Saturday, October 30, 2010

Acne Treatments Does Wonders

My pimple prone skin has come to a halt. Thanks to an acne treatment I've been using. It help does wonders to my skin. Now, I got minimal breakouts ever since using it. And I am happy and satisfied my skin now. I thought my skin's a disaster but I was wronged! Don't even have to wear foundation and make up to cover my imperfections. It's just so heaven sent!

Athletes And Vanity

Some people who are sportsminded or even the athletes need supplements to help them perform better. Aside from this, there are also some who also took an antioxidant supplemetns to help delay tehir aging. Of course, they want to be healthy and to look younger. And I guess, with that demand, hgh supplements was born to satisfy that need. With hgh, you can improve your performance and at the same time feel and look younger.

Flowers On Rise

Days to count more is another All Soul's Day! Part of our tradition is to celebrate this day in the cemetery where our loved ones were buried. Here family reunions are common. Flower prices are on rise due to increase in demand, even the common garland too. Food is even abundant because there is celebrations here and there. It wouldn't be a celebration at all if there is no food, right?

But it's quite saddening to know that November isn't considered a holiday and I still got work!

Muscles' Stressed

Most of us at work experience muscles aches often. It must be brought about by the line of work we have. There are times when it's not busy, I'll around some people who knows to massage my back and ask favor to do it for me. Luckily, a number of them know how to and is open to give their free service. I was wondering then that I should learn how to massage too. And considers looking for a massage therapy program online. To my surprise, there are a lot of them at an affordable price. Maybe one of these days I could enroll.

Lost Some Belly Fat

Had my physical assessment before I started my gym program, and surprisingly I had a normal waist time. But even it's normal, I'm already in the boundary of having moderate risk to certain diseases and so my program entails to focus more on my tummy. Mytrainor was considerate eneough to make some alternative to abdominal crunches since I'm having difficulty performing it. He stated I have weak neck! Lol! But since I have to lose the belly fat he has to make alternatives for it. And I think it was effective since I can sense that my nursing pants had loosen a bit. Needs to constantly do those exercises again.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Partially Met!

I had this desire to know how to drive. Though I had informal lessons from my father years before and got scared. But now, I have this craving to learn again that is why just last night, I convinced my father to teach me how. It was still scary! Though I finally have the guts to take the wheels. From the main road of our village, I successfully managed to drive back home. It wasn't a perfect drive, still needs more learnings. But it was partially met for my goal. Sooner or later, if I get consistent lessons, I can drive on my own safely and responsibly!

Affiliate Programs Are In

I had this one co-worker who is fond of joining affiliate programs. He even joined an online affiliate programs and is inviting us to join too. I do think there's nothing wrong joining these kind of programs online as long as you do your research first before engaging into one. As of now, I think I don't have the ample of time to engage in one. I still have to do more research in every program that interests me. Maybe in time, when one satisfies me and have answers to my questions, then perhaps I could join.

Holiday Season During My Grade School Year

Everytime Christmas season is approaching, I get stressed out thinking of any teacher christmas gift ideas for my favorite teachers. Yes, I am fond of giving gifts to them. It's my way of showing them my appreciation. Thanking them for all the learnings and care they had shown to us and to me. That's how thoughtful I was. But now, I am being more practical and for me giving gifts is a waste of money. Nyahaha! But I'm still open to receive gifts if any.

Alarming Cancer

The number of cancer cases are arising nowadays. Based on our OR cases, there are a number of cancer patients already who undergone surgery. It's kind of alarming! It seems like this disease is already common in our society. Well, there are a lot of carcinogens around us now. But among the cancer cases I haven't encountered so far is the Mesothelioma. It's caused by asbestos exposure. And it's one of the rarest disease globally. I hope no one can get this.

My First Performance

This is considered to be my first performance ever since I step foot on the hospital I am working in. We were supposed to have this acquaintance party but it turned out that we just gathered there to perform our presentation. Every area were obliged to participate in the presentation and so we were forced to produce a dance number in our area to the tune of "Hagibis". It was retro motif and supposedly the O.R. boys should be the one dancing. But since they're kind of shy and so my friend and I participated in that number. It was embarrassing, really embarrassing! But our presentation was fun, I guess everyone did enjoyed that.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Maintaining My Weight

There are a lot of people teasing me with my weight, that I am fat! But factually speaking, I'm still within my normal body weight. And that pisses me off! Though I really gained weight since I started my work, but it doesn't mean that I'm already fat. Perhaps my physique gives the illusion that I'm big. Anyways, even though there are safe diet pills that work in the market, I still opted to go to the gym even though most of the times I'm too lazy to workout. I need toning for my body and I didn't have weight loss program. I hope I could get the desirable outcome I want.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Winning The Raffle

How lucky was my friend's niece who luckily won the raffle of an Ipad. Part of the raffle is to drop your business card or calling card to the box and this is what they use for picking their winners. She is just so lucky! I wonder then if I could somehow make a calling card for me. It has an advantage though especially with this kind of raffles. Got to find some business card printing services and choose one good design for me.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Assembling A Tent

I'm not a camper and I don't own a tent. But during our escapade at BUDA, we have to use a tent to accommodate us during our sleeping time. We were a big group and we can't be accomodated all inside the cabin. Three people from the group brought their tent. We helped out in putting it up, and it's not that hard as I thought it was. We made a good job with it. I was proud to helped out!

