Thursday, January 28, 2010


After several trainings and waiting, finally I had my job interview yesterday and after which, I got hired as an OR nurse. Indeed, everything happens for a reason and truly God keeps His promises. This is one prayer answered, and I am grateful for the Man above for the blessing. Also, I am thankful for the OR staff and our head nurse for sticking up with me with their recommendations. For believing in me and in my capabilities and for entrusting this job to me. You guys really touched my heart! Charuut!

Driving Out To Buda

Last weekend, some friends and co-workers and I went outing to Buda. It's Davao's "little baguio" because of it's cold breeze, pine trees and rich natural resources. Ideal for rest houses, resorts and retreats. Going to BUDA was fine, with nice roads and breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains and rivers. Though driving should be cautioned since at that time, it was raining and foggy. Big trucks also can be found in the highway. Bad thing I didn't get to avail a cheap insurance. But the good thing is that we are all safe. It was a nice trip and hopefully it wouldn't be the last.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Lady Gaga's Just Dance

Have you seen this video? It has been circulating on facebook and youtube. These kids got good voices. An acapella version of Lady Gaga's Just Dance. Beatboxing was good too! Check it out yourselves!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Searching for Job

I am positive that this year will be a good year. Hence, many people will get work this year. I do hope my brother, an IT student who will be graduating this year will soon find a decent and stable job after graduation. There are IT job search available online and I think it can help him find one. IT is one in demand job nowadays, and I really hope he'll have his break soon.

Atopic Dermatitis

Years back, my brother got this acne problem on his face. We consulted a dermatologist and he diagnnosed it as atopic dermatitis or eczema. There were lots of prescriptions given to us for treatments for eczema. It was quite expensive. In fairness it showed improvements on my brother's face. But since he's the typical guy who gets tired of doing skin regimen, he totally surrendered taking care of his skin.

Monday, January 18, 2010

False Alarm

We were told that our training certificates can be received supposedly today. And so my co-trainees and I headed to our training hospital to get our said certificates. I was late in the group and when I arrived, they greeted with the news that the certificates isn't going to be released today due to lacking signatories of some authority.

Hmm...I rode taxi when going there and I regretted that. Hehe. And since we didn't have any plans after, I suggested we go visit the OR. There we were greeted by our former senior staff, even our headnurse. It was nice seeing them again and of course we missed working with them again.

Acnes Isn't Just for Adolescents

We have this notion that during puberty that's when acne spurts. That it's a normal reaction in one's body due to hormonal changes. But then again, do you ever wonder why some adult also have acnes? I'm on my middle 20's and yet there are still pimples occurring in my jawline, chin and even the nose. We may call it adult acne then since it occurs during adulthood. I hate it when that happens. Makes my face dirty to look at.

Another Acne Solution

As I've said from my previous posts that there are various ways of treating acnes. I recently just remembered my godmother who visited last year about tretinoin gel. She attested that tretinion works wonders for acne and that she is using it when a zit occurs in her face. She even recommended it to her sister and her sister's daughter. In fairness, they too have flawless face. Her sister even said she poured some tretinion solution to their astringent.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Will Retire To Bed In A Minute

Yes! After I'm done with this post. Wasn't able to sleep the whole night, I guess due to the effect of alcohol. Went out last night to help my cousin with her bazaar and bought some Ellana make up minerals from her. I'm so excited to try it, in fact I even tried their Fantasy eyeshadow. It's in a shade of blue, so nice! Also I even used the baby buki brush I purchased from her, it was so soft. So addicting to use. I was so happy with my purchases.

Right after the bazaar, it was around midnight that we closed our store. My other cousin fetched us and we just chilled, went bar hopping and drank some beer. It was a long time since we haven't bonded and there's so much we have to talk about. And we exactly did!

Dancing to the Music

I'm so glad that at least I was able to download some music files. I think the songs were good and upbeat. Made me danced in my room, and I am missing dancing already that I haven't even felt that I was already sweating. Hmm...dancing is one natural fat burner, I think. Since you sweat, you are burning some calories and dancing is one form of cardio exercise. Hmm...I've been tackling about exercise lately, huh? Isn't it obvious I'm already freaking alarmed with my weight? LOL.

