Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Legacy Of Love

We live in an unpredictable life. And so we must be ready whatever things might happen to us, leaving our families behind. Obtaining a Wholesale Insurance online shows our legacy of love to our families. We think of their welfare and thus we give them the support they need when we are gone. Choosing a cheaper but with a good quality that keeps their promises is a big help for our dear ones.


I really got frustrated scrubbing for the Laparoscopy Cholecystectomy case this morning. My surgeon was known to be a very kind man. But with the defective equipments we had, his patience came to a boiling point. I sensed he was really frustrated and pissed with what' s happening, but still managed to control his temper. I felt shameful for everything even though it's not our entire fault since we have been reporting and asking fro replacements for the said defective equipments. It was frustrating to handle a case with no good equipments to use.

Friday, May 27, 2011


We cannot tell when emergency will strike from where we are. It's best to have with you an emergency hotline stored in your phone. Store it on your speed dial memory so you could have ready accessed to it in case you need it. It's also best to check on the reliable and quick travel emergency near you. So you'll know where to contact it. Sometimes, emergencies can be reversible if it can be managed on time.

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Weight Conscious

I've been going to the gym for 3 months. And I can't really say I'm consistent with my workout schedule since I'm also busy with work and I find it tiring to workout after work. Anyways, I still see a slight difference with my body. And I'm kinda contented with it. Need more tie to work out to achieve my desired goal. I would achieve it quickly if I also take lipozene in my diet.

First Timers

I had a lot of firs time experiences since last year. And I was thinking, should I make trophies for each of those experiences as a remembrance and as a reward to myself for doing it. I'm so much loving life! Being alive is wonderful and I feel really blessed! Hopefully, it won't be stuck to be a first time experience though.

My First Scuba Diving Experience

I feel very lucky and fortunate that I was invited to do scuba diving during our beach outing. The owner of the shop whom we were friends with, offered that service for free. He wanted me to try it. And I gave in! I long wanted to experience scuba diving and now that I have the chance I readily grabbed it.

The experience was all worth it. I had fun under the sea. Never expected to see such wonderful creatures and scenery underneath. It was relaxing! I felt like I'm in a different world. Indeed, there's really beauty underneath. It only inspires me to take care of our nature more.

Saturday, May 21, 2011


Fatigue and weakness, insomnia, cold intolerance and weight gain are some symptoms of hypothyroidism. Surprisingly, I am experiencing these symptoms as well. I have a feeling I have thyroid imbalance but can't confirmed it yet since I haven't had myself take a test. Perhpas if my instinct is right I may be prescribed to take a hypothyroid treatment austin. People have been asking me if I have a goiter, but no one cares if I'm hypo. lol.

Infrared Heaters

Having an infrared heater is the trend this time. It instantly warms an entire room with a push of a button with an automatic thermostat control. And even it's a power heat you can assured that the unit will remain cool to touch so it's safe even when there are children around the house. A 30 day free trial and a free shipping plus a 3 year warranty awaits one today.

Obtaining A Degree

Nowadays, people had learned about the importance of having a good education in order to have a good future. That's the reason why parents invested into their children's educational plans and send them to good school. But nowadays, earning a degree isn't that hard anymore especially to working students. They can study online and earn a degree like an online it degree since IT related jobs are in demand nowadays. I could take one for myself too. Having a degree is such a breeze nowadays.

Saturday, May 14, 2011

My Molar's Killing Me

I've been having this bad tooth for years. Even advised to have it removed to avoid complications like rheumatic heart disease (RHD). But was scared to experience lock jaw during the extraction. Hence, was recommended to undergo dental surgery instead which will cost me more. And so I dealt with this tooth for years now. Until it's becoming worse I think. Now, I want to have it extracted in the clinic but have to save up first for it's fee. It's kinda expensive. Hays, got a lot of things to pay for and my earning's not even enough for it.