Monday, March 31, 2008

Ken Lee

Kinda late in posting this, but better late than never I guess.

A friend once sent me the link of this video clip through YM. A video clip from music idol posted 3 months ago in youtube. At first I thought the singer was singing Mariah Carey's song in her language. As the video continues, I soon found out that she was singing it in her own made up lyrics! Hilarious!

It's up to you to find out. Here's the video. You'll be the judge!

Sunday, March 30, 2008

Feast of Divine Mercy

It was a bit late when I woke up this morning, around 9:30 am. Surprisingly, our house was quiet, not the usual mornings that we have wherein I hear my father watch TV in loud volumes or turn on our videoke to listen to some songs and sing with the tune of it, or better yet hear my parents argue over something. But this time, it was all quiet.

After doing some crunc
hes, I headed to the living room and turned on the monitor of my desktop and started to blog hop again until I saw my mom, lighting this modified candle of ours and placed in our altar. I then asked her the purpose of it, and she told me it was the Feast of the Divine Mercy.

Yikes! Didn't even know about that, shame on me! FYI, my family's a devotee of the Divine Mercy and as a devotee I would like to greet everyone Happy Divine Mercy! c",)

On the other hand, watched the news last night and I'd like to congratulate the passers of the Philippine Bar Exam. Out of 5,626, only 1,289 successful takers made it! Kudos to all of you! Congratulations also to the Ateneo de Davao University passers!

Saturday, March 29, 2008


Blogging is fun isn't it?

I learned this idea of blogging from a forum. Members were talking about how fun it is to blog. So I thought, why not make one myself. I may not be a good writer, but I love to write anything that I wanted to share.

Through blogging, it helped me share my sentiments and my opinions to various readers online. On the other hand, I too read and learned from other bloggers, even made friends with some. Great isn't it!

How much more if you get paid for blogging or even yet blog advertising. It's a good way to earn extra money. There are a lot of sites online that offers these services. But be wary, for there are some of them that are not legit.

One legit site I would recommend is Smorty. It helps you get connected with the advertisers. These advertisers pay the blogger for the opinions they write on their post while linking back to the advertiser's site. One advantage they have from other sites is that you'll get to be paid weekly for all your approved posts.

So why not get paid to write for the things you like!

Blog Advertising - Get Paid to Blog

Friday, March 28, 2008

What Would You Do?

My family and I, with some relatives and friends went to the province 2 days ago to attend a memorial of my parent's friend. Apparently my little cousin went with us. He's around 7 to 8 years of age. Since it was his first time to be in that place, obviously he got bored since there's nothing to do much on that little town.

To entertain ourselves, we took pictures of anything under the sun. Until we found ourselves lying on the couch. I was sleepy but he doesn't want me to get to sleep. In order to disturb me, he asked a lot of questions just to disrupt me from sleeping.

And yeah, he successfully woke me up when he asked me what m*sturbating is. And I was like, "WTF?! How come this kid knows this word?!" I know this cousin's smart, but I didn't expect him to be smarter enough to know this stuff. *Sweat

Me: "Where did you learn this word?"

Cousin: "Saw it from my bro's cd. Even saw 5 naked girls on the cover. What does it mean?"

Me: "It's for adults. You'll know it when you grow up."

Cousin: "Come on tell me. Let's keep it a secret"

Me: "I can't. It's a guy's stuff. Don't know how to explain it to you."

Geez, I'm not a parent yet. But I now know how it feels like if you've got a kid asking this kind of stuffs. *Phew! I didn't even know how to tell him, or should I? Anyways, I felt like I'm not the right person to tell him this and just told him to buzz off.

Thursday, March 27, 2008

The Wave...

Bloggerwave is gaining wave popularity among bloggers and advertisers nowadays. It's commitment to serve better opportunities and improved services drives them to push their efforts for success.

This is another way of earning extra money for bloggers and they make payments at the end of the month for the reviews you make.

So why not check their site out?!

Make money with your blog now!

