Monday, June 30, 2008


Traveling is one of my interests nowadays. I'd like to visit other places and learn about their culture and visit their tourist spots, and even learn some of their language. Last summer I've seen some photos in my friend's friendster account from their asian cruise. I thought cruising is also a brilliant idea to visit other countries. And because I like to visit Europe, there are also Mediterranean cruises available. That would really be a great vacation that I will have.

Meeting My New Cousin

Actually she's not a new cousin, it just happen we just met and I mean it's the first time we met and it was through the yahoo messenger. Haven't remember meeting her before and so does she. Anyways, we had a nice long chat awhile ago.

I'm still not retiring to bed but I will after I had completed all my tasks. *Phew

Don't Pull That Trigger

Limited Memory

Aside from blogging, I used to be an online gamer together with my brother. So you can usually see a lot of installed online games in our computer. Other than that, we also have various softwares installed. Well there are still a lot of softwares and games we wanted to install, however our computer's memory is limited. So if we really wanted to install all of those we have to upgrade our computer so it won't lag nor clash. Playing and surfing the net would be easier and efficient if that will push through.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Missed Pacman's Fight

I missed watching Pacman's fight. My mom suddenly requested me to accompany her to the mall to buy some stuffs. I eagerly agreed coz I was again thinking of buying another book. We left just as Manny's fight begun.

Inside the taxi going to the mall, I told my mom the street's kinda peaceful, not much traffic around. It just happened that I forgot all about the fight. Hehe. I really don't watch the fight per se. I only look forward for the result. LOL. And I'm glad Pacman once again won.

Social Spark Now Open for Business

The blogger population is increasing as more and more people are now enlightened to the advantages brought about by blogging. The blogging addiction is even more prominent to those passionate bloggers like me.

Blogging may seemed to be my online personal diary as I am disclosing some stuffs and activities I do and the emotions that come with it. I love blogging and I am addicted to it. Yes, it helps relieve stress as what some of our bloggers here stated in the blogosphere and I did win friends from it as well.

Aside from this, another great way you get from blogging is being compensated with it. More and more advertisers are now looking for bloggers to blog about their products and numerous paid to review sites can be found online to help you with these stuffs.

SocialSpark is one of those. What makes it different from the rest is it also stands as a social networking (just like myspace, multiply and friendster) wherein you can get connected with the other bloggers in it. Great way to win friends again, you may even share ideas with each other as well. It helps you monetize your blog and build your community at the same time.

SocialSpark is one legit company that adheres to their code of ethics. And these are:

  • -100% Audit-able In-Post Disclosure
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So if you are looking for ways to earn money from your blog, why not join us now?!

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Pacquaio VS. Diaz

We are now waiting for Pacquaio's match against Diaz. While waiting, blogging is again my activity as of the moment. Though I am not that excited with this match as compared with the previous but I am still eager to see the end result. c",)

Clothings for Pregnants

Once it crossed my mind that getting pregnant sucks. Why? Because there would be changes in your physical appearance, worst is, you'll gain more. Then you won't fit in to your clothes so you have to buy a new one. And this time you would be buying maternity clothes since your tummy's getting bigger. Good thing is, there are already trendy, cute and sexy maternity clothes available nowadays. At least, you will still feel good about yourself despite of the changes happening in your appearance.

Got Infected

I'm having a cough. It's unusual for me to have a cough or a colds. But this time, I got infected with a cough from Jaycee. Huhu. I guess, my immunity's getting weak from not being able to take vitamin C regularly. Hehe. Gotta go back to my vitamins regimen. *Sweat

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Reading for Starters

Jaycee being a two year old kid, loves to read books. He reads my encyclopedia and childcraft and is fond of animals. He can already distinguish a bird, dog, cat, panda, mammoth and even a woman. To enhance his fondness for reading, I am planning to buy a children's book and I found this site online. They sell personalized children's books and dvds. They have a variety of books, from sesame street, Barney, Disney, Care Bears and a lot more to choose from. A great alternative way than shopping in the malls and they offer club membership. You can almost find all of the selections here and they accept all major credit cards and paypal payments.

Trendy Faucets

Currently, we are working with our new kitchen. From this time on, I am helping my parents look for a nice interior designs and accessories for our kitchen. I found this Kohler faucets online and found it trendy. I would like to have one for our kitchen. Even my mom approves of it. This would definitely be one in our to-buy list when our kitchen is ready for furnishing.

A Prayer tag for The MV Princess Tragedy

This prayer tag is with regards to the MV Princess of the Stars tragedy and was started by Rocks (thanks again for this tag! ;) ). My heart goes out to all the victims - those who survived and those who were not lucky - and to their families as well. I also offer this short prayer to all the other victims of Typhoon Frank, which include the fishing boats that sank off Aurora and the provinces that were badly hit.

Here goes . . . . .

