Thursday, July 29, 2010

Document Organizer

Being an adult entails a lot of responsibilities. Had a lot of responsibilities in the family, at work and with friends. Just right now, I am responsible to update my documents from my my agency and some documents from my current employer plus bills statements from my cellphone and my DSL. There are times that I misplaced my documents and it's a hassle and a waste of time searching for it when the time comes that I need it. I guess, a document management system will come in handy with this given situation. It would help organize my documents.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Pampering Day

Off I went to the mall and planned on buying a piece of brassiere for me. Sadly, didn't have the color that I want which is skintone and so I decided to pamper myself instead. Headed on the second floor of the mall and found some promo packages from a certain beauty clinic. I chose the Diamond Peel with Facial Whitening. The staff was friendly and approachable. Even found myself asleep for awhile while waiting for my collagen mask to get done. Hmm...I wanted to have the other packages as well. Needs to save up for that.

Monday, July 19, 2010

What A Day It Was

It was one relaxing day for me. First stop, an early dinner in a Persian Cuisine. Next, on to a movie date with my movie buddy girl friend. Enjoyed the Sorcerer's Apprentice in a red carpet cinema. After which, headed to Damosa for our ice giants craving. Ordered some carbonara and a chocolate sundae. Then off we went to our final destination...body massage. Had one relaxing 40 minute whole body massage and I still crave for more massage. I'm thinking to have a body scrub next time. Seems like it's also relaxing.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

The Teasing Part

Admittedly, I know I am getting fat. To make it more subtle, I am gaining weight. And it pisses me off! Honestly, the teasing part sometimes annoys me because apparently it's true. And even though I wanted to control my diet, how can I if I always crave for food to compensate for being busy? I couldn't lose weight fast in that manner. Plus the soda we have every meal. Arrggh! it's just too tempting. Huhu.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Funny How Fate Play Games

I went out with my colleagues last night for a drink after my afternoon duty. Arrived at the bar around past midnight and my friend and I drank a beer before we headed to our next destination. Before leaving, my friend and I decided to drop by the rest room and while walking down the path way, I later recognized a familiar face from the table we passed by. He and his friends were talking while looking at our direction and I was quite embarrassed but managed to control my poise and looked as if I didn't know him. Hehe. It's funny that for so many years I haven't seen him, out of the blue there he was a feet away from me. Memories of the past quickly rushed in. Hays...childhood memories. Hehe.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Doing Nothing With My Day Off

I'm trying to relax and think of nothing but sleep. Only had a one day off today and tomorrow I'm going back to work again. Found myself sleeping the whole day. Even planned beforehand to watch dvd this day but omitted it and just lay down to bed and sleep. I'm just so lazy to move. I also hope to get a vacation soon. Hopefully a relaxing one. I really need one badly.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

The Best Wrinkle Treatment

As I was, surfing the price watch site, I noticed prototype 37c as being the number one best wrinkle treatment in the market. You can get it even without the doctor's prescription and it's worth $149.95, being the lowest price online. That's a good deal I guess, considering that it's the top 1 among the rest of the wrinkle treatments in the market. It's considered as the strongest and most effective treatment having 99% concentration of peptides which is the most expensive anti-wrinkle ingredient. Looking forward for a rejuvenated skin!

Price Watch

With a lot of products that are out in the market today, as a consumer, we also need to do comparing the prices of each market displays for certain products. I noticed that there are some sellers who sells their products more expensive than the store retail price. In that case, we need to do some comparison. We can even do it online at So before buying, do some research so we would know where to buy the product the cheapest from it's counterparts.

A New Sport

Had the chance to learn a new sport with my colleagues. It's wakeboarding! And since we're all novices with this thing, we ask the park guide to orient us with the basics. First off, we used the kneeboard instead to get the feel of this sport works. And true enough, the adrenaline rush was addictive. It's scary in a way but once you get to take a whole turn of the park, you get satisfied and opted to try again! See how addictive it is. I wonder then, if this sport can be considered as one natural best fat burner.