Monday, November 30, 2009

Pack One, Pack All

How interesting it is to note that when I arrived from work this morning, most of the OR staff and trainees have flu. It's not only me! Haha! We jokingly says that there's a virus in our unit which has infected most of us.

And mind you, it's not easy to get sick when you are working, right? Especially if we are assisting in operation cases. Good thing it's holiday today and there are only 2 minor cases scheduled today. I hope whatever virus we have, it should be eradicated. Toinks!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Switching to Electronic Cigarette...

We all know the dangers of smoking and 2nd hand smoke. I for one gets irritated with smoke. I can't help but wonder why some people likes to smoke a lot when all you ever get from that is smoke, nicotine and carcinogens. Plus the smelly clothes you get from it. I think it's unhygienic. It also is a challenge for smoking population to quit their habit of smoking. It entails great self determintation and control to quit from it. But learning about electronic cigarette seems like promising. I think if you want to quit from smoking you have to slowly kick that habit out of your system and using electronic cigarettes will help you with that without harming your health.

I Think This Year's My Worst Year...

Year of the ox seems to be the worst year of my life. Following the break up, been sick several times this year. And I hate the feeling of getting sick. Now I'm suffering from recurrent flu and got 38.1 degrees Celsius temperature. Hays. The hot feeling and at the same time the chills really bugs me. And because of this, I can't get to sugbonding with my friends tonight. Crap!

Paracetamol only gave me temporary relief but I'm still hoping I'll get well ASAP!. Don't wanna be absent for tomorrow's duty. Seems like my body's stressed out from work and at the same time with the weather changes we have right now. Even Vitamin C's not helping.

*Photo credited to Axel_desu of deviantart.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Roadside Assistance...

We never know when and how we need roadside assistance. In the United States, RVs are common and when in the middle of the road your vehicle needs some assistance, you can avail of rv towing. That's kinda convenient, right?! Especially if you lack skills in auto maintenance. It's also available to any vehicles not just RVs. I hope one of you have any RV towing numbers in case you needed one.

We Need to Cleanse Our Colons...

As an OR trainee nurse, I am mostly assigned in the endoscopy unit. I help the nurse on duty assist in endoscopic procedures such as UGI series and Colonoscopy to name a few. With colonoscopy, a scope is being inserted in your anus while you are sedated. This is a diagnostic procedure to look for any unusualities inside your colon. There I witnessed how our feces forms in the walls of our intestines. And so I realized that it is really important for us to cleanse our colon. I know there are a lot of ways on how to cleanse it, such as enemas. We can find several colon cleanser reviews online to check what suits us best.

Christmas Invitations...

Christmas is fast approaching and our unit is already planning on our Christmas party. This is the first time I will be taking part in a Christmas party in the hospital. And I'm excited for that. As early as now, our department is giving away Christmas invitations for surgeons, anesthesiologists and other guests. I was even task to make the invitation letter. I'm so looking forward for our Christmas party!!

ORNAP Convention

Just got home from ORNAP convention Davao Chapter. ORNAP stands for Operating Room Nurses Association of the Philippines. This is the very first time I particpated in their convention and I was glad I did. There are a lot of freebies from different companies. Of course the foods served were scrumptious and the speeches of the different speakers were enlightening and encouraging. I do hope that next time I could participate again.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Guy Talk...Cars!!

I can't help but wonder why most guys are obsessed with cars. I knew some but this one guy I know is really fond of it. And it's not just ordinary cars, they are luxury cars. I hope he has insurance for his cars. What I know is that there are a lot of auto insurance quotes available online. I just don't get it why they'd collect a lot of them. I think it's not for practicality, but it's more of passion and hobby I guess. On the other hand, women are obsessed with bags and shoes. That makes it kinda fair then.

Working Out Through Wii...

Working in the operating room is quite fun. But what makes it enjoyable is the food trip. Even though we're busy with operation cases, we still are at risk for getting obese. Why not? In exhange of our toxic duty, food is the sought after reward of everyone. And some surgeons and anesthesiologists are generous to buy food for the staff. That is the reason why I need to go the gym and have another work out. Or better yet have my work out using the wii consoles at home. It's more convenient. :)

A Vacation News...

It's an excitement for me to hear someone says she/he will be having a vacation. I think each of us deserves a break from work. And knowing that one of our sought after anesthesiologist is going for a vacation leave sometime soon, I can't help but congratulate him for giving time for himself. He's a very hardworking man and he really deserves to have a break. One of his destinations is in Las Vegas and I was thinking perhaps he had availed some vegas packages. Apparently no. He have some local friends there who volunteered to accompany him and be his tour guide.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jacob Was A Surprise...

It was the first night of New Moon Movie and my friends and I were so excited to watch it last night. After duty, off we went to the cinema and purchased our movie tickets. All New Moon cinemas were full with this Twilight's Saga lovers.

I think the movie was good. But I felt the story was fast paced as compared to the book. Of course they have to compressed the whole book into a movie and so I understand that. Still the vampires got a bad makeup. But what all the movie goers got struck even I, was Jacob's transformation. Not as a werewolf but as a hunk! Haha. Great physique he got there which got everyone surprised and loved him to death.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Pre Christmas Shopping

Christmas is fast approaching and I bet there are some smart people who already started their shopping spree to avoid the Christmas rush. It's actually a good idea. But then, even if this is an ample time to shop, there are some busy people, who can't still managed to shop in the malls due to their hectic schedules. This is when online shopping becomes a saver. Of course there are certain websites where you can shop online such as circuit city. Lots of varieties to choose from at a reasonable price. Plus it's very convenient than shopping in the mall, right? So start surfing the net now!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Witnessing a Pedia Operations...

This is the very first time I get to witness and circulate on a pediatric operation. Just this morning, we had a 1 year old baby for an insertion of a venous access implants. This is done for his chemotherapy. In comparison with the operation of the adults, you get to be more fragile in handling pediatric cases. I alos find it very pitiful to look at babies in the operation table. Aww. Nevertheless, the operation was a success. I also got to know this day that pedia patients go into tantrums when they are on NPO. Why wouldn't they? They're hungry! Hehe.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Searching for Sales Job

Back then, I was wondering what made it difficult for job seekers to find a job after graduation. Now I felt like how hard it is. After graduating, I didn't find a job immediately, but rather took all the exams I needed for my profession. After which, did some clinical trainings and tried applying for employment. Unfortunately, it wasn't that easy. The training I had undergone wasn't an assurance of my absorption in the institution. I still have to experience failures and rejections from employers. And every institution has their own training program before applying for employment. No wonder there are a lot of people from my profession sought to seek for a job not related to our careers. For instance, Sales Job in the business arena. Some of us finds it easier to get a job in the business area than the medical field, especially nowadays that you can easily apply online with the help of Sales Job Search.

Soul's Day or Rather...It's Saul's Day

Every year, we usually celebrate the "undas" on the 2nd day of November together with the celebration of my cousin's birthday. His name was derived from All "Soul's" Day and his father's name.

We were all present at my grandfather's grave. This year was special since my godmother from the states, who is very close to our family, well in fact, she's even a part of our family was here to celebrate it with us.

I was also thankful I made it despite of my clinical training. Hence, I was very happy bonding with my family and my relatives.