Prayer for the MV Princess of the Stars fatalities and survivors.

Dear God, we pray that you comfort each bereaved family everyday as they grieved for their loss, we pray that you will supply all their needs, we pray for the survivors that they may have a good life after the tragedy, that you will bless them and let them know in the deepest part of their heart that in spite of what have happened, you LOVE and CARE for them. This we pray in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen

I encourage everyone to keep the prayer going.

1. Through The Rain 2. God’s gift 3. Only in Silence 4. Crissy's Zone 5. Crissy's Haven 6. YOUR SPOT

I’m encouraging all my fellow Filipino bloggers to join. And everybody else too, Filipino or not. Thanks, people!

Friday, June 27, 2008

Buffing Up

It's a disgrace for me not being able to hit the gym again. Although some people says I lose weight, but with 5 months not being able to work out, I started to gain again. My boyfriend also used to go to the gym, but not the same gym I went to. He wants to have some muscles that is why aside from working out, he also takes bodybuilding supplements to help him buffed up. I hope he won't end up like Hulk nor Johnny Bravo. Haha.

Travel 7 Continents Meme

This tag was shared to me by Pinay Mommy Dreamer. Thanks friend for sharing this meme with me.

The goal of this tag is to reach bloggers from different parts of the world and see how far we can get. We know that there are lots of bloggers around the world so let's do this challenge, and have this meme "Travel to 7 continents."

Counting start begin...............

~Begin Copy~

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

Rules :

1. Start Copy from "Begin Copy" until "End Copy".
2. Put your blog's name and url write in which continent you live, add the country you live in. Example : My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands)
3. Leave your url post in here and I'll add you to the Master List.
4. Please help spread this tag by tagging your friends as much as you can.
5. Don't play unfair! If you have more than 1 blog, you can participate all your blogs for this tag. BUT you will have to post this tag to all your blogs as well. So, please. Don't cheat!
6. Please come back again to copy the update of the master list, often. This process will help new participants to get the same gains as the first participants.
7. Don't forget to use the banner at your post, you can save as or you can just copy the code in here.

Master List :

A. Asia : 1. Moms... Check Nyo (Philippines) 2. Aeirin's Collections (Philippines) 3. Jenny and Belle(Philippines) 4. Hailey's Beats and Bits (Philippines) 5. Appleofmyeyes(Saudi Arabia) 6. Deranged Insanity (Philippines) 7. PROJECT HEAVY TRAFFIC (Singapore) 8. Rooms of My Heart (Indonesia) 9. Blessings and Beyond (Philippines) 10. lancerlord (Singapore) 11. allinkorea (Korea) 12. kimchiland (Korea) 13. korean food (Korea) 14. idealpinkrose (Korea) 15. Pinay Mommy Online (Philippines) 16. Momhood Moments (Philippines) 17. Business Mars (Philippines) 18. Maiylah’s Snippets (Philippines) 19. Picture Clusters (Philippines) 20. My Wanderings (Philippines) 21. Hit-or-Miss (Philippines) 22. Life Quest (Philippines) 23. FunFierceFabulous (Phils) 24. and Life Goes On for... (Philippines) 25. Moments of Colours (Philippines) 26. Making sense… (somehow) (Philippines) 27. Day To Day (Philippines) 28. My Happy Place 29. Me and Mine (Japan) 30. Little Peanut (Japan) 31. Creative In Me (Japan) 32. Pea in a Pod (Japan) 33. A Slice of Life (Phils) 34. Jenny Said So (Phils) 35. Live it Up... (Philippines) 36. A Sweet Taste Of Life (Philippines) 37. Through The Rain (Philippines) 38. Sugarmagnolias (Japan) 39. ParentZine育兒好好玩 (Singapore) 40. We are Family (PH) 41. Reference Notes (Hong Kong) 42. The Sweet Life 43. A Great Pleasure (Malaysia) 44. Lalaine's World ( Thailand) 45. Proud Mommy (Philippines) 46. Petty Ramblings of a Petty Queen(Malaysia) 47. The Real Deal (Malaysia) 48. My Sweet Escape (Malaysia) 49. Mommy Earns Money Online (Philippines) 50. Pexlinks Triple Love (Philippines) 51. OnlineBiz and Resources (Philippines) 52. LadyJava's Lounge (Malaysia) 53. LadyJava Life's Pages (Malaysia) 54. Being Woman (Malaysia), 55. Cat Tales (Malaysia) 56. Make Money Online (Malaysia) 57. LadyJava's Food Paradise (Malaysia) 58. Lourdes' Mia (Philippines) 59. Miss Write (Philippines) 60. Me, Myself+2 (Phils) 61. Moments of My Life 62. My Deepest & Honest Thoughts (Malaysia) 63. Crissy's Haven 64. Strangely Out of Place (Philippines) 65. Frozen Moments (India) 66. NER: Never Ending Resolve (Philippines) 67. Mindjuice in Full Throttle 68. Straight from the Heart 69. Creative Thoughts (Philippines) 70. Emila’s Illustrated Blog 71. WilStop (Philippines), 72. Alanzain-home decor world (Malaysia) 73. Let's talk-everything in one space (Malaysia) 74. Tiklaton (Pilipinas) 75. Digiscraptology (Philippines) 76. A Life in Bloom (Philippines) 77. Because Life is a Blessing (Philippines) 78. Day to Day Miracles 79. Budget Traveler 80. The Success (Indonesia) 81. Lets Travel Philippines (Philippines) 82. enlaceré. tordu. (Singapore) 83.Blessings in Life (Philippines) 84. Tere’s World (Philippines) 85. Journey in Life (Philippines) 86. Thoughts and Beyond (Philippines) 87. Geng's Journal (Philippines) 88. e-Shopping (India) 89. Tippy-Tips 90. Life and Me (Singapore) 91. Xploring Asia ( Singapore) 92. Baboyita (Philippines) 93. A Place Of Being (Philippines) 94. Bits and Pieces (Philippines) 95. Asian Mutt International (Malaysia) 96. An Anonymous Journal (Malaysia) 97. WebGeek Journal (Philippines) 98. BlogScope (Philippines) 99. your turn

