Saturday, January 31, 2009

My Chinese Animal

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Adventure Ideas

I envied some of my friends who were able to go to camp sabros or went scuba diving and the likes. I really missed going outdoors and missed going on an adventure. Back in college, my friends and I were spending some of our vacant time in Samal Island for nature tripping. There I learned how to be a cow girl. Haha. But we didn't have any safety equipment with us since our trip or let's say our adventure wasn't that dangerous. We just explored places and cooked food our own and made our own utensils from plants. Hehe.

Another Vacation Idea

When would I be able to work in the USA?

Because my friend and I were planning ahead that when the time comes that I will be working there, we will spend some of our day offs for a Vegas vacations. Yeah! Wishful thinking! Why not?! It's a dream...everybody can dream! Hayz, I wished we could push through with our plans and we would probably be having a fun time there.

Vacation Rentals

I've been thinking lately that I wanted to go somewhere else from here. I wanted to forget some things behind and want to do some soul searching. Nyaks! So I need some quiet place to go, perhaps I need something like Outer Banks rentals where I oculd enjoy the serenity and simple lifestyle. Forget all the problems and worries behind and just have some time to relax. Just needed to reflect on some things and bring back my old self.

Wearing an eyeglasses

I remember back then, I think it was on 2nd grade that I have this classmate who is wearing an eyeglasses. I thought it was cool and smart for someone to be wearing one. And so I envied her. Was trying to get one for myself, but I couldn't since my eyesight's okay. As I grew older my perception changed, now I am thankful that I don't need to wear one because I realized it's hassle. Hehe.

Chinese New Year Sale

Just a few days back, Chinese locals celebrated their Chinese New Year. And everywhere I go, I saw red stuffs, dragons and everything chinese in the streets. We are not Chinese, but then there are a lot of Chinese Filipino who are residing in our city. In respect, we also give way to their tradition. And malls everywhere are on sale. Bad thing I haven't bought any lucky charms for me or even tikoy. Huhu.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not in Good Condition

Lately I'm not in a good condition, after the flu that hit me, here comes the toothache that I've been suffering for days. And it's not enough, it's been associated with body pains that I have to endure plus my heart's still in distress. In short, I've been emotionally and physically suffering. Huhu.

Hayz, been taking a lot of pain killers and antibiotics but still the pain's there. I'm quite worried that by taking these medicines for long term will greatly affect my health in the future. Don't even want to develop any drug tolerance. Been even nauseated lately and dizzy. Huhu. Still, I have the urge to self extract my tooth or better yet take a stronger pain killers. Just hoping I wouldn't have respiratory distress and ends into coma. *Sweat.

Monday, January 26, 2009


So, dancing with some lady, eh?!

Hayz, couldn't help but whine. LOL.

Anyways, glad that I haven't experienced any toothache the whole day of yesterday. Was bothered by it for two consecutive days and I'm glad it stopped even without pain killers to take. It's a good sign to have my tooth extracted as soon as possible if the pain's gone already. I hope I could make it with the tooth extraction. It's not that the procedure is one major operation but I'm just worried with my TMJ (Tempo Mandibular Joint) and my lock jaw. Huhu. I hope it will be a success!

Friday, January 23, 2009


I'm really confused right now on how to begin my nursing career. I've applied in one institution here and it's over a year already and I haven't been called up yet. A cousin in law, offered to help me get a job in the middle east in the hospital where she is currently working as a pharmacist. Though I'm quite ambivalent since it's a specialty hospital, an eye hospital, I know most of the agencies in the US are looking for a medical clinical experience, that is why I am quite hesitant with it. Hayzzzz...

The Remedy

The other day, I was able to visit my family in our shop and surprisingly, I saw my cousin who is working there with a lot of pimples on her face. That's really pitiful to look at and I don't think it's just an ordinary pimples, I think they're acne. And because she was worried with her face, she asked me what acne treatment should she use. But because I am not using any acne treatments, I suggested to use kojic acid soap instead. Since I've also recommended it to my other cousin with acne and it worked for her. Hope it will also work for her.

Monday, January 19, 2009


A few weeks back, arven and I got back together. He agreed to give me another chance and that he'll try his part to make it work. Sad thing is, he's not cooperating and still ignores me. His reason was, he doesn't have the urge and the motivation to do so and was really discouraged and hated me for what I have done to him. It hurts since I still really love him and no matter how I encouraged and asked him to stay, he still insisted that he wants to be alone.