Monday, October 25, 2010

Funny Conversation

Everyone was tipsy during our stay at BUDA. And this one friend we were teasign because of her facebook status about a certain networking product. Due to her intoxication, she started talking about resveratrol and how it delays aging. It's the major component of their product and although I've heard it from another company, maybe it one effective antioxidant we have in the market today than buying those anti aging products in the commercial.

Alopecia...Is That You?!

Alopecia is a condition affecting human beings where hair loss is prominent to the extent of being bald. It's one symptom to different diseases. But with me, I am having hair loss. Though not to the extent of losing a lot of hair. It's just overwhelming to see losing your hair when you comb it. Though there some hair loss shampoo in the market today, but I don't find them effective. It may be related to something I eat or an underlying disease. Whatever it is, I hope it's not life threatening and irreversible.

Stressed and Stressors

A little stressor is healthy for our well being but lots of it especially if we can't handle it well may lead us to be stressed. Wrinkles are one thing that can be evident if we are stressed. We look haggard and it's not a beautiful thing to see. And so as early as now, we should take care of our skin especially underneath our eyes where our skin is very delicate. It's just a good thing to use under eye wrinkle cream for it.

Sight Seeing

Back in BUDA where the place is so nice, so nature trip. It could have been great if we bought with us a bushnell binoculars for sight seeing. We might have seen some strange creatures there. A lot of things to do in BUDA. And a lot of nature tripping to do. We are blessed to have places like this despite of the urbanization. Hope it's natural beauty will be preserved.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Why So Toxic?

These past weeks, I realized that the unit has been so toxic. There are a lot of cases to attend to and it's just brain and body draining for all of us. It could have been better if we have more staff and monitors available for a smoother operation. But since, we all have to work all around, and beat the toxicity of our work. We've done our work but we all feel exhausted after. I think it's too much, perhaps we need a raise. :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

It's Not Only Me Who's Insomniac

It's a relief to know that it wasn't only me who has insomnia. Most of the people in my workplace suffers the same thing. Perhaps it's one complication of being a nurse with a shifting schedule. We all shared our tips and tricks to combat insomnia and it's interesting to note that most of them sought the help of some medicines to help them doze off. They uses the best over the counter sleep aid in the market for a faster action. And most of them agreed that it's effective and so I started to try it and it worked!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Almost Forgot My Pin

Been in the mall hours ago for the midnight sale. Was able to buy some stuff I need. But before that, I headed to the ATM machine to inquire my debit card's balance. Then off I went to buy some stuff. Unfortunately as I was in the cashier paying for my purchases, I handed my debit card and encoded my pin number. To my surprise, I had used a wrong PIN. Retyped it again, and still it failed. Naks! Just minutes ago, I was able to check my balance and then now I forgot my PIN.

I'm starting to be forgetful these days, I dunno why. Blame it on the gas anesthesia perhaps. Anyways, I ended up paying my stuff in cash.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Gym Workout

I'm starting to wonder what it feels like working out at home using a Nintendo Wii. As we all know, wii does wonders in the gaming arena. There a lot of Wii games in the market, even Wii workouts. It could be more practical and safe as than working out in the gym. Honestly, I'm starting to get lazy presenting myself at the gym for my workout. Got a lot of missed days in the gym. As a result, I'm just wasting my money for it.

Craving For A Credit Card

I am currently looking for a credit card nowadays. I longed to own one. So I could buy necessary things without spending a lot abruptly. It hurts my pocket. At least with credit card, you can pay it through installment. I think it's handy and necessary as long as it used wisely. I wanted to have a Visa so that I could receive a Visa reward card.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Life Saving Equipment

We were having a casual conversation with my friends this morning and we were talking about the factor that lead us to not know how to swim. I for one, doesn't know how to swim in deep waters. Perhaps, it was brought about by my near drown experience during my childhood years. The other one, narrated to us how she was able to deceive her siblings that she can swim because she was so aggressive in diving but smart enough to make sure that there is an inflated tire that's awaiting in her in the water to help her. Inflated tires are one life saving equipment we used during swimming especially in our childhood days, it's cheaper and durable just like an ATV Tires.

As You Get Older

There are physiological changes that a person will encounter as he ages. And this time for men, one changes that they will encounter is a decrease in libido. According to Carl Jung, it is an energy an individual has to put toward personal development. This motivated some pharmaceutical companies to generate a supplement that would help with the enhancement of this individuation. And because varieties of this certain product has sprung out in the market, you would want to choose the best male enhancement for you. It is better to consult with your physician first.

Sunday, October 10, 2010


Just got home from our weekend getaway at Agusan Del Sur with friends. It was a smooth ride going to Agusan. I didn't even felt the long distance trip we had. Then off we went to Surigao for an enchanting day at the Hinatuan where the enchanted river was located. It was truly enchanting and breath taking. I'm still waiting for our photos to be uploaded. Then off we went back to Agusan for our overnight stay.

At last, my one goal was met and that was to set foot in enchanted river.