B. Australia : 1. Reflexes (Australia) 2. Emcee 3. Outback-Pinay 4. Collect and Connect (Australia) 5. Stand My Ground (Australia) 6. your turn

C. Afrika : 1. Doudy Sketche Watercolor Paintings 2. Optimizing for Search Engines 3. Painting Artworks 4. your turn

D. North Amerika : 1. Simple Life, Simply Me (USA) 2. Pinaymama's Diary (USA) 3. 3 Garnets & 2 Sapphires (United States) 4.Traipsey Turvey (USA) 5. Dabawenyako (USA) 6. Icelog (USA) 6. The Misadventures of an Ordinary Housewife (USA) 7. It Is Nap Time (US) 8.A Mother's Journal (USA) 9. Journey And Journal [USA] 10. Life is good and beautiful (USA) 11. Tasteful Voyage (USA) 12. Jenny's Wandering Thoughts (USA) 13. Mom Knows Everything (Canada) 14. Filipino love stories (USA) 15. A Mom's Note (USA) 16. Life with the Two Crazy Dogs 17. BLOGSILOG (USA) 18. Juliana’s World ( New York, USA) 19. My Daily Discourse (USA) 20. My Point Of View 21. My Blog Entry (USA) 22. This Side of Eternity (MI, USA) 23. The Paper Vision (USA) 24.Beyond Being A Mom(USA) 25.My So called life(USA) 26. Blogging By Sandee (USA) 27. Comedy Plus (USA) 28. My Life... My Journey!(USA) 29. your turn

E. South Amerika : 1. your turn

F. Europe : 1. My Imaginary Travels (Netherlands) 2. Juliana's Site (Netherlands) 3. Picturing of Life (Netherlands) 4. SuperMae (Portugal) 5. The Callalily Space (The Netherlands) 6. Portia (UK) 7. Daily Grind (Germany) 8. Amel's Realm (Finland) 9. Mummy Diaries (England) 10. Mirage as Usual (Austria) 11. Say Cheese (DE) 12. your turn

G. Antarctica : 1. your turn

~ End Copy ~

I want to share this meme to:

My Dad's Bracelet

I missed Hong Kong. During my trip last year in Hong Kong, we had a day tour around the city with Jenny, our tour guide. We went to different popular places in Hong Kong such as the Victoria's Peak, Avenue of the Stars and a lot more. We also went to Jewelry City and had a good look at the jewelries they were selling. I was looking for a men's jewelry because I was thinking of buying one for my father. He deserves it. I bought him a bracelet and true enough, it doesn't stain. I paid in pesos and it was a good deal. How I wish I could go back there and when that time will come, I'll make sure I have a lot of money to buy some stuffs. Hehe.

What a Relief...

It was really hard for me every single day and I know my mom knows how I felt. After so much whining and crying, at long last, someone is here to help us take care of Jaycee. It's my cousin's cousin and it's a relief to have her here with us. Now, I could go back to blogging with ease. Hehe. I wouldn't worry so much of Jaycee playing around alone because he already have someone to watch over him.


Crissy's Haven: Facing My Stressors

Thursday, June 26, 2008

The Dark Angel Is Here

Harry Houdini remains to be one of the popular magicians these days. One of the favorite magicians of all time. Even serves as an icon and inspiration to aspiring magicians for most. On the other hand, David Blaine is also one of the great magicians we have.

