Thursday, July 31, 2008

A Time To Give Thanks

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The stress of moving out...

*Photo by ~NeoPai

Last night, we helped out our relatives in transferring their things to their new apartment. Yes they're moving out from their old apartment, they've stayed there for 5 years and annually their rent fee is increasing. But the downside of staying in that apartment was the termites. Termites ruined their things especially the books that my little cousin likes. And he definitely hated that apartment. Lol. We finished around 1 am and even though I was not helping out carry the stuffs, I got tired. I didn't know how stressful it is, moving from one place to another. Yay!

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Looking for good themes...

I am fond of changing my blog's layout often because I'd like to have it a more personal feeling. And since I am no expert of making my own templates, I rely on free pre-made layouts online and I found some nice, professionally designed wordpress themes at while browsing awhile ago. I am looking for a 3 column template to have more space to place those necessary widgets I have made in my blog. The site does have what I am looking for and it can be downloaded for free. I'm just not sure if I can use these themes for my blog since I am hosted with blogger, too bad. Anyways, if you are a wordpress powered blogger and is looking for new themes for your blog, I suggest you check this site out and judge it for yourself.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Is artificial beauty okay?

*Photo by ThisYearsGirl.

I am currently watching a japanese drama entitled, "Artificial Beauty". This reminds me back in college, when my friends and I were discussing about working abroad and saving money, we then came to a point wherein we asked each other what to do with some of our money. I for one will be using it to purchase insurance and educational plans for my family and other matters concerning my family. After minutes of discussion, our supposedly serious talks lead to a big surprise when one friend of ours confessed that if she have the money, she would definitely use it for cosmetic surgery. It was very brave of her to be open about it and she isn't the one, another friend also agreed. It just shows that as much as possible, if there's a way, we all like to enhance oneself and feel good about ourselves. As of now, I don't have plans of using my money for that.

If you were in my friend's shoes, would you do the same?

Fleas Attack!

Last summer, I was desperately worried for my dogs. They've been infested with fleas and ticks all over their body. I've bought various anti-fleas shampoo and powder but it didn't get rid of them. It's been pitiful to see my dear Harvey trying his best to ease the itchiness brought about by the ticks' bite. His skin even showed allergies from these bites. Until one day, I surfed the net, stumbled on this local forum and found a way to purchase a flea killer. It was a topical spot application and was able to buy it from a local seller. In just 24-48 hours all fleas, ticks, lice and even their eggs were dead. I was so happy!

Buying confusion...

Been to the mall this afternoon and canvassed some nice and affordable notebooks. I am planning to buy one for myself soon. Was able to look at some notebook models from different brands and I get to make some choices for possible purchase. But I've got one problem. How would I know if that notebook is right for me? Honestly, I don't know much about the specifications and I don't know what to look for to be able to make the right purchase. All I wanted to have is a good notebook, affordable, lightweight, wifi ready and quite fast. With so many notebooks in store, I am now confused on what to buy. Most of the brands I've seen are Neo, Acer, Asus and Compaq...are these okay? I wanted to have a Sony Vaio, but I cannot afford that at this time so I have to choose among those four. Haayyy...

Point of sale system in retail shops...

I remember back in college, my mom was begging me to make an inventory for our shop. There were a lot of items to be encoded and I was just using an excel to do the work. It was tedious and time consuming.

Now, that I am helping out in our shop, I cannot fully help with entertaining the customers' queries since I am not very much accustomed with the items and it's prices. I was thinking how great it would be to hire a programmer to make a Point of Sale system for our business not knowing that we could purchase such system online.

Fedelta Point of Sale system package is a speedy, easy to use and reliable POS system that can be customize to fit individual needs. It's key features consist of flexible ordering modes, complete pricing control, staff management access control and stock management that is definitely a must have in every business.

Anticipation of Being Away...

Soon I will be temporarily moving away from home, but I could still come back every now and then, it's just that I will not be staying here all the time. I will be staying somewhere miles away and upon learning this, my boyfriend treated this as a bad news. As much as possible he doesn't want me to go, according to him, he will be missing me badly. I will too. I guess, it would also be hard in my part being away from him at the same time from my family. But we need to make some little sacrifices. Even though I fear for that day to come, I take it as a personal training for independence in preparation for a major transition in my life in the future...I'm treating it as a challenge in other words. I'll get homesick for sure, but it's just hours away from home and I could still visit here whenever I have the time.

