Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Just An Illusion

For quite sometime now, I was whining about our budget meal. Their cup of rice isn't adequate to my craving appetite, especially after a very toxic cases. I guess despite of the unsatisfied stomach, there's an advantage to it. Some of my co-workers noticed I lose some weight. I tend to observe myself in front of the mirror and true enough, I noticed my arms were thinner though my tummy and my legs remained as is. But the weighing scales says otherwise. My weight still remains the same. Perhaps it's just an illusion. :(

Friday, June 25, 2010


It's kind of frustrating to see how my parents are so worried with our debts. Our family's already bankrupt. The only solution my father thought of is to sell our house and look for a smaller house to live in. The rest of us is ambivalent with the idea. I hope there's another solution for all these debts. It's even frustrating that I, as the eldest cannot even help my family with the financial problem since my income isn't enough. I really need to work abroad asap! I think it's the only way I could help them with our family dilemma.

Trials like this is really depressing. Sometimes, I asked Him why give us such trials like these. Or is there really a God? Why allow things like this to happen. Hopefully He'll make a way for us to survive from this situation without selling our house. Despite of feeling hopeless, I will still put my trust in Him.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Will A New Blog Work?

With God's grace my two blogs are working well. Been earning quite decently with these blogs. And because it's running smoothly I'm thinking of making a new blog again. I hope there's available online coupons for discounted hosts and domains to purchase. Needs to upgrade that blog immediately so I wouldn't lose any page rank if I have one. Will wait for my next withdrawal and purchase my host and domain from there. And oh, I almost forgot, I still need to renew my domains and hosts for my two accounts. Gawd!

Saturday, June 19, 2010


It's just confusing why he denies his "relationship" with that girl with everyone. And yet, that girl is shouting out loud how happy she is with him and how their relationship is going well. I just can't get it. Why deny if there's really a relationship? On the contrary, if there isn't any relationship, then why does this girl keeps on praising their so-called relationship? Ends up I don't want to believe in his statements anymore and just go with my instincts then.

Planning For A New Toy

I could say my father's computer business is running fine. He's been planning to buy a xbox 360 and build a new computer machine using it. It's now the fad among gamers and he thinks he'll earn well with this model. My brother and I insisted to buy one for the home so we could play our favorite games on xbox. That would be totally cool and fun.I haven't played an xbox yet but would be eager to try one. Must be better than it's other counterparts.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

I Hate The Feeling Of Being Hurt

I thought I'm over him. I thought I've moved on. But then why do I still get hurt with him ignoring me? Why still feel the pain knowing he doesn't ignore the flirt? I shouldn't be feeling this way and I'm hating myself of feeling hurt again. I try to maintain my composure and just ignore the feeling, trying to control my temper and not to argue with him again. I just don't like him still having communication with that girl. He's still doing the things that discourages me. I'm losing my interest in him and I'm glad I have many outlets to divert to. Hays. I'm putting everything in God's will. May He give me the acceptance to accept His wills.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Explicitly Classy

Had to unwind after my work last Thursday and went to the mall to buy some shoes and to have my toenails done. I'm tired of going to the bars and drink and so I went back to malling as my breathers. I was amazed with the new set of Quoizel lighting displayed in the hardware store. It looks so classy and explicitly very beautiful. It would make one's home very warm and cozy to look at. I just admired how it was delicately and beautifully done.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

It's Definitely Hard To Say Goodbye

It's definitely hard to say goodbye to someone close to you, especially who is a part of the family. It's even harder when the form of death is a voluntary one. Questions were lingering in our minds. "Why? Why decide to end your life? Why not sought our help? Why absorbed all the pressures in your life within you."

It's hard to accept as it is still hard to believe. Nevertheless, we don't own her life. We had no control of it. We had no clues of why she had done it. She has her reasons. We didn't know how unbearable it was for her. All we wished is that she should have not dwell much on her problem and thought about her family and the people who loved her before doing it. Perhaps our coping mechanism is different from hers. Who are we to judge then?

Now, all we want is for her to receive eternal peace and to be forgiven for what she has done.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wedding Bash

Next summer is my friend's wedding. Our friends and I wanted to give her a single ladies' night out for the last time but too bad she's not here. Too bad also I can't be with her during her wedding day. I can't see her personally as she submits herself to her soon to be husband. I an't even see the wedding accessories that she will be using. It's so sad not to be able to with her on that special moment of hers. Hopefully, God will provide and He'll make a way.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Separation of Conjoined Twins

*The photo above is not the actual patients for the said surgery.

The separation of conjoined twins will be the first one to be made in our institution and we are all very excited and at the same time quite scared for this procedure. Hope everything will be a success. Luckily, I will be having my duty on the day of it's scheduled date. I'm so eager to see how it is done and the preparations for it. There's a definite surgical team who will do it and I see they're all skillful doctors to begin with. I'm having flashbacks of the movie "The Gifted Hands". Geez, that's so sentimental! Hehe.

What Is It Then?

I've been hearing and reading the word hydroxycut. And yet I have no idea on what it is. And because of curiosity, I googled it up and there I learned what it is. It's a nutritional supplement for weight loss. Oh. that's why I've been hearing a lot about it lately since a lot of people are looking for solutions for their weight loss problem. But then, is it safe? Of course one needs to consult his physician before trying any supplements.

Using A Horse Shampoo

Weeks ago, my brother bought a shampoo for horse. He said it's helpful for people with hair loss problems. And thinks it's the best hair loss shampoo in the market. don't know though, since there are a lot of hair loss products out there and never have I used any of them. Let's see then if it can help with the hair loss. Though he's not going bald. He just want to have a thicker hair.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Walking Around Is Tiring

Yeah, I usually walk around our unit especially if I am the circulating nurse. Need to attend to every doctor's and patient's concern. And so how I wished that this walking routine may help burn fats and considered to be a natural fat burner. If that's the case, then everyone of us should be in great shape now. But how come my legs are still big? It's not flattering for me to look at it as I have a hard time fitting my pants.

Taking Care Of My Skin

I think I'm really stressed out. It shows in my skin. It's starting to get dry and whenever I wash my face after my work, I felt bumps and big pores on it. Needs to go to the dermhaus for a facial too. But before that, I think this is where the time that toner comes in handy. I'm not a fan of toners but recently I bought one. Thought I badly needed it and observe if everything improves before I resort to one of the best acne treatments in the market. Yes, I starting to have pimples too around my jawline. I guess, one factor that contributed to it is because of disposable masks. Hays. It seems that my skin is starting to react on different things. Gotta have to take of it asap!

Bigger Tummy

What's wrong with my tummy? It's getting bigger considering that I only eat a cup of rice in my meals. They say it comes with age. And with the age I have, it's the time that women gets big as they say. And will an abs workout work? Should I enroll in a gym to tone down my body? Hay I wished it isn't that expensive and time consuming. But right now, I do think I need to hit the gym.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Memo

It has come to our knowledge that there is a new memo spread in our institution prohibiting the use of our hospital logo in picture taking without the consent of our administration. We were all saddened with this new policy because we recently posted pictures in our facebook account wearing our new scrub suits with the logo on it. And now, we have to delete that album. Sad. We were also excited with the pictures but sad to say we have to remove it unless of course we deleted the logo. It's time to heed the help of our reliable photoshop.