Locally, I saw some of Bermin's street magics. It was great! Never knew that he idolizes Criss Angel. Why wouldn't he? Criss's tricks were indeed awesome. You would wonder if is it still magic tricks he's using or a real magic. It was just so awesome! There I realize he's one of the best magicians I've seen so far, one of the best among the rest. How could one like him levitate from a Luxor Hotel's building? Was it just an illusion? You will also wonder when you get to see him perform. Very nice style of magic and I guess a very unique one that will leave you in awe.

I bet you will be interested to watch the Cirque Du Soleil performance featuring CRISS ANGEL called "CRISS ANGEL Believe". Here you will witness his extraordinary performances. Believe it or not there is a text message contest held, just text 'Believe' and send to 22122 and 2 tickets will be given for the lucky winner/s.

Sponsored by CRISS ANGEL Believe

Fagioli At Last!

It was my craving to visit Fagioli. At last, with my friend's company, I managed to satisfy my cravings for this coffee shop. I heard a lot of raves about this shop that got me interested to visit this place. And I wasn't disappointed!

Fagioli Coffee Shop
is located along J.P. Laurel Ave., in front of Link2Support in Damosa. You'll see that big yellow sign of Fagioli's trademark right beside Kia Motors.

I had Iced Cafe Latte (Php 85) and Puttanesca (Php 140). I'm not a pasta expert but what I know is that I love pasta. The pasta's kinda oily, I don't know if that should be the case though I was satisfied with it. Kinda heavy for my appetite but I liked it, reminds me of Sbarro (I miss Sbarro, *Sob). Makes me crave for more. Let me stop describing those so I could share you these photos.

I'll surely visit them again.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Getting Lost No More

As a nurse, I also wished to work abroad someday, particularly in the United States. But I am ambivalent with that idea since I am not used to going out a lot, more or so traveling. Then I might get lost when I get there considering I don't know anyone else. I might get panic attack. Haha. Good thing there is GPS nowadays. Finding the location I am looking for would now be a breeze.

Looking For The Right Place To be

Supposedly I was planning to go to the mall yesterday for some shopping when my friend, May, texted me and requested for a companion. She have to take some pictures of a church and some hotel's function room for a 150 guests for her upcoming wedding sometime this year. So I thought I could get to accompany her since I can go shopping some other time. And I love taking pictures, nyahaha. Good thing I brought with me my digicam. Haha.

Moving on. She wanted to have a solemn ceremony and we think Redemptorist Church is a nice venue for that. I wasn't able to take some photo inside the church since May did all of those. Hehe. So here's my share of the church's entrance.

Then next we headed to Grand Regal Hotel for their function room. Fortunately the room was already filled with chairs and tables since a wedding was held the day before so we got a good view on how it would look like.

Came next the Waterfront Hotel. This time, we both agree it's more spacious than the previous one. I say the carpet caught my attention. Wee! I only had this photo captured since I was already feeling uncomfortable with my dysmenorrhea. Argh, (I need a bed badly)! Unfortunately, this room's already been booked the same date as her planned wedding day. That's the worst thing we heard other than my dysmenorrhea. *Sad.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Typhoon Frank's Tragic Outcome

While Davao City enjoys the sunny weather, the northern part of the Philippines on the other hand was hit with the typhoon Frank. Been constantly watching the news recently, as I was anxious to hear any updates from the MV Princess of the Star tragedy, a Sulpicio Lines' ship that sunk somewhere in Romblon. Approximately 700-800 people were aboard including the ship's crew. Only a few survivors and dead bodies were found so far, majority were still missing.

As I watched the news earlier, I was teary eyed watching how furious the families of those victims were, anxiously waiting for any updates about the ship's passengers and crews. Somehow you could understand the anger they feel towards the management of Sulpicio Lines not being able to update them with regards of the current situation.

I imagined that perhaps there were still people trapped alive in that big ship, I was being hopeful somehow. If so, I hope that help would get to them as soon as possible and may the Lord give them and their families more strength.


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Sunday, June 22, 2008

Beware! I'm Deadly!

Just kidding!

Dropping entrecard credits everday is a bit tedious especially if your PC's not loading that fast. Hours will be spent from dropping in order for me to reach the 300 maximum. Nevertheless, that effort also paid off since it drove traffic to my blog and increased my Alexa. And I am very grateful for entrecard.

Due to constantly dropping my EC's to some of your blogs, now I realized that I am DEADLY SERIOUS with this commitment. This picture proves how deadly I am, so beware! Haha.

Selling Citizenship

Blog Readability Test

Here are the rules: 1. Check out your blog Readability Test here then post it. 2. (OPTIONAL) Stop asking yourself regarding the results of the test (LOL!) 3. Add your blog from the list together with the results. 4. Tag as many friends you like.

