Monday, September 1, 2008

Rantings 01

I'm quite alarmed with the recent bus bombing I saw on the news awhile ago. Four people were killed in the said bombing at Digos City, it's a one hour drive away from Davao City. People responsible for this are really merciless. Couldn't they spare the innocent civilians? It's scary to think about this since I often ride the bus on weekends. Haayy.

I even thought of not going home often not because of the bombing issues but because whenever I leave our home, it's like a burden for me and I started to miss more my loved ones back home. I might as well stay here longer than go home every weekends. But I know I can't because I need my allowance. Hehe.

2 comments: said...

dropping ec

chiuiyourlove said...

oh no...:( im gonna go home tomorrow im so scaaared.

haha..naah..thats okay. you just pray you know. youll make it.

as for me it's okay im ready to die anyway. :D hehe

God bless!