Have you encountered the same? How did you go about it?

*Photo by ~InnerSharigan

Caring is Sharing with C'elle

We are definitely blessed with rational minds. Our capability to think leads us to discovering and inventing new things. Various clinical researches are being conducted every single minute about the science in order to come up with treatments or perhaps things that would prevent us from acquiring diseases.

For instance, during menstrual period, we might be considering this as one of the uncomfortable time in our lives and perhaps some of us wished that we won't be experiencing this every month. We don't know that a new exciting research shows that we can collect and preserve our stem cell through our menstrual blood. The specimen is being preserved and can be use for future therapeutic developments in treating certain diseases such as diabetes. Speaking of diabetes, my mom surely can benefit from this.


C'elle is a revolutionary service and is here to help women collect their specimen efficiently without disrupting the vital characteristics of the stem cell. It's a helpful way in preserving your collected specimen and you can even search about them in the internet to read about C'elle Client Testimonials. With this new technology, it would help us find a cure to various diseases we have nowadays, thus helping in saving lives.

Sponsored by C'elle

Flowers for you...

Thank you for these beautiful flowers, gagay and alf.

~Start Copy Here~

It's true I have never seen you and we have never met,
Never shaken Hands or even truly hugged and yet!
I know for sure you care for me by the kindness that you give.
And our keyboards keep us together doesn't matter where we live.
So I give you this gift to put a smile on your face
and to let you know in my heart you have a special place.

1. Copy from start to finish
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4. Get back to Me [Wheng] and leave a comment once you’ve passed on the letter. Will then visit your site to make sure your links are complete and proper.

Please NOTE that you are not allowed to change the “Wheng”

5. To ensure everyone receives equal link benefit, UPDATE your list regularly!

~End Copy Here~

I'm tagging everyone!

Monday, July 28, 2008

Taking Care of Your Wrist the Smart Way

Perhaps, some of us thinks that Carpal Tunnel Syndrome is a new condition brought about by modern technology. Actually, this disorder dates back sometime in the 2oth century. It is a condition wherein a nerve in our hands, called the median nerve, is being compressed thus causing pressure to it that leads to pain and numbness. People who frequently uses the computer, plays the piano and the like are more prone to this condition.

This might be challenging to treat, although early treatment during it's mild stage is necessary to prevent long term complications. Pain medications are one method of relieving the pain that associated with this condition, but prolong use of pain medications could bring some adverse effects in our body, some may even get drug intolerance. Invasive way to treat this is through surgery. And I think most of us chooses this as our last resort.

Besides, there is another way of treating this by wearing splints or braces in our wrists overnight for support and to alleviate pain, or better yet use Smart Glove from IMAK for carpal tunnel relief. Smart Glove is the modernized way of preventing CTS and it's more economical and convenient to use. It was designed to correct wrist position and to improve blood circulation.


So prevent CTS, start it by taking care of your wrists.

Sponsored by IMAK

RMP Gave Me a Free Ad Space

What a week this was! I received a lot of blessings!


And now, out of generosity, Rate My Philippines is giving me a free ad space for a month! Yey! I am really touched with your consideration and thoughtfulness guys. Thanks a lot for this great gift!

Anyways, Rate My Philippines is conducting a contest for a chance to win a JOURNEY CD in cooperation with BlogsThatFollow. It's their latest album with Arnel Pineda in it. It's a great way to promote and support our dear Arnel Pineda. This contest is on-going and ends on September 28, 2008. You still have a big chance to join and win the prize. Better hurry!

Again...thank you a lot guys!

Right Secure Connectivity

Cyberworld reaches millions of millions of people around the globe. Businesses can also be accessed online. With that, private informations are kept in a data base as you would be encoding some data online. Most of us felt it might disclose our important private informations and definitely it's a high risk. Noting that various people from different walks of life could access the internet, often some smart techies even uses their capabilities to no good. Thus, we need something, a software that would help us keep our connectivity secure. Pragma systems does the work. This technology has clear advantages over other telnet and SSH solutions keeping their good reputation since 1990.

Waiting for GMA

Right this moment we are waiting for the SONA (State of the Nation's Address) by the Philippine President. I think most of the Filipinos are awaiting for this, wanting to listen and to figure out if the promises made from her last SONA has been met and what will be the next projects of our government. Are you one of us? Hehe. Aside from this, rallyists also flood the streets in protest. Haay...I hope the SONA will have a desirable result.

