend about having joint pains and suggested medications to ease it. Hehe.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Taking a Tour Around the Island

Roaming around the island was quite tough. There were several big rocks that are quite slidy. So we all took precautions stepping on them. But discovering the beautiful wonders this island has, we all can't help but took pictures with it. There were some places that we have to climb a bit and good thing that no one got any joint pain from doing so. It took us almost an hour to get back from where we started off. But the walk was an interesting experience. It's really nice to discover new places.

Discovering Waniban Island

Waniban Island is situated in Mati, Davao Oriental. It's a small island wherein you could get to take a tour around the island when you are there. We crossed the island from Jam By Resaort and it only took us less that an hour to reach the island. We were the only people who were in the island aside from the caretakers. There you could see amazing rock formations that seemed to be from a volcano eruption and trees that are interestingly structured on earth. The water is crystal clear which is very inviting to dip in. It was one fun day for us all in that island and we went home with all smiles and full of memories with that beautiful island.

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Preparing for Colonoscopy

During the span of my training months in the operating room, I was mostly assigned in the endoscopy unit. Making it my priority in terms of assisting. In a way, I was fortunate to have been exposed in that unit since my father is a candidate for a colonoscopy. There I was enlightened with how the procedure is going to commence. The preoperative procedure is just like having any surgery. Instructing the patient not to eat or drink anything at bedtime and until the procedure is done. I think colon cleansing pill can help cleanse the colon in preparation for the procedure. Just make sure it is in accordance with your surgeon's approval. Colonoscopy is considered a diagnostic exam wherein the endoscopist is going to insert a scope to get a view of the inside of your colon and to learn what the problem is.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Acne Nodules

Just last week, the toxic mission we had in Davao Oriental gave me more zits. Now acne nodules are evident on my face. I guess it's more of due to stress our workload gave us. Nevertheless, I really didn't feel any regrets joining. I became more proud and happy serving the humanity voluntarily. We were just so fortunate that we were being cared for by the hosts and the different organizations that helped made the project possible. Our efforts and exhaustion were being compensated with free meals and entertainment. It was really worth the toxicity.

Sunday, February 7, 2010

The Mati Experience

It was my first time to set foot in Davao Oriental. Though I heard good reviews from friends about the place, most especially Mati. Volunteering for a surgical mission in that place was all worth it. The workload was exhausting, but fun at the same time. You see all of us exhausted with our job but at the end of the day, you see all smiles from us everywhere. 309 indigent cases were done in 3 days, both major and minor operations.

There was a sense of happiness and contentment knowing you are helping the indigents and rendering your nursing service to them for free. I would also like to commend the local government of Mati and the various non-government organizations, as well as the volunteers, nurses, anesthesiologists and surgeons that helped this project became a success. We all made a great job!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Music is a Must

Working inside the operating room is quite challenging. It's fast paced and you have to tolerate prolonged standing during operations. There are some surgical procedures that lasts for hours and some surgeons do requests to have some music inside the operating room to help relax our senses. That is why apple ipods from staff and doctors come in handy. We connect it then to a speaker so that everybody can hear the music it plays.

Good Quality Doors

Back in Buda, I noticed the wood furnaces of our cabin. It was mostly made of mahogany tree according to the owner. And honestly, it's sturdy and strong. Their doors were also made of wood and they got this nice door hardware that complements their door. I wonder if they purchased it in Baldwin hardware. It looks exactly the same as Baldwin's and it looked elegant, not to mention it's good quality door accessories.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

First Time in Mati

I was quite excited with the thought of volunteering for a medical mission in Mati. I heard good feedbacks from previous volunteers. I was excited to see their beaches. Though Mati is 3 hours away from Davao City, I thought it looks like other provinces. But I was amazed that the place wasn't bad as I thought it was. I saw several steel buildings around and even shopping malls and Jollibee. There are good and decent accommodations and good places to eat. I never regretted I joined the mission.