1.Big Eyed Gal - High School 2. The Chronic Shopper - Elementary 3. Vital Sighs - Genius 4. Princess Vien - High School 5. Em’s Detour - Junior High School 6. Strawberrygurl and Busy Mom - Elementary 7. Reflexes snapshots of life (on manillapaper) - Junior High School 8. expressions and thoughts - Genius 9. our family story - College (Undergrad) 10. MOMEMO - Genius 11. Deranged Insanity - Genius 12. Traipsey Turvey 13. Crissy's Haven - High School 14. You're NEXT!

I'm tagging: sheng, elliot, bill & gina, aerin
and the rest of the bloggers listed in my blogrolls including YOU!

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Wine Drinking as Bonding Time

It was several years back that my mom started to buy wines. It was introduced to her by her friends around the neighborhood and they usually have this every occasion. Wines are also one of her lists to give as presents during Christmas and every month she receives a wine from the wine of the month clubs that she had signed up for free. What wine she loves she shares it with others by giving it as gifts. Her fondness for wines had also influenced me and you can usually see us at night drinking a glass of wine, it's one of our bonding times. I learned to appreciate it and love it all thanks to my mom. c",)

Facing My Stressors

I came from a simple family. And yet I admit, I am not used to helping in the household chores ever since. It's been years that we didn't have a house helper with us and so, my mom usually do all the chores.

Now being jobless I am, I was given this responsibility to care for a toddler. Suddenly, I faced this challenge. At the same time, since our house is under going renovation, it is also my responsibility to attend to the household chores, especially the preparing of food for all of us and washing the dishes and so on. These became a routine and as I've said from my previous post that I hate doing activities routinely.

Weeks passed and now I am feeling stressed out. I now realized how hard it was for my mom to look after us and the house by herself at the same time working, but she managed to do all those things. Now I'm thinking, do I want to become a mom or a house wife someday? Makes me scared already. Hehe.

Ensuring Our Future

Being able to work in a hospital, having witnessed the not so good scenarios inside, I then realized that life is indeed precious. We don't know when or how we'll leave this place. The worst scenarios would be being left by the bread winner of your family. That would definitely be a pain and a problem for most. This made having term life insurance quotes a necessity. Ensuring the future of your beneficiary would be a great relief and a great thing for them. Wouldn't you want them to live their lives happily and secured?

Energy Challenge

Smooth Writing

During my student years, I am always looking forward to the school's opening because I would have new school supplies in hand. One of the greatest fonds I have that time is to collect pens. Yes I love pens! Especially the colorful ones. They're so cute and I used to use them for writing letters. It makes it more personalized.

One problem I had when using my pens frequently is the formation of calluses in my finger. It isn't nice to look at especially for ladies like me. Good thing I found Papermate pens from Penrus. Now I wouldn't worry since their pens have cushioned grips that makes it more comfortable for my fingers thus making me write smoothly. This soft grip not only inhibits calluses formation but it even increases the life of the pens. Very ideal for budget savers like me.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Rain Makes Me Gloomy

Wordless Friday, this is. Was happy I was able to finished my essay needed for my application abroad. It took me over a month to write it since I was pretty lazy doing it, well okay not pretty lazy, just too lazy that is. I hope tomorrow I could send it back to them for evaluation.

It's rainy season and it's been raining hard almost every afternoon. Makes me more gloomy. Now I'm craving for another book to read. I am hoping again that my mom will stay at home tomorrow to take care of Jaycee and the house as well so I could go to the mall.

Speaking of Jaycee, just this morning his mom texted from Dubai and was asking me to sent some photos of him. She barely knew Jaycee from those pics. Hehe. Jaycee had grown up to be a cute and smart little boy and she thanked me for taking care of him. By the way, she only knew Jaycee was with us days after she arrived in Dubai. Haha.

Anyways, before I end my post, I am sharing with you this photo of Jaycee and I just chilling inside the house while it was raining. He always like to see the result of him in the photo. Duh!

Let Me Share You My Firsts...

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Released From Captivity

After several days in captivity, Ces Drilon, a news anchor from ABS-CBN and the other TV crew and a professor from Mindanao State University were finally released by Abu Sayyaf late last night. The kidnappers demanded for a ransom money but failed to get what they want as the government was firm in keeping to their decision of a "No Ransom Policy" and was pressured for a possible "police-military operation". The group that kidnapped them was the same group that this crew tried to interview but was betrayed and abducted them instead.

"I want to thank everybody. Words are not enough to thank those who prayed for the professor, Jimmy, Angel and myself".
- Ces Drilon

Floods in Davao

At last I found my digicam's charger and managed to upload the said pictures I promised from my last post about being stranded in the downtown area due to flood. This happened on the first week of June and most of the major roads here in Davao were flooded. Floods here are getting worst. Pictures are taken along Quirino Avenue.