International Communications

Do you have anyone around the globe you want to talk to? Perhaps a family member, friends, relatives or employers? Making long distance call is somewhat expensive nowadays you'll be surprised when you find your phone bill and see how much it cost you. But no worries now since you can avail international calling cards in making international calls. It would be the most convenient thing to use as it helps you control your phone bills. It acts as a prepaid card and sales of these cards are skyrocketing. A proof that it is well used and in demand by consumers. After all, just a call from someone you missed the most would suffice the loneliness you are feeling inside.

Brownout again...

*Photo by ~mai80 of deviantart.

I was about to turn off my laptop last night when suddenly the lights went off. A brownout occurred and I heard a loud bang from one of the posts outside. Seems like there's an overload again. *Sweat. It was dark, as expected, and I lit a candle to illuminate my room. Was kinda scared to sleep thinking about burglars and being alone in my dark room. Thank God I was able to sleep comfortably without nightmares.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Acne Alert

My brother got this acne problem since high school. Until now, it has been a problem for him. We even seeked medical help from a dermatologist for an acne treatment to no avail. He was prescribed various topical and oral medications, but still the acne's there. Until he got tired of his regimen and just leave his face as is and not caring much how he looks. I just hope he'll not feel miserable and not lose his confidence with this. Good thing it's not that worst.

78 Years

Last July 22, we celebrated the birthday of my grandmother who is now 78 years old. Unfortunately, we were not complete at that moment and I felt a slight sadness within me.

Anyways, we had dinner at Kuya Eds with their eat-all-you can buffet and bought a cake for her. She's really proud of her age though she's old already, you couldn't find her staying in the house all day. I mean, she gets bored staying in the house thus moves a lot, strolls a lot in the city...walking and walking by herself. We are even betting how long she'll stay since her mother died peacefully at the age of 99 due to an old age. Perhaps she'll beat that record. Haha.

Sugary Filled

Sugar is one item we need in the kitchen. Who wouldn't?! We make coffees, juices, iced teas, milks and other beverages and surely we need sugar to sweeten it a bit. What else do you use sugar for? preparing certain foods of course.

As far as I know, I'm not particular with any types of sugar, except that there's a white and brown sugar. But other than that, I didn't care, not until I heard of this Sugar from Brazil. It is said that it is the highest quality sugar grade and has passed the sugar analysis test conducted by the ICUMSA (International Commission For Uniform Methods Of Sugar Analysis) that it is safe to use internationally. Better have a try on this one.

Scared to sleep...

When I arrived home, my mom heard some news around the neighborhood that a burglar got inside in one of the houses in our subdivision. This burglar used some spray to keep the household members asleep. Their windows got no grills and it was easy for him to penetrate inside the house.

One member of that household arrived at home around 2am and was surprised to see their house open. Upon entering the front door, he felt dizzy and fell asleep. It must be brought about by the spray the burglar use.

That's the reason why I was scared to sleep last night. I had encountered a burglar in the house , particularly in my room several years back and since then I was traumatized.

Business receipts

Been helping out in our shop for over a month and I act as a cashier. It is my duty to receive payments of purchases from the customers. Somehow it's not easy since I am doing it manually, meaning there is no machine that could help me sum up all the purchases, except the calculator. I even have to write down the purchases made and make copies of it by using a carbon paper then hand the original receipt to the customer. It's a waste of time, especially if the customer is in a hurry. I even made several mistakes the first few days I was there. That is why, I am suggesting to my parents that we should purchase a machine such as epson tm-t88iv thermal receipt printer from Barcode Discount for faster service. In that way, we could serve our customers more quickly and more efficiently.

I'm going insane!!!

Many great things took placed yesterday. But this is the greatest!

I was curious why I was able to reserve an opp in PPP that requires a blog with PR4. This time I had the urge to check my page rank and golly, wow! I already have my PR and it's now on PR4. Weee! I'm so happy! My other two blogs from an N/A now have a PR0. Haha. At least!

I never did expect this since I was not hoping with having a PR of my own. As you can see, I got tired working on my blog lately and I'm not really much thrilled with the upcoming update, but now I guess I am!

Geez, thank you guys for helping me out get this PR. I hope I won't get slap!

Need some hosting?