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I am tagging 13th witch, marco, elaine, anita, kenneth and vianne. Have Fun!!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Papaya Dance

Singing is not the only known pasttime for Filipinos, we also love to dance.

A new dance craze has been popularized here in the Philippines, the Papaya Dance. It all started out as a gimmick, by Mr. Edu Manzano, and was used in one of the Philippines Shows, "Game Ka Na Ba?" (Are you game?), which he hosted in.

Surprisingly, this dance is now being acknowledge by the world through YouTube and was even featured in "Good Morning America!" and Reuters. Some video clips also featured the Philippine Army dancing to the tune of this.

Even Urszula Dudziak, the Polish singer who made this song, loved this dance craze.

Gas Prices

When gas prices goes up, usually prices of other commodities goes up as well since most of these relies on gas. As a consumer, we should learn to save up on gas consumption.

Monday, March 24, 2008


Due to chronic insomnia, I opted to buy a sleeping pills from Watson store before. Last night I tried taking it in hope of being able to sleep easily and at long intervals. Been an insomniac since college days and I've been suffering it intermittently for years. *Sob.

About 12mn, I took the pill. Well, I don't know if "sleeping pill" is an appropriate term to use. It's a herbal thingy in a capsule that would help you get to sleep.

Yes, I did sleep. But I don't think it was a peaceful sleep. It was as if my body is asleep but my mind's not. At 5:30am, I woke up with a migraine.

Whenever I am having a migraine, no drugs could help me at ease, though haven't tried Advil yet since it's not available here in the house. So my only remedy for that is sleeping. I had a hard time going back to sleep because I was feeling nauseated. *Sob.

Saturday, March 22, 2008


a cry to save the place they call home by a friend and people of Hatteras and Ocracokeplease take your time to visit their site and send your "Pleacast"

supporters and volunteers are welcome

Contact person - Michael LancsekCape Hatteras Seashore Protection Association:

for in depth coverage of this issue go to ISLAND FREE PRESS

Repost, spread the word, and make a difference.

---------------- -----------------
"PleaCast" Preserve & Save Hatteras - Ocracoke Island



March 22 Rally 9-10AM - Cape Point, Buxton
Rally Info! Call:
Rob Alderman (Hatteras Fishing Militia) +12523052017
March 27th at 6:30 PM
meeting at the Fessenden Center in Buxton - Make a DonationPLEASE TAKE A MINUTE AND SEND A "PleaCast." SUPPORT COMPLETE BEACH ACCESS!

KEEP ACCESSES OPEN TO ALL: This is "PleaCast" for all supporters who want to keep the beach accesses open for all to enjoy. Submitting this plea will not only go to the Cape Hatteras Seashore Protection Association, but also to the groups who have filed the lawsuits to restrict beach access, along with many others who are already negotiating to resolve this issue. Preserve our economy, community, & recreational resources). SEND A "PleaCast"

In Fall of 2007, National Audubon Society, The Defenders of Wildlife and the Southern Environmental Law Center filed suit in Federal District Court against the United States of America to limit or ban access to many of the primary areas of the Cape Hatteras National Seashore, including Oregon Inlet, Cape Point, most of Ocracoke and others. On March 13, 2008 the Dept of Justice declined to contest the lawsuit which will be heard April 4, 2008 in Raleigh NC. This means that the beach access will be effectively closed at that time. This will also have a devastating effect on property values and the economy as a whole.

Remember April 4, 2008 is just around the corner.
---------------- PLEASE VOICE AN OPINION - FORUM-----------------
*A repost from 13th witch.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Weather Updates

Look! It's A Bird!

Just this dinner time, I decided to follow my family and some friends in the beach to eat dinner with them. It was raining hard and we were trying to shelter ourselves from the small cottages of the resort. One small cottage I was in, my brother told me to look up, and here is what I saw...

...yup, it's a young bird! My brother saw her under a tree and brought her in our cottage. She was shivering and I thought of wrapping her with tissue to keep her warm...

