Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Leaking faucet

Do you know how it feels when you hear your faucet's leaking? Tried to ignore the leaking faucet in our toilet at home but the more I tried to ignore it, the leaking sound seemed getting louder. Haay. It was irritating to my ears not to mention giving me a headache. Grrr. Thankfully, my cousin made his initiative to repair it. Although we're not obliging him, but truth is, he's the only one who knows how to repair faucets. And voila! The leaking's gone.


durano lawayan a.k.a. brad spit said...

Hi Crissy,

A leaking faucet can be very annoying indeed. It is a nagging ache that can sometimes equal a toothache that won't let you rest well at night.

It's funny, but where I'm at temporarily, in a country ravaged by a murderous cyclone some months back, there is no potable water left to drink. We have to secure supplies of bottled water in huge quantities. So, a leaking faucet would be a welcome development. The lakes and rivers still have parts of decaying body parts from those who perished in the cyclone. Our rehabilitation work has been ongoing for almost two months and some progress has been made.

This leads me to your post about a bigger house so that a home theater could be integrated. The homes of the villagers were all wiped out and we have built homes for them which they have thanked us like gods from heaven for. Yet these are small pre-fab units with 2 small bedrooms. Electricity has not been enjoyed by these people since they were born. We are also setting up solar panels and battery storage facilities so they can have power in two months. As to watching television, that is a huge luxury for them which they will have to save for. We are electrifying the schools first, then the clinics, and some livelihood centers we are putting up so they could have a semblance of an income generating activity. This work is similar to what we do in other countries as well as our own, the Philippines. But in our country, our politicians are worse than leaking faucets. :-) More like unflushed toilets Ha ha ha.

I like the photos you took of the flowers and the various arrangements displayed. Wouldn't it be nice to walk into your backyard to see such a layout of plants and flowers, some fruit trees, after watching a whole television series or two movies from your home theater? Ahh, the finer things in life which we can aspire for and dream about. Out here, they can't even imagine such things. Poor things, this is also due to the corruption of their military government. If not for international aid agencies, most of these people would be dead by now from sheer dehydration and starvation, or disease.

I hope things work out well in Mindanao too. I hate to see that beautiful part of the country be divided by senseless wars and the greed, avarice and hegemony of the USA, and the corruption of our politicians selling the country and its people short.

I love Davao. I was there first when I was a teen-ager vacationing with my cousins. I have visited the place often throughout the years and saw the transformation of the place with its new subdivisions, airport, malls, and tourist spots. But I am also saddened at the decline of certain areas in San Pedro street which used to be bustling with activity and energetic trade. Whenever there are work assignments that include Davao, I always volunteer to go there.

Who knows, I may be there again within the year.

Your profile evokes images of a warm, gentle and friendly personality; with reasonable wants and reachable ambitions. I often see your site and I believe I have dropped cards here a number of times. It's a lovely site that's easy to navigate, and looks very orderly and professionally executed. Congratulations. Stay well. :-) --Durano, done!

Crissy said...

wow! thanks for your insightful and inspiring comment durano!