Been looking for a web host when I started to buy my own domains. Back then I had a hard time figuring what a domain and a web host was. I thought they were the same, unfortunately not.

Bought my blogs their own custom domains and was happy with that decision. And now, I've been thinking lately if it's necessary for me to pay a web host for my blog. But since I had no idea what's best and what to look for, I need to read some web hosting reviews in order to figure out what's best for me. has sure made their top 10 list for the best web host in 2008. There I get to see the web host's features and their bonus features as well as reviews from people who have tried these hosts. It's informative and helpful by the way. If you need some enlightenment, go check it out!


I'm trying to do some paid reviews this time but I think the server's down of a certain site. I'm receiving some error and I can't submit my review. *Sweat.

On another note, just like to share with you what I ate for dinner. Went to fagioli yesterday and had some Aglio e Olio, which was kinda oily and chilli, not really my type, and a Green Iced Tea...this is what I love. Heavenly! Had to order another one! Yay!

Bench Press...

I'm starting to get conscious with my weight again and I feel like hitting the gym. Apparently, thinking about the days or perhaps months that I should oblige myself in going to the gym, I think it will conflict with my schedule in the future, if ever I'll be training again in a hospital. *Phew.

I'm thinking of an alternative right now to control my weight. Jogging is one option as well as lifting dumb bells. Since I think it's not quite enough, and I got used to the program I had back in the gym, I therefore think that I should at least work out again in the gym and try to fit in my schedule.

Through there, I would be able to have the motivation to work out since it's quite expensive to enroll in the gym. Other than that they have facilities that would helped me in my program, one equipment they have is the weight benches. Through that I'll be able to tone my body more effectively.

Palos in the flesh...

Been to NCCC mall this afternoon to watch Bank Job. After which I insisted that we go to SM since I haven't been there for quite a long time. Good thing, we did! Because guess what?! We saw Jake Cuenca in the flesh! Smart bro conducted a show to endorse their new product, the plug in broadband, and Jake's their celebrity guest. I was curious so I thought that we should at least stay for awhile and watch how Jake looks in person.

Whoa! And I was starstrucked!

This was the first time I've been starstruck and he's really cute, huh?! Except that he's really fair that makes him look like gay. I don't know about you guys, but for me, I don't really like men with white complexion, though I envy his complexion and told my boyfriend that I should start taking glutathione or rather metathione, the one he's endorsing. Haha!

Anyways, I was at the 2nd floor watching and I tried to get good pictures of him. Unfortunately, I didn't. It was hard for me to take shots of him since he's really moving a lot plus the fact that my place isn't good enough to view his entire face. LOL.

Okay call me "jologs" but I screamed when he faced in the direction where we were and I told my boyfriend that I never expected myself to scream and yet I did. Blame it on reflex reaction (is there such a word?). Yay!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Flirt it out...

I remember back in grade school, I got a crush on this certain guy. And because we didn't knew each other, I was just happy and contented to see him, I always watch him play in the court. Until one day, as I was seated in the bench while watching their game, I was furiously looking for him in the court, but there's nowhere I could find him. It wasn't long when I soon found out that he was sitting in the bench in front of where I was. I was stunned and we exchanged glances, or should I say, our eyes met and I felt a blush on my cheeks when I saw him smiled. I was forcing myself not to smile so I could hide my giggles and left, but geez, it felt like I had very long hair...a Victory Hair.

Anyways, how do you flirt? What is your flirting abilities? If you want to know, then this is a great opportunity for you to find it out by playing the Extreme Style by VO5 Ultimate Flirting Championship.

For more widgets please visit

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Oh My Goodness!!!

Just received a message in my YM from momi rubi informing me to check out the winners for her contest. Yup! The winners for PinayMommy's Birthday contest is now out with official list of winners.

Guess what?! I won the first prize! Couldn't believe it myself.

I'd like to thank momi rubi for her generosity and for the sponsors as well. Weee!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Much Have Been Said and Done

Frustrations and harsh words have been said and done.

After a number of days of solitude, at last, we both managed to lower our prides and opened our hearts to forgiveness.

We've had some serious talks and eventually ended to reconciliation. Thus, I am now pleased and happy that we managed to make up and get back on with our relationship.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Advantage of Increasing Gas Prices

Majority of us are whining about the constant increase of gas prices nowadays. Protests are being held in the streets. Food and other commodities as well as public vehicle fares also increased. Most of us see a lot of disadvantages brought about by the increase prices of gas.