...I'm not good with taking care of birds yet since I don't own one. That's why i was very cautious in handling her in fear of strangling her to death. Fortunately, it didn't happen, thank God!

By the time we were leaving, since it was raining hard still, I decided to bring her to our house and free her. But the rain still hasn't stop yet and I can't leave her outside since it was cold and my two dogs were there. Don't want her being eaten alive by these two, so my brother and I decided to keep her inside our house and we'll free her tomorrow morning.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

A Tour At People's Park

Went to People's Park with friends from Bukidnon. This is the new park in town and people flock in this place to unwind and just plainly hang out with friends and family. Been here the second time and at last, I brought my digicam with me.

People's Park was previously the PTA Grounds. This was where sports events and trade fairs as well as concerts took place. Though now, the previously know PTA Grounds, was then renovated into a leisure park for people to hang out with, which is now known as the People's Park.

Here were some of the pictures I took. Enjoy!

... a manmade waterfalls

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Hamburger and French Fries

Problem with my EON

I tried adding EON card to my paypal several times, but I always end up with this message... "This credit card has been denied by the bank that issued your credit card. For details on why your card was denied, please contact your credit card issuer's customer service department. Or, you may want to try adding a different credit card."

What's wrong? Does my EON needs to be activated? How?

I already emailed unionbank about this and I'm still waiting for their reply.

Can somebody help me?

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

I'm With PPP...

Received an email awhile ago from PayPerPost. At last, my blog was accepted!

For 3 months I was hoping my blog would qualify for PPP, and the waiting is over! Earning money through blogging was one of the reasons why I started blogging. That dream has finally come.

Why PPP?

I heard a lot of good things about PPP from other bloggers, that prompted me to register with PPP. I believe that PPP is one of the trusted sites that really pays for the things you blog. It’s not a scam and it sends payment through your PayPal.

Other than that, they have a lot of advertisers, which only means, there’s many opportunities for you to blog as well. You have the choice to choose from which available opportunities that suits your taste and your blog. No pressure! That’s great, isn’t it?!

I am still jobless so I have no means to earn my own income. While earning money though blogging, I can now build my own savings which I always dreamed of. At least, there’s enough reason for me not to depend much from my parents whenever I needed some money to buy things I like.

Now I need to drive traffic for my blog.

I Ain't Quitter!

But not anymore!

I now officially declare that I'm quitting my on the job training as a nursery nurse. Due to a lot of factors which I cannot disclose here. Bleh!

I have been thinking about it for so long until I've reached it this time. I tried to quit several times but my parents were there encouraging me not to.

I've confided my decision with my boyfriend, who was always there ready to listen. At first, he didn't want me to do it considering that I only have almost a month to complete the program. Eventually, he gave in and supported me with my decision. We both hope that I wouldn't regret it later on.

I know I'll make my parents upset, but for once, let me decide.

I think it would just be fine to experience being a quitter some times.

Monday, March 17, 2008

EC Problems...

I've been blog hopping the whole day and was about to drop an entrecard to those sites which has an entrecard on it.

Unfortunately, this is what I I thought that perhaps there's a maintenance going on, so I checked their site.

But their site was fine.

What I didn't know is, my brother, again deleted the cookies and cache. And my entrecard account was not logged in. That's the reason why.

I guess I'll need to drop my EC's the next time I'll do blog hopping again.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Just Nothing...

It's "Araw ng Dabaw", (our city's anniversary, "DAVAO DAY")!

Ooops, FYI for some, I live in Davao City, it's
located in the Southern Philippines. Gets?! More of Davao City's info here.

Okay back to business...

Instead of roaming around the city, I spent my time in the hospital for work. Geez, this is what I hate about being a nurse. *Boo.

I wanted to take some pictures in the city, but I had no opportunity to do so, sorry about that. So I surfed through the net to find some pictures from this event. And this is what I got from this site during the "Indak-Indak", (street parade).