There's a part of me that wants to let him go and forget about him, but another part of me wants to hold on, and the latter is the dominant one. How I wished it's easy to let go. And I am wishing I could let him go.

Huhu...I wanted to kill myself because of him leaving me again. Darn!

Very Cold...

These past few days, it was very cold. Can't even take a bath because I cannot tolerate the cold and have to wear thick clothes to keep me warm. Was also sick and suffering from flu and was craving for a hot soup. And because there's no hot soup in the house, I had the urged to make a Chicken Rice Soup (Arroz Caldo).

Take note, I don't cook 'coz I don't know how to. Haha. Anyway's, all thanks to the various blogs and websites online where I found some recipes for it and just followed the instructions. Our helper also helped me with it and was nice to buy the necessary ingredients I needed.

It was a success! I was able to make my first arroz caldo. Hehe!

Luxury Cars

In the city where I lived, it is very rare to see luxury cars around. And if by any chance one can get to see one, people really looked at it with awe. I for one, have only seen a Ferrari car twice. I wonder where they get to buy their Ferrari parts whenever they needed one. They must be ordering it abroad or in some other place in the country and I am guessing that it is very costly to do so.

Home Furnitures

My parents and I were on the search for a dining table to replace our old one. So we have to go to one home furniture shop to the other to canvass. And while doing that, I got attracted to the table lamp this one shop has. It was very nice and elegant looking at an affordable price. Too bad we're not fond of lamps in the house so it's not part of the budget even how beautiful it was. Hayz.


Scrapbooking is "in" nowadays, and a lot of moms out there are into it. It's a good way to keep record of moments with a cuztomized decors on it and designs. Your effort shows on how you want your scrapbook to appear. As for me, I don't have the time to buy the materials needed to make a scrapbook so I ventured out to digital scrapbooking. It is the same as the usual scrapbooking but the difference is it's online. For me, it's easier and cost efficient doing it on the net. Hehe.

Bathroom Faucets

Recently we had a problem regarding water leakage in our bathroom. My father has bought a number of bathroom faucets to replace our old one but after several weeks, they all broke. Now we have to buy the branded one and it's costly than the previous faucets my father bought. But it was worthy buying it since the quality was good and it helped resolved our leakage problem.

Helping Out My Cousin

My cousin's studying pharmacy and she has this homework about drug studies so I helped her out and showed her my drug study handbook. It was very much helpful to her and was able to finished her work on time. While helping her out, I noticed this one drug named,Leptovox I found online. Was intrigued with it so I have to look for it in the handbook but unfortunately it wasn't listed there. I guess I need to buy a new handbook to keep me updated with the recent drugs out there.


Went to the mall last Saturday to accompany our relatives there. Some of them went to the toys department to buy some stuff for my nephews, while the others watched a movie. I, on the other hand, went to the luggage area for window shopping. Was amazed to see nice luggages out there especially the Zero Halliburton that was displayed there. Wished I bought one before. Anway, I can't forget the reation of JC when he saw some stuff toys of Barney and friends in the mall. He just can't let go of it so my mom has to buy it for him. *Sweat.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

To my High School Friends & Batchmates

Last night, I received a phone call from a girl. I didn't recognized her voice at all and it seemed she haven't heard my voice on the other line since she kept on saying ,"hello?!". So she texted me instead and asked where I was and if she can go to our house, asap. She said it was an emergency and needs my help. The problem is I don't know her. She said her name was Michelle Santos and according to her we were classmates during junior high school. Darn! I didn't have a classmate of that name. And I was ambivalent of talking to her even though she has a personal problem and needed someone to talk to. How could I entertain her if I was doubtful of her identity? I guess she got disappointed with me and stop texting me. *Phew.

Anyways, to my high school friends and batchmates, do you know someone named Michelle Santos in our batch?

In need of a tv stand

My father just placed a new television in our dining room. It's intended for us to play our playstation games there without the hassle of being interrupted by JC. Though we can't watch local tv programs yet. But by this time what we need is a tv stand to replace the table we used. For now, we haven't chose one yet and is still in the process of searching. Hope we can find one soon.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

New Year's Sick

Woke up this morning with colds and still, decided to go malling with my family this afternoon. I was having a headache while strolling and when I went home, felt cold and my temperature went up. I was self medicating and was taking care of myself since there's no one that can attend to me. Huhu.