Aside from this, do you see any advantage from this?

I do.

Because traffic is lighter nowadays. Haha.


Sunday, July 20, 2008

The Damage Has Been Done

It was last night. My brother and I cleaned up our CPU since it was really dusty. This isn't the first time that we cleaned it. I was helping him remove the dust while he was responsible to placed back the parts inside the CPU.

To my brother's surprised, he caught me dusting off the motherboard and letting it's bottom touch the table without anything placed to protect it. I was caught in alarm though I had the instinct that I should handle the motherboard with care, but because of my persistence to remove and clean it, I ignored that hint.

After cleaning, I retired to bed because I was sleepy and left my brother with the PC. When I woke up this morning, I thought of turning on the desktop to start my EC dropping. And...


The computer won't work! The CPU would start but the monitor wouldn't so I woke my brother up to check the connection if it was properly done. He tried reconnecting it and still, it won't. Then he commented that perhaps the motherboard was broken from what I did last night. Nyahaha.

Sorry for not dropping back your cards for like 2 days. I'll make it up tomorrow. Since the damage has been done. Haha.

P.S.: Kala niyo kung ano noh?

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dark Knight's My New Prince!


The incident happened yesterday didn't hold me from watching this movie. And since I had a fight with my movie buddy, I invited my brother to watch Dark Knight with me instead. Fortunately he agreed, why wouldn't he? This is Batman we're talking about!

The movie was great! Definitely worth every cents! And I love Joker! Very psychotically convincing act by Heath Ledger. Loved it! Wanna watch it over again.

Surveys 04

Be Credible

I used to be an active member of a particular forum. One thread there, as I remember where all about Singapore. I was curious since I was looking for a job as a nurse abroad and Singapore was one of my prospects. So I read the thread and most of the posts there were from members who were in the IT profession. Singapore was also in need of IT personnel and it is a great opportunity for them. I got interested since I have a brother who is in the IT course as of the moment. Perhaps what I can learn from those posts, I might suggest it to my brother to help him find a job.

Since Singapore is in demand for IT, they are also strict with the qualifications. It is an advantage or rather it is required that you have a Cisco certification for you to be able to land a job there. Of course there are a lot of IT graduates these days and the competition is tough. You have to have the edge and the X factor. Graduating from IT course does not end there, constant reading and updating is still a must since a lot of new technologies are coming out every now and then and as an IT, you have to know about these and keep yourself updated to the current trends. This helps an IT professional to succeed.

I hope someday, my brother will get his own certificate and be able to enhance his IT skills and be successful someday.

Sponsored by Cisco

Friday, July 18, 2008

This is it!

Been looking forward for this day to find out whether the prediction of an earthquake that will hit the Philippines is true. Turns out, instead of an earthquake, it was raining in the city, good thing there's no flood. But just this week, days before, there was indeed an earthquake, but not the 8.1 magnitude one.

This morning, a radio commentator stated that today is the anniversary of the July 18, 1880 (or was it 1990?) earthquake that hit the Philippines before that caused thousands of deaths. According to him, this might be the basis of that so-called prediction. Fortunately, that prediction didn't come true and we still have to be grateful for all our lives, whether it's a hoax or not.

Important thing is, we should know how to safeguard our lives when there is a disaster. It always pays to keep an open mind. c",)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


I am so sleepy now but I cannot rest not until I have send my credentials via email.I have been waiting for like hours I guess. There a lot of documents to send and I zipped it to compress the files. But still, gmail's taking so long to load and send it. Even though I'm really sleepy, I have to wait until it's done. Geez!

Anyways, I was looking forward in watching the Dark Knight today but it seems NCCC Mall is not showing it yet this time based on their website or perhaps their site's not updated. I heard it's really good. Haayy...

Oh, my message have been sent...


I received an error. File Exceeded. Darn!

Forget about it, time to sleep now. Good night everyone!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Misplaced Credentials

Nooo! I misplaced my credentials (Visa Screen Certificate and CGFNS Certificate). Huhu. I've looked everywhere but can't find it. I need it to send a copy of it abroad but they're gone. Huhu.