Several years back, as I remember, whenever there's heavy rains in the city, motorists only avoid certain areas such as in J.P. Laurel Ave. along Davao Light's Office. That's the usual place where there is flood, but now, everywhere you go you see flood and it is alarming for us locals here. Who wouldn't be? City Mayor blamed it from Global Warming and poor garbage disposal.

Just last week another heavy rain poured the whole night and again floods were evident. On the next day, the commuters had difficulty going to school or to their office because of flood and it was hard to find public transpo. That brought some schools to decide to suspend their classes.

Now, local government were cleaning up some drainage in the city and found out lots of garbage that could have contributed to the floods. *Sweat.

Crissy's Haven: Stucked Up!

Flaming Friendship

I am inviting everyone to join Tiklaton's Flame of Friendship. If you consider me your friend or wants to befriend me and the other participants then this is your chance to win us all. c",)


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My Bad

I was bad, and I agree I was. *Sob.

Yesterday afternoon, me and Jaycee were in my parent's room lying in bed. I was scaring him with monster and he really is afraid of it. Until then I heard the news from the living room's TV featuring about the abduction of Ces Drilon and the other one. I suddenly stood up and peeked from the room's door to watch the TV leaving Jaycee on the bed. I know he could managed to get out of the bed but I was very careless, I forgot he's scared being left there. *Sob. He was trying to get out of the bed as quickly as he can and accidentally he fell from the bed and got his nose and mouth bleeding. Although I haven't heard a thud from that fall, and I think he landed on his tummy first then hit his face.

So I immediately carried him to the kitchen and let him gargle some water and he forcefully vomited what he ate this afternoon. I was trying to keep myself from panicking and try to maintain my composure. Just minutes after, my parents arrived and I told them what happened. My mom carried Jaycee while I applied ice compress to his forehead to stop the bleeding from his nose. He's scared of ice too. Lol. Fortunately we had ice cream available and let him eat it to stop the bleeding from his gums and he also stopped crying.

Darn! I was irresponsible! I was really scared he'll be having increased ICP (intracranial pressure) or hemorrhage. But I can assure he didn't hit his head so I'm trying to stop myself from worrying too much. He was okay after and now (I hope), still very active. I'm still observing him for any unusualities so we could bring him to a pediatrician. So far none noted. I hope he'd be really okay.

Right now, he's playing with his toys and watching Barney. *Sweat. I swear I would never scare him again nor leave him alone.

Forgive me for being so irresponsible. *Sob

Monday, June 16, 2008

Monday Musical

Military Mom asks:

Stay at Home Mom & Military Wife

Q: What song title includes the word:


A: Angel of Mine
Lips of an Angel

Online Security

Love To Surf and Drop

I would like to invite everyone to join Surf and Drop by Mommy Ruby. If you have an entrecard widget in your blog and loves to surf the blogosphere and drop your EC and get reciprocated for your drop then this is the place for you.

I would like to thank Mommy Ruby for inviting me to this ring.

It's now my chance to invite you too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Read from my friendster's bulletin board about this site. PinoyXpression is the place to get comments and graphics for your blog, friendster, myspace and other social networks. You'll get Filipino quotes and comments there in Tagalog, Bisaya and others as well as Filipino Jokes. It has been customized to fit the needs of us Pinoys.

Truly Pinoy!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

It's Not Easy Being Green

Once again my boyfriend and I headed to NCCC Mall last night to watch "Incredible Hulk". I was expecting for a long line at the entrance but to my surprise there weren't a lot of people waiting for their turn to get inside the movie house. It was 7:20pm when we purchased our tickets and the next showing will air at 7:40pm. We're a bit early so we were able to choose our seats. But when we got out of the cinema, people were lining up at the entrance for the next show. Nice to see a lot of Hulk fans. Hehe.

I don't personally know the character of Hulk. I only knew him as that Big Green Man and one of the Marvel superheroes, but more than that, I really don't have any idea. So I see, he became that green man from an experiment conducted to him. Wasn't it? And because he'd gone crazy with this new identity of his that he ended up hurting other people even his girlfriend, played by Liv Tyler. That made him a fugitive and was hiding from different parts of the world at the same time searching for an antidote for his condition.

In my point of view, the movie was okay though there were some dragging moments, you know a lot of talking from the characters. CGI was okay. Obviously I can only comment OKAY about this movie, nothing spectacular for me. Haha. Prepare for "King Kong and Beauty and the Beast" likes in this flick. Haha...Just kidding!

So what does Robert Downey doing on that last scene? Is it a clue that there will be an Ironman and Hulk team up?! Makes me excited with that idea! Although I am presuming that there will be a sequel since Mr. Blue has been infected with Mr. Green's blood. But Ironman and Hulk together? Hmm...we'll see!


Friday, June 13, 2008

After 1300 Years in Narnia

Last night, my boyfriend and I, along with my brother, watched this movie at NCCC mall. We were looking forward for this since we liked the first Narnia we've seen, and we thought this might be good too and we were right! Some says this movie sucks due to some boring scenes, but I guess it's up to your taste. I didn't find it boring and neither was I sleepy inside the movie house. Hehe.

