Sunday, January 30, 2011

Looking For Employment

It's difficult these days to find for an employment. You can obviously witnessed the number of people who are jobless when you got to job hiring sites. Thousand of them flocked that area, hoping they could attract some potential employers and get hired on the spot. Because of the long lines these people do just to give out their credentials, some people opted to do job search online. Especially with nurses and other health related jobs. There are a number of health care job site online you can visit. Check it out and hopefully it can help you land a job.

We Just Turned One Month

How time passes by so quickly! My guy and I just turned 1 month. Funny how we both forget what date was it and so we greeted each other belatedly. Thank God for the month we both had and looking forward for more months and years together.

Just by turning a month old, we are already encountering trials and fortunately we are handling things maturely. I know there are still many obstacles to face.

Monday, January 17, 2011

Toilet Training

Remembering the day when I first saw my cute little puppies. I was motivated to take good care of them. I did my research about dog training over the internet and found a lot of it. Even followed other methods of training my puppies. Among the trainings I studied, I only succeeded in the toilet training and to sit down. It's not that easy to drain dogs. But I felt proud of it.

Doing It The Safer Way

There are a lot of advertisements with regards to endorsing the the best diet pills in the market today. And they had all sprung out from nowhere. It's time to do the research before buying one. Don't get tempted by the advertisements we see on TV. Because they are all good. That's how advertising works. It's still best to consult your physician and do your research before buying. It's better safe than sorry.

Monday, January 10, 2011

Dresses For Special Occassion

I am not fond of wearing dresses. I'm fine with shirts and jeans. Just the plain simple one. It's more comfortable that way. But, I also have to wear special occasion dresses that adheres to the said event. It's more suitable wearing dresses than my usual outfit. And so I have to buy a new one whenever I attend special events. My shoes should also fit my dress as well.


Indeed, regrets always comes last. Our decisions majorly influenced our lives. We are given choices in everything and being a rational being, we have this capability to choose and to decide. If we don't think carefully, we might end up choosing the wrong choice, thus ruining our lives.

I've been struggling to break free for more than two years. An it is just recently that I had totally moved on. Heartbreaks were overwhelming. Can't find myself going back from that scenario. It was depressing. But I bravely went through all the emotional turmoils before I became what I am now. I become wiser and braver. And I can seem to think clearly. I came to love myself more.

I realized then it is somehow true that everything has a reason. Because without passing through that darkest moments, I wouldn't have seen the light now. It was a blessing in disguise. Now I can't say I had regrets, only lessons.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Holiday Shopping

Mall wide sales were evident during the holiday season. And most of the people in order to catch up with the buying of gifts for their loved ones, some has to resort to asking for cash advance from their employers. Indeed, it's more expensive celebrating this holidays because there are a lot of parties to go to and a lot of gift exchanges to participate it in.

The Red Carpet

During our spare time, whenever there are some good movies to watch. My friend and I usually watch it in the red carpet cinema. It's more cozy and comfortable minus the long lines. Their movie theater seats are the lazy by couches which are very comfortable. feels like you are watching it in your own home.