I was trying to remember where I possibly could have left it. It was summer, the month of May I think where the last time I took hold of it. I had it photocopied because I made copies for my godmother to take it with her in the states. After which I remembered placing it in the folder and just left in the shop. But I can't find it there either. It's either my mom had thrown it accidentally while she was cleaning in the shop or I accidentally placed in the same folder I handed to my godmother. Waaaa!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Received My Pay!

Was happy to receive my payment from my mom in return for working here in our shop. Actually I don't call it working. I stay here surfing the net, blogging, sleeping, answering phone calls and accompanying my mom to the bank or wherever. Those are the activities I do here and here comes the 15th of the month and now I received my payment. Weee! Actually, it's just considered as an allowance and it's not that much, I even earn greater through blogging but at least I got some money. Hehe.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Feeling Shaken

I'm here at our shop in Quirino Avenue, Davao City and just minutes ago after the Miss Universe pageant was aired in channel 2, we felt the earth shaken. It was quite strong but not the kind to cause damage. It only lasted for seconds. Is this the start of the so-called prediction of the 8.1 magnitude earthquake that would hit the Philippines this July 18? Hope not and may God forbid it from happening.


Been eating a lot lately, different kinds of foods from fruits, veggies, chocolates and junk foods -- call it gluttony then. I'm starting to feel that my pants are getting tighter already but can't resist the charm of foods. Lolz.

Anyways, I've been watching out for these two Asian heartthrobs on TV, Wu Chun and Calvin Chen. They've been guesting on some programs in Abs-Cbn and I find the questions thrown to them stupid and redundant, especially with regards to girlfriends. And their exposure were lesser than I expected. Hmp!

Better finish munching these curly tops here before retiring. Hehe.

Better Think Again

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Feeling Sleepy

Feeling sleepy already and I still have opps to make. But I can't resist the temptation to retire to bed 'coz my eyes are really tired now. As much as I want to update my blogs and take some opps, I cannot do so this time so I have to get up early tomorrow to continue to do whatever I was planning beforehand. Thought of taking some coffee but resist the idea since I wanted to have a good night sleep and in a dreaming state perhaps now.

Aromatic Flavor

I like coffee especially it's rich aroma, hmm. I remembered back then that my perception of is that it's bad for the health that's why older people only drinks it. As I got older, I realized that there are benefits of coffee which we failed to recognized. One factor is that it's rich in antioxidants, richer than the green tea as the matter of fact. Numerous researches have been conducted to prove that coffee indeed gives benefit to our body. Not only does it helps us keep awake but it also help our minds to stay focus. All thanks to the modern technology we have these days, research is done more accurate and more efficient. Therefore, I am now encouraging you to watch this video clip attached herewith.

Sponsored by D S Simon


Haha...been waiting for Wu Chun and Calvin Chen's guesting in some of abs-cbn's show this afternoon. I thought I couldn't watch it since my bf's bugging me to watch a movie with him. But I succeeded! I've seen their guesting on elive this afternoon while my bf's waiting for me at the mall for like more than 2 hours, I guess. Haha. Then watched PDA (Pinoy Dream Academy) when I got home where these two guys sung the song from Romantic Princess.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Apple's Memory

Anyone owns a mac? I'd like to have one 'coz it looks elegant. I was browsing the net for some mac products and I landed on this site from They're selling various gadgets and computer accessories and found this Mac memory. They have various memory selectors I'm sure everyone would find it helpful and convenient since it's the easiest way to find a compatible memory upgrade for your Mac.


Dropping entrecards might cause a slow loading especially if I open multiple tabs. I've been dependent on dropping my entrecard through blog hopping and it wastes my time waiting for the site to load just to achieve the 300 maximum drops. It takes an hour or so despite of my dsl connection. I guess this is the right time to purchase a Charter internet connection to help me in dropping my entrecards faster since they have this limited offer until July 31.

Sponsored by Charter

Reasons Are Reasons

Been to Tagum City this morning for some important matters. It's been years that I haven't gone to Tagum and being there made me reminisce those times when I was staying there for an out of town duty. It's more or less a 2 hour drive from Davao City. Tagum City has improved a lot. I'm glad they already have McDonald's within the city proper and an on going construction of a SM branch. Weee!