Table Tennis for Exercise

I was being conscious with my weight, in fact I've been whining about this for long already and until now I still haven't enrolled in a gym. It's expensive since the money comes from my own earnings. Haha. I've been lurking for some diet supplement reviews online, they seemed promising. Yet I still prefer something that would make me sweat. Until I heard my cousin talked about how he's daddy played table tennis with him last night. My uncle was sweating hard while playing it, and I thought it's a good cardio exercise. Now I'm looking forward to learning to play table tennis. Hehe.

Friday, January 15, 2010

Mindanao Has Been Hit By Earthquake

Haiti earthquake aftermath

At around eight this morning, I felt the earth moved. Realizing that I was sleeping on the floor and saw my ceiling fan swung, I then realized an earthquake just occurred. It was an intensity 5 and was really evident and obvious. But there's no casualties noted, that's the good part! It was a strong quake in a short time. Then I thought of the recent earthquake that hit Haiti where several people died and still missing from it. I suddenly felt some fear since more earthquakes has been hitting different countries. But I was grateful to the Lord that somehow we were still blessed that it didn't happen to us. The Haiti earthquake was a disaster damaging millions of properties and caused so much lives. I pray that they may have the strength to move on and hold on to the Lord despite their circumstances.

Lotions as Acne Removal

Through modern science, lotions can now take part in removing acnes. Acnes that can be found in our body can now be treated with acne lotions. I guess, we may get rid of the notion that lotions can help worsen acnes because of it's moisturizing effect. But with the right ingredients of the lotion that suits our skin type, lotion can be harmless. Now, we have a variety of ways to treat acnes. It's still safer to consult your dermatologist for the right kind of product for your skin.

Advertising with Umbrellas

There are a lot of ways to advertise certain products. There's the internet, pins, leaflets, tarpaulins and there's this one that we usually received from big companies, the umbrellas. It's what we call promotional umbrellas. Like us, we love umbrellas because we find it useful. I guess, it's one good way to advertise products especially now that it's raining and summer is fast approaching. Umbrellas will come useful.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Pain is Indeed Being Replaced with Blessings..

The past has been haunting me. The pain that I felt from the break up keeps coming back plus the fact that there are still present circumstances that added to the pains that I am feeling. I pledge to Him that I forgave these people who caused me so much pain. But then again, as human, I still can't avoid the feeling of being hurt and I don't want to get mad nor build grudges on them again. But God is definitely so good!

Despite of these pain, He replaced it with blessings. My prayers has been answered. I can't help but feel joyful in Him. Somehow the pain was diverted into happiness and gratefulness. He truly is merciful and comforting. He truly loves unconditionally.

*Photo credited to Cataclysm_X of devianart.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

Dream House...

Got a dream last night, that I was planning for my own dream house. It would be situated in a private village where security is 24/7. I imagined how my house would look like. I'd like it to be modernized at the same time well ventilated and spacious. I was thinking of having a patio wherein my friends and I could use for chilling. It would be nice to have patio furniture cushions for comfort. Hays, what a nice dream that is. Hopefully, with God's grace I could attain that in the future.

My Friend's Out Again...

My traveler friend again requested for a vacation leave from her work. I really envy her. She had traveled a lot mostly around the world, I guess. There's so much to see out there and she had the opportunity to witness these. From her stories, travelling is very inspiring. I thought now, she would go for Outer Banks vacation rentals. But it seemed like she's going back to Japan. She must really love that country.

Preparing for Graduate School?

Graduate School programs are kind of hard for some. And I guess it's not easy then to enroll in a graduate school. First, you have to take GMAT to qualify for graduate school. It is a test that will help predict on how one will perform in the various programs of the school. Not to worry then since several institutions are offering GMAT prep to help you pass this exam. You can even find some online.

Monday, January 4, 2010

My First Monday of 2010...

It's supposed to be the start of the week and with it comes work. Unfortunately, I just finished my training contract in the hospital I trained as an OR nurse. It's the start of another boring days for me. Working in the hospital makes me miss it. The challenges, the toxicity of the unit and my colleagues as well. The bonding moments we had and the shared laughters are surely to be missed. Now, I'm looking forward for the mission my friends and I committed in this month.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Movie Watching

There are so many movies to watch! I don't even know what movie to watch first. Apparently this is what we usually do when we don't have cases during our duty. One of us brings her dvd player so all of us could watch. But the downside is, since it's portable, the screen is smaller than the computer's monitor. So we have to congest a little in order for us to watch the movie clearly. How I wish that there would be a Samsung HDTV present so we could get to enjoy movie watching at ease. Nevertheless, the portable dvd player was a good alternative for on the go people.