Although there were some scenes that you could really tell the wonders a computer can do with the images, if your eyes are keen enough to see it. My brother did and we were just giggling when he told us about it. But it's not obvious I tell you. I like the battle scenes, (feels like I'm watching Warcraft in Live action...LOL) and I like Prince Caspian, played by Ben Barnes. I think he's hot. Harhar. While watching, I then realized that I missed the Pevensie's and Aslan.

I heard it's a major disappointment if you based it in the book. I haven't read the book though, so I cannot give any comments with regards to it. But this is better than the first movie.

Wait a minute! Is this the end of Narnia?

Know About my ADLs

Thanks Zriz for this tag, c",)

The rules are posted at the beginning. At the end of the post, the player tags 6 people and posts their names, then goes to their blog and leave a comment, letting them know they’ve been tagged and asking them to read your blog. Let the person who tagged you know when you’ve posted your answer.

1. What was I doing 10 years ago?

I was 14. Studying in school and playing volleyball.

2. What are 5 things on my to-do list today?

  • catch up on entrecard droppings
  • take care of Jaycee
  • prepare food and wash dishes
  • think of another topic to post
  • do some opps

3. Snacks I enjoy:
I love chocolates, spaghetti, real sandwhich,turon (lol)

4. Places I’ve lived:

Davao City, Philippines (my hometown)

5. Things I’d do if I were a billionaire

Invest more and help the needy.

6. People I want to know more about:


I'm tagging: People listed in my blogrolls and YOU! Try doing the tag guys! :)

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Walang Iwanan sa Bayan Ni Juan

The whole Philippines is now commemorating it's 110th Independence Day. Let us not forget the heroic acts of our ancestors in achieving our freedom. Let us all help one another and change for the better. Looking forward for a better Philippines!

Mabuhay Pilipinas!

Love Life 101

Are you deeply in love with your spouse or boyfriend/Girlfriend? If you do, let's try how well you remember the moment of your life with him. But before you put yourself in the hot seat please read the rules of this tag first.

1. This tag should be pass on to your closest friends.
2. Visit the blog of the person you've got this tag.
3. Leave a comment on her/his tag post. Be sure to thank her/him for this tag.
4. Highlight and link all the list of people who accepted this tag by visiting their blog site.
5. There are 10 questions that you need to answer but you will be the one to write the 10th question for the next person you want to pass this tag.

1. Soujourn
2. Pinay Mom in Czech Republic
3. See Me for What You Will
4. Lainy's Musings
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6. Sheng's Simple Thoughts...
7. Pinay WAHM
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10. Crissy's Haven

Here's your questions: Be Honest and True!

1. How did you meet your husband/wife or boyfriend/girlfriend?
Answer: Internet Cafe beside our house.

2. Where did you went in your first date?
Answer: Hmm...strolling along the ranway

3. When was your first intimate kiss?
Answer: years ago...haha

4. How many girlfriends/boyfriends he/she had in the past? Do you honestly know?
Answer: Less than 5, I think. Lol.

5. What is his/her ethnicity?
Answer: Asian (Pinoy!)

6. What is his/her favorite food?
Answer: Mango Float and a lot more

7. What is he/she like if he/she is mad?
Answer: MOnster...wakekeke...just exaggerating

8. What are the things he/she did you thought is the most romantic thing he'd/she'd ever done?
Answer: Spending time with me. :D

9. Describe how he/you proposed to you.
Answer: Over the phone...yikes!

10. Is he/she your perfect guy/girl?
Answer: Yes

Now its your turn to put another person in the hot seat.

Tagging those bloggers in love!

Surveys 03

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

November Bear

Thank you Chechay for tagging me this.


  1. Determine your birthday month and get a word that rhymes with it or you can affic to it. Caps lock your birth month (ex. MAYday! JUNE dune, APRILicious, JULYvely, AUGUSt pocus, parched MARCH...). Be unique.
  2. Your birth month plus the word affixed or rhymed shall become the tag's title in your case.
  3. Get your birthday and add the digits involved. Example, if your birthday falls on the 25th of July, add 2 and 5 you got 7.
  4. Whatever is the sum, write a list of the MATERIAL gifts you wish to receive, the number of which shall correspond to the sum of your birthday. For example, applying the case above (in rule number), you will write seven (7) things you wish to receive.
  5. After your wish list, put your name and birthday in the blogger's birthday directory, with a link to your blog\s/ Note: when you add your birthday, please place it in a way that the dates appear chronological (January, February....1,2,3).

Pass this tag meme by tagging as many people as you want.