Well, that's the reason why I haven't visited your blogs this day. But I'll try to make it up tomorrow. c",)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Smart Specs

Have talked about trendy spectacles from Zenni Optical before and I am happy to inform everyone that Zenni Optical was on FOX news! Great isn't it? And because they're specs are truly fashionable and affordable, not to mention good quality, they are now offering Incredible Stylish New Frames From Zenni. Neat huh?! Now I envy everyone who's wearing one, I hope I could wear one too from Zenni. Wanted to look a trendy nerdy, hahaha, just kidding. What I want is a smart look.

So if you're looking for eye glasses, always look for Zenni Optical $ 8 Rx Eyeglasses!

My Ferreros!

Seems like my adrenaline rush was once again activated by the time I saw this box of Ferrero's being taken out by my boyfriend from his back pack and gave it to me. Geez, can't help but scream from excitement. I looove Ferrero's and I looove chocolates! And my happy hormones were being stimulated even by merely looking at them 'coz I know they're mine!! Weee!

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Losing Weight

I've been watching my weight closely and when I feel like I'm gaining weight again, it's either I go to the gym or watch my diet. Basically, I do the natural method. I'm not comfortable with the idea of taking pills to lose weight because I'm afraid to do so. But I guess, we all have choices and perhaps some of you might have taken some pills and got a desirable result for that. Or rather, some might be interested in taking one so I want you to check out generic Phentermine. It's a diet pill and claims to be a safe way of losing weight and is FDA approved since 1959 as a means of controlling one's appetite. I guess, there's nothing to worry and be concern about this since it's been approved by the FDA and has been backed up by thorough clinical research. c",)

On Traveling

With nursing, I had the opportunity to travel because I have to take a number of exams which are not held within this city. With that, I had the pleasure of exploring new places and culture. And because I'm an impulsive shopper, I find myself buying things that I find interesting and some "pasalubongs" for my family and relatives that gave me a hard time packing my things in one luggage. My luggage's not big enough so it tends to be bulky and heavy already so I realized that I need to buy a bigger one, perhaps from Briggs and Riley.

Award: Sweet Blogger Award

Grateful for accepting such an award from Pinay Mommy dreamer. Thanks!

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I'm passing this award to:

Pounding Heartbeat
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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Tag: Genie's Luck

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Because I am fortunate for receiving such luck from Day Break, I am now tagging:

Unpredictable Life, A Girl for All Status, Creative Nerd Paid Me

Unexpectedly, I received an email from informing me that they had already sent my requested cash out of 10 USD. I was really surprised! Not really expecting this. As you all know I have sent my request last January just to try if it's legit. Six months have passed and now I am receiving my money via alert pay. Yeah, it's a long wait, now I am requesting another cash out of 30 USD. Gonna wait for another 6 months?! Haha.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Unexpected Call

It was morning of yesterday when the phone rang. JC, being a curious kid, answered the phone as he always does. I let him do the talking for awhile then answered the phone myself. Surprisingly, JC's biological father called, and I was like "Ha?...Uhmm..". He was looking for his son, of course, so I handed the receiver to JC. It was just a short call and he hung up. Putting down the receiver JC got mad at me for doing so, I think he recognized his father's voice, he was just plainly mad and was about to hit me with the phone. Haha. And my mom and I think that his father only wanted to hear his voice.

Honestly I have mixed feelings about it. For one I am happy JC finally have a communication with his dad, but on the other hand, I don't know if that was sincere or was it just an agenda. I haven't met his father ever since nor knew what he looks like. But based on what my cousin had shared with us with regards with her experiences while living with that guy's family, I cannot help but feel bitter towards him. He started to have a contact with his son when he knew my cousin's working abroad (can't help but be suspicious). Haayy. Actually, I don't know how to react but I guess it's good that they both have communication but at the same time, we, as JC's relatives will be very cautious.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Are You Mommy?

I've been blog hopping since I started to blog and through that I stumbled on some blogs ran by mommies. And I can see that their population is increasing. Most of them are work at home moms or stay at home moms, whichever you call it. I know being a plain housewife is somehow rewarding as you primarily watch over you children and take care of your family as a whole. It isn't an easy task, I know because I somehow felt the same when we got a kid in the house.

Anyways, I've met a number of blogging mommies in the blogosphere and I can say that they are really creative from their posts and their templates. You'll see the effort and passion they have for blogging. Through it they are also sharing their experiences as a mom.

Now if you are a mommy blogger, read this.