I haven't even watched Pacquaio's fight against Marquez this morning, and again, it's all because of work. Duh! I heard Pacquaio won, and that's nice to hear. How I wish he would share his cash to me. Hahaha.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

It's a Small World After All...

Finally I've met a blogger in person!

She's one of our baby's mother in the nursery. And I met her awhile ago when she visited her son in the unit.

I was assigned to her son during my shift, and we were talking a bit until I found out she was into web designing. So I thought of asking her if she is into blogging as well.

We then exchanged blog addresses.

And guess what?!

I had indeed read her blog just this week due to blog hopping and I even met and talked to her in person just this morning. What a coincidence!

It's a small world after all even here in cyberspace.

It's nice to meet the 13th witch!

Monday, March 10, 2008

Making a Difference

Global warming has been a great threat in our dear Mother Earth for years. Hence, it is time for us to join forces and make a difference. Earth Hour was originated in Sydney in year 2007 and is now gaining global participation. Let us help make Earth Hour 2008 a success! It's a simple but momentous act to make by turning off the lights for an hour on March 29, 2008 at 8:00 pm.

In this way, we would be decreasing the earth's energy consumption for an hour. Let us support this campaign and see the difference we can make.

Check out their site for more details. Earth Hour 2008

I Want To...

Now I'm living a stressful life.

Just assuming...Haha.

But I want to...

  • ...sleep all day the way I used to.
  • out in the gym again
  • House M.D. all day
  • ...or better yet watch an Asian drama all day
  • ...have a massage
  • ...go out my boyfriend

Huhu...I miss these.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

The Traitor...

Awhile ago, I chatted with my bf through my brother's yahoo messenger who left it logged in and mentioned he dreamed of a snake.

What is really the meaning of a snake in a dream? Does dreams really convey messages?

Dream interpretations are one of my interests a few years back. And everytime I have a dream, I usually look over the cyberspace for the interpretations of these. But not all of those meaning applies to everyone.

Dreams are unique and it is representing you holistically. Therefore, it is only you who can interpret your dreams well since you also have to take consideration the feelings you felt while dreaming.

The dream guides found online and in books are guides only to help you with your interpretation.

Dreaming of a snake was one of these signs. I shared this before with my boyfriend that dreaming of a snake not only means money. In my case, it means there is someone around that is betraying you, in short a traitor, especially if the snake bit you.

I often heed this as a warning signal. I became wary of the people around me, especially whom I trusted and observe some changes in them. True enough, as days or even months went by, I heard someone just spilled out my secret or I have argued with a friend, or someone back bited me and so on.

This also happened just awhile ago, a friend and I talked about people we knew and she mentioned that some people talked back against me. I wasn't surprised. I was even expecting it. LOL.

It's not my problem, it's theirs. They don't know me that well, so I can still consider the negative feedbacks I am hearing. It happens all the time for those people I just met. Poor them for judging me that way!

On the other hand, I appreciate those people who sees right through me, it only means they are not judging the people from what they see, because with me, "what you see is what you get", doesn't apply to me. You have to know me deep enough to appreciate the real ME. ;)

I am choosy when it comes to friendship, and just civil with the ordinary people. Because for me friendship means trusting. If I became close with someone, expectedly I trust that person and it is when I slowly come out from my nutshell.

Going back to my boyfriend, I don't know if this dream interpretation applies to him. Hopefully not.

To see a snake or be bitten by one in your dream, signifies hidden fears and worries that are threatening you. Your dream may be alerting you to something in your waking life that you are not aware of or that has not yet surfaced. The snake may also be seen as phallic and thus symbolize dangerous and forbidden sexuality. The snake may also refer to a person around you who is callous, ruthless, and can't be trusted. As a positive symbol, snakes represent transformation, knowledge and wisdom. It is indicative of self-renewal and positive changes.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

The Interview...

At last the work interview was over. I didn't know how it went. As far as I know, I was really uncomfortable. I was sweating inside the chief nurse's office, not a good impression I guess.

