Sunday, August 24, 2008

Flower Festival

Floral float parade is one of the highlights of the Kadayawan Festival. I'm not really fond of watching it live in the streets because it's really congested with people plus I can't tolerate the scorching heat of the sun. So I planned to go to SM carpark instead to see the floats being parked there as I assumed.

My boyfriend and I were searching for the floats at the carpark to no luck so we ended up strolling around the agro trade fair located at SM carpark. Who gave us the idea that the floats were there anyway?

The trade fair consists of flowers and other ornaments as well as food, poultry, birds and other stuffs being shown and sold there. Went to this area where a contest in landscaping was being exhibited. Paid an entrance fee of ten pesos per head to get inside that place. Was interested to see lots of flowers inside and I thought this is a great place to take pictures. Indeed it was! So here were the shots I took...

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