With this passion you have for blogging (yes, I'm talking to you Mommy), wouldn't it be wonderful to get compensated from it? Staying at home, doesn't mean you can't make your own money, right? That is why I am inviting you to check
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New Blogs

I am inviting everyone to please visit my other blogs. Just recently bought custom domains for my two other blogs and now spreading the word for it. I also have a photoblog running at, so if you have the time kindly checked these out.

Blogger's Newsletter

I've been blogging for less than a year. Writing personal posts were my primary intentions when I started this hobby. It was my intention to have my own personal online diary. Back then, I have no readers, well okay perhaps a few of them. Until my readers and visitors increases as days passes by and I am thankful for the social networks that I joined in as well as the tags.

One particular problem most bloggers have in mind is on how to retain readers. There are a lot of bloggers in the blogosphere and each time you post an entry, haven't it crossed your mind wishing that there would be several bloggers out there that will read your post?

Let's say you are monetizing your blog, aren't you in need of driving some traffic into it? Driving traffic requires tedious efforts to see a fruitful result. And as I was browsing online, I stumbled upon Zookoda. It's an email marketing application, otherwise known as email newsletter wherein you, as a blogger can send daily, weekly, or perhaps monthly summary of your latest blog entries for free to your visitor's inbox. It's one way of promoting your blog in the blogosphere to keep your audience informed of your blog updates. Aside from that, your audience could even subscribe from this newsletter, in that way, you will be building your own visitor base, thus somehow driving traffic in.

I guess this is one way that would help every bloggers out there in promoting their blogs. So why not drive traffic with your own email newsletter?!

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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Another Arte y Pico Award

It is my pleasure for receiving such an award from Miss Write. She gave me this award for being one of her top entrecard droppers. My effort of daily addicting droppings has paid off and an award like this is indeed very rewarding.

Thank you Miss Write!

Online Relationships

PMO's Gift

Was very honored to receive such cute gift last night. Mommy Ruby of Pinay Mommy Online gave me this banner as a token of appreciation for being one of the her top entrecard droppers in all of her 5 blogs. Very thoughtful of her to make such banner. Haha.

Thanks Momi Ruby!

ec beware

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A Night with Hancock

Just got back from the last full show of "Hancock" at NCCC Mall with my boyfriend. Funny thing is, we were supposed to watch it on their 8:00pm show but when we were about to buy our tickets, the counter reads "8:00pm show is FULL". So we bought our tickets for the 10:00pm show instead. The movie runs approximately 1 hr and 30 minutes, correct me if I'm wrong. Anyway, at 9:00pm we started to line up and wait for our turn to enter the cinema, and guess who I saw there?! Hehe. Comment here if you know who you are. Haha. I was starting to get sleepy before the movie started, good thing the movie was great and got me back on my senses again. Haha. You should watch it! I'm now looking forward for "Dark Knight".

Friday, July 4, 2008

Career Hunting

Many Filipinos, especially in the health care areas, are looking for a career abroad for greener pastures. Jobs abroad are not only limited to health care professionals. Even I is looking for a job online as plenty of job vacancies are being advertised online. Numerous agencies are also there to help you get the job you want and help you comply with the requirements necessary to be qualified to your job. If you are looking for one, why not check on Atlanta jobs, you might get the job you are looking for.

Worry No More

Working in the hospital has awaken me to the reality of how money is important in terms of health. I've met some patients that have been confined and was under my care. Some patients are a pity for the reason that whenever a clinical procedure or a medicine was ordered, the patient cannot readily comply due to lack of money and with no health insurance. I often see them worry about the medical expenses they have to pay. On the other hand, those fortunate patients were indeed fortunate for having a health insurance. You will see how comfortable they are without worries and are just looking forward to getting well. Clinical interventions won't be delayed thus quality health care is being given to the patient. That's the advantage of getting a health insurance like medicare supplement.

PMO's Birthday Bash

I would like to congratulate Mommy Ruby for conducting this birthday bash contest wherein you could get a chance to win $50. Very generous of her! She is celebrating her birthday in the blogosphere and wanted to share her blessings with everyone. Mommy Ruby who is the woman behind Pinay Mommy Online is a very diligent blogger and a very passionate and creative one. You could see the effort she has made for her blogs. Despite of the numerous blogs she's running, she has still time to think of events like this and a time for her kids. She has also been very supportive and accommodating to her fellow blogger like me, and I think this is also my chance to thank her for the support she has given me since my blogging times.

~\/~ Birthday Bash Sponsors ~\/~