Saturday, August 30, 2008

Harvey and JC Bonding

JC is really amusing. Haha. Really a fun kid to watch. Earlier, my dog Harvey has been barking outside. Since it's not his meal time yet, we assumed that he wants to pee. And so we jokingly told our baby JC to assist Harvey outside. Surprisingly, he did what he was told to do. What an obedient kid he was! LOL. We just watched and observed him. He untied Harvey, and Harvey seemed to understand what JC was doing and he was just patiently waiting for JC to be done. I guess Harvey already likes JC, huh? And JC as a 2 year old kid, is not even afraid of Harvey. He even gave Harvey his water when he sees his bowl empty. How shweet! Anyways, here's the picture I took of both of them as well as the video with his bloopers in it. Haha.

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Maying said...

Ka-cute ni JC! :)

Ako Im totally afraid of dogs, except that one or 2 dogs when I was in still in college. I wouldn't let my kids near any dog, as in...

Everytime a dog comes near me I imagine that it is going to bite me!