Friday, August 29, 2008

Preparing for battle

Battle as in battle of the brains. LOL. In 2 months time, we will be having our case presentation but at present, we still didn't have a single clue on what case to present. Haay. I hate case presentations because I have a phobia speaking infront of a crowd. So I often find myself stuttering in cases like this. What's worst is defending your case. God, I'm scared of the panel! Haha. Spare me from embarassment!

Anyways, I have been thinking that one of us should have a laptop in our group for documentation as well as for research. Speaking about research, we do need an internet connection. Where the heck, can we get that? Aside from that, we also need a digital camera for taking pictures which is a part of our documentation, as well as color laser printer for printing our documents. And of course we need a spare toner cartridges in case we ran out of ink.

Projectors are also necessary during the presentation to make it easier for us to present our case in front of the audience through power point. I hope we could borrow one. I do hope our presentation will come out smoothly and smartly presented. How I wish! Good luck to us! Anyway, superwarehouse dot com is offering these products at an affordable prices. Do check it out!

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