But the worst feeling I got was when I informed arven that I was sick and just received a very nice reply from him. Huhu. Made me feeling sick even more. Perhaps, he didn't believe I was really sick, eh.

Anyways, I was craving for a dimsum platter from dimsum dine and still waiting for my brother to go home...

Now, all I can say is...

Flu sucks!

Friday, January 9, 2009


At last, I managed to find the solution on why my firefox browser crashes and why I cannot use the right click function of my mouse. For sometime now, I have these problems when browsing the net and just awhile ago, I found out that I had installed firefox twice. With the recent installation, the version 3.1.5, I expereinced those problems mentioned above as well as problems with my entrecard toolbar. They're not compatible. So, I uninstalled it and used the 3.0.5 version instead and voila! It's now running smoothly!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Banana Diet

Have you heard about banana diet? This is popular among Japanese. And they say that eating banana during breakfast and a warm water helps you lose weight. Haven't tried it yet, but who among you did? I'm interested to try this one and if this is effective then I might as well forget about other best weight loss supplements in the market.

Monday, January 5, 2009

unexpected update

Hayz...another page rank update took place last December...surprisingly. And sad to say, there wasn't any improvement for this blog and worst, my other blog got a PR 0. huhuhu. They're so mean! Hahaha...anywayz, i hope there will be improvement for my blogs on the next update.

Saturday, January 3, 2009

7 Deadly Sins in a Relationship

I read this in my friendster bulletin board and I thought of reposting this here in my blog. This is by Eddie Corbano.

1. Jealousy

In my opinion jealousy is one of the most negative and destructive emotions there is. Never will positive come out of jealousy.

It results from fear of loss and tenure and is strictly ego-based. It’s one of the greatest threats to a relationship.
A jealous partner can truly diminish your quality of life, and I’ve seen couples splitting up because of this, despite the fact that they love each other.

Overcoming jealousy is not so easy, but it must start at its roots. The only way is to work on your self-love, and to increase trust in your relationship. That is something you have to accomplish together.

2. Clinging

Clinging is clearly another manifestation of the fear of loss. It is the weaker “brother” of jealousy and manifests itself through different ways, seemingly through repeated reassurances of love.
You are convinced that you don’t deserve your partner, and cling to them verbally or literally. This is very often overwhelming, and will make the partner feel trapped.

Persons coming from a fresh, difficult break up or divorce very often tend to cling in their new relationships.

3. Lack of Respect and Inattentiveness

Every fulfilling relationship is based on mutual respect. Without respect there will be conflicts or even abuse.

Inattentiveness is a slow process, which can manifest after years in a relationship. This is taking the partner for granted, not making any efforts to maintain the relationship.

4. Wrong Ideas of a Relationship

What do you expect from a relationship, from your partner? Do you want to fulfill your childhood dream of the prince riding on the white horse, who will make all your problems go away at once?
Do you believe that a relationship is always the endless love of which songs and poems are singing about? Everything will work out on its own, if only you love enough?

If you believe all of this, then your relationship will fail. To know that you have to work in your relationship every day for your happiness is the key to success.

5. Having too high Expectations

Having too high expectations of a relationship right from the start will cause many problems. Not every man/girl is the love of your life and not every relationship is meant to be.

Know exactly what you are looking for in a partner, but don’t set the bar too high.Unrealistic expectations will eventually lead to self-induced discontent.

6. Losing Communication

Losing communication in a relationship is a silent killer. You only detect it when it’s almost too late. This is especially a problem in long term relationships of many years.There are many ways to fight this. If you have nothing to talk about, then the solution is, of course, to create new mutual interests you could have a discussion about.

If you do not have the time for long conversations, then set a fixed day in the week with one hour, where you really talk with each other (don’t forget to turn off the TV).

Communication is the key.

7. Lost in Routine

Ever been in a relationship where everything starts to get boring, because it’s always the same? The same talk, the same places you go, even the sex is always the same.

Well, the solution for this is obvious: break free! Create new opportunities, go to different places, meet new people, try something crazy together. The possibilities are endless, you just have to do it together.

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