Here's my take:

Name: Crissy
Birthday: November 27
Calculation: 9

Wish List:
1. Beach at Water Jaz
2. New Laptop
3. Moolah
4. Employer
5. Ipod
6. mp4
7. Trip to Asia
8. Skin care
9. Shopping

Blogger's Birthday Directory:

February 20 - Caryl | February 23 - Jammy | March 7 - Mari | May 3 - Vannie | May 8 - joanjoyce | May 12- Princess | May 27 – Zang Caesar | June 19-Chechay | September 2 - Chikai | September 30 - Mckhoii | November 29 - Lolli | November 27 - Crissy | December 12 - Janeth Vicy|December 18 - JoshuaOngYS | December 19 - Alpha | December 28 - Yen | Your Birthday Here!

I'm tagging everyone listed in my blogrolls!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Generoso Bridge Now Open

Generoso bridge or popularly known as "Bankerohan Bridge" is now open for public. The 56-year old bridge's lane going to south collapsed last April 2007 and closed this for traffic for a reconstruction. A supposedly 3 months reconstructure of this bridge has led to move it to one year and two months due to no available contractor. This is one of the major bridges of Davao City and due to it's reconstruction it brought heavy traffics within this area...a pain to all motorists to share one lane to pass by this area.

I haven't pass by the bridge recently and I am excited to see it's result. The opening of this bridge causes relief to all riding public in time for the school opening, considering that Ateneo De Davao High School and University of Mindanao campuses are near here.

Photo credits to Davao Today

I Want Some Massage

Crissy's Haven on Blogging Women

Submitted my blog last night to Blogging Women and I just read Fay's message that my blog has been added to her site. Weee!

Blogging women is a directory of blogs written by women so if that description suits you, better submit your blog to her. It's been manually edited to make sure that the blog submitted is qualified to be added to the directory.

Thanks Fay for adding my blog! Kudos!

Monday, June 9, 2008

Got A Review From Rate My Philippines

I'd like to thank Rate My Philippines for taking time to review my site. It was surprising for me since I wasn't expecting this. I never thought I would be getting a review once I submit my blog to their site. c",)

Thank you RMP for your very nice review as well as the suggestions you made for my blog. I managed to work it out and I hope I did the right changes. I'll try my best to blog more about Davao. c",)

If your blog relates to anything about the Philippines, do submit your site to them for free and be part of their community.

Tee Hee!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Robi's Still My Big Winner!

Robi is still my Big Winner! Hehe. He's the only housemate that fits to be the role model of the youth today. I truly thinks he showed his real personality inside the house and I think that showing one's true colors need not to be expressing the bad side of you.

I also think that PBB should not be a charity contest nor a star search. Peace!

Was confused and disappointed with the number of votes Robi had last night. It didn't seem to be increasing and my text votes for him weren't counted! Think about that! Arrghhh!

Surveys 02

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Saturdays #2

  • I'm glad I received my certificate from my BLS (Basic Life Support) training with the 911. I had attended several BLS training since college but haven't received any certificates from it. Now, I'm just so happy I finally got one.

  • I'm still hoping I could hear from the institution I applied for yesterday. And I hope it would be a positive response despite what the guard told me that the interview is already going on. Huhu.

  • I promised to post the photos I took while we were stranded at our shop the other night but unfortunately I misplaced my digicam's charger so I couldn't show the photos. Hehe. Anyway, when I find my charger back, I'll post it immediately.

  • I tried to buy another book yesterday at National Bookstore with my boyfriend and there were a lot of people inside the bookstore and a long line for the cashier. I couldn't wait for my turn 'coz I was having another stomach upset so I left the book and dragged my boyfriend to the exit and took a cab home. *Sweat

  • Two malls in the city is having their midnight sale today. So they will be open until 12 midnight. I wish we could go there and buy some stuffs.
Have a Great Saturday!

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Stucked Up!

Bad timing!

Jaycee and I went here to our shop along Quirino Ave. coz I have to follow up my credentials that I left here. Unfortunately, heavy rains poured down for over an hour in the late afternoon and flood was everywhere in the city. We were supposed to close our shop at 5 pm but since water started to get inside our shop, our staff here tried to block the water from coming in with minimal success to prevent the products from getting wet. Water level is kinda high outside and many vehicles broke down. Hehe. It's around 6pm and we're still stucked here inside our shop.

Good thing there's an internet connection here so I have something to do while waiting for the cue to go home. Took some pictures awhile ago and I'm gonna post it later.

Tee Hee!

Surveys 01

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Purchasing Domain Through Blogger

I decided to make a post regarding how to purchase a domain through blogger. These pictures will show you the step by step in doing it.

I paid mine via Credit Card. I don't know if blogger accepts Paypal payments. As you can see in one of the pictures, there is no option for PayPal so I guess that's the answer for it. c",)

The domain costs $10 USD/year and is powered by GoDaddy.

Good Luck!