The questions were mostly personal. But I was really strucked when the chief nurse asked me if taking nursing was my choice and how come I flunked my chemistry class during my first year in nursing.

And I was like..."What the?!". Of course I didn't react like that in front of them but mind you I wasn't the only one who failed that class? And it was only that class that I failed. Was it a big deal? Hope not! I was really caught in surprise why she asked me why my grades were low?

And I was like stunned again. "Huh?!", was my reply. Haha. I mean I was even part of the top ten in our class and I was really caught blanked with the question. Blame it on our clinical instructor for giving us low marks. Hmp! What a big sweat! I wanted to run away from them at that time. Huhu.

I really don't know how my interview went. *Sob

After my interview, my friend and I visited the staff of ICU and took some pictures with our former seniors, a compensation for the bad interview. Hehe.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

My Answered Prayers...

Last February 26, if you have read it here from my blog, I was blogging about Praying, right? Did you remember? Haha.

Anyways, I just like to tell you guys that my prayer was already answered. That time I asked for signs, but unfortunately the signs shown were not those that I wanted to be. In any case, I then realized now, that it was never really meant for me and I heartily accept the fact.

I am not going to go into details about this, but I'm just sharing with you guys about it. Hehe.

For now, I'm happy that I followed my instincts and I now know that the decision I chose was indeed God's will. Truly if you have faith in your prayers, God would really answer it, it might take long, but the long wait will always be worthwhile.

Furthermore, another prayer of mine was granted, I got a text message from the hospital I applied for 5 months ago (what a long wait!) and I am being scheduled for a work interview tomorrow.

Patience is indeed a virtue. All big thanks to Him!

Wish me luck!

Monday, March 3, 2008

Lactose Embarassing Moment...

I was so stupid during my night shift. Ma'am Dianil brought "Maja" (a Filipino dessert) to our unit in celebration for our head nurse's birthday.

Since I was hungry, I thought of eating some of it before proceeding to our morning care with our little patients. I had 2 big slices of "Maja" until I noticed my stomach started to rumble inside. Grrr...

For your information, I am intolerant to lactose, and I totally forgot about it including that milk is one of the ingredients of "Maja".

Shoot! Off I went to the toilet room. Grr...

Anyways, just have to charge it to experience then. At least I have tasted the delicacy of Ma'am Dianil's mom. It was yummy!

But before that incident took place, I took a picture with one of our little angels...

And I call him, "cutie crying chub-chub".

Sunday, March 2, 2008

It has always been you...

I definitely like this line from House M.D. series, wherein Stacy (Dr. House's ex-wife), stated this to Dr. house...

And I quote...

"You're right! I'm not over you. It has always been you. But I can't be with you."
- Stacy

Ever felt the same way? I wonder how it feels to love someone and yet knowing you cannot be with that person because you're committed with someone else. Hard isn't it?

Isn't that unfair for Stacy's current husband too? The fact that Stacy stays with him but still thinks of Dr. House?

Love is just so complicated...*Swt

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Things learned...

Due to the busy scenario in the nursery, I was left alone in the unit. The head nurse and a staff assisted the preterm baby for transport to the other hospital of their choice, while the other staff nurse and my co-trainee were in the delivery room to receive another baby.

So I was left with 5 babies and was tasked to call the Respiratory Therapist (RT) on duty to turn off the mechanical ventilator that was used by the preterm. Unfortunately, after paging the RT, someone called from the laboratory and informed me there was no RT on duty that night.

What I did was called the RT through her mobile and ask her to teach me how to turn the ventilator off. And so she did! Now even though I am not an RT at least I've learned how to turn that thing off! Hahaha.

One more thing, it's not only the mechanical ventilator, when our head nurse arrived, I told her I haven't turned off the incubator yet coz I didn't know how to. She laughed and told me that was the easiest equipment to handle. And she did teach me how to. Wee... For that time being I already learned how to turn off two equipments. Haha.