Monday, April 26, 2010

Bought Some Pills

Nah! It's not contraceptive pills nor diet pills. Bought some vitamin C capsules from my colleague and thought I needed to take some to help boost up my immune system. Sad to say, I always forgot to take it everyday since it's not a vitamins for acne that can oblige me from taking it religiously. Still, vitamin C can help make the skin healthy. And so I have to motivate myself to take it.

Sadness Is Hitting Me Again

It was such a sad moment for me to hurt someone again. Due to my anger, I said hurtful words to him and hated him so much. But I know deep inside I still long for him. It would be a normal reaction for him to withdraw. And it saddens me to see that coming. No amount of comforting words would spare him from the pain. I know how it feels then. But my emotions just got me and allowed myself to dwell on the anger feeling. Tried to divert my attention to something else by surfing the net, check out my facebook account and to no avail.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

One On Call Case

Reporting for my PM duty was sort of a breeze. Received one patient in PACU and the PACU nurse handle that patient and I'm glad I was able to update our monthly census in the computer and did some slight general cleaning afterwards. It was nice to keep the unit in order. But after awhile I received some on call schedule for D&C. We prepared the room for it and the supplies and instruments to be used. While waiting, we took a nap and just 30 minutes before our duty's done, the ward called and informed us to fetch the patient. My colleague who was reading a curvatrim review, stopped what she was doing and volunteered to get the patient from the ward. We helped circulated the said case and endorsed it to the next shift when the patient's already in the recovery room.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Food Trip

What a glorious day was yesterday. After the stressful work we had, my colleagues and I decided to treat ourselves with ice drop in the near mall. Luckily, as we were about to punch out our DTR, a doctor who is a friend of ours met us in the lobby and offered to treat us some yogurt. The yogurt was scrumptious and besides that, we get to ride in his new SUV. That was a double treat! After which, we all headed back to the hospital and I met with another colleague and off we went to a birthday celebration of another friend. That night was all about food trip and I was so full. Need to give myself some colon cleanser to help me evacuate those excess food. Hihihi!

Received Docus

At long last, after years of waiting we had already received the documents we need for the retrieving the birth certificate of m nephew. His mom is working abroad thus we advised her to use a document scanning software to scan her documents and to send it through email so we could receive it ahead. But there's a new problem to solve, my cousin's family name is spelled wrong. Toinks!

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Island Hopping with Friends

This is the second time around that I tagged along for an island hopping in Samal. Now, I'm with my co-workers and some friends as well. We went to Babusanta, Coral Garden...and the others...I don't know where was that. What I knew was, the water was crystal clear and was so inviting. The corals were colorful and plentiful, the fishes were abundant and everything was just so great. We rented a boat for like P7,000, good for 50 persons maximum.

Everyone just loosen up and enjoyed the day diving with life vest on, since most of us didn't know how to swim. Hehe.

Summer Vacation

This is a good time of the year to go on a vacation and there are summer packages available like the Branson vacation package that is affordable. For us, summer time is the time to go the beach with friends and family. It's one way to beat the heat of the sun and to bond with friends and family. Surely, it's more fun going outdoors as you get to enjoy the natural view of our mother earth.

Beach Frustrations

I was challenging my self to lose weight since I was gaining weight lately. Already got a bulging tummy that isn't flattering. And since we were going on a beach outing, I was trying to lose some weight but I don't know if it's psychological or coincidental that whenever I strive to lose weight, the more I get addicted to eating. Crap! Though most of us loved to eat when in the beach, I was the total opposite. I don't feel like eating and I only ate my lunch meal, no more meals in between. Should I always go to the beach thens since it shows that being in the beach is a natural appetite suppressants for me. Hehe.

Having Fun This Summer

What are more ways to have fun this summer? Just went island hopping with friends from work and it was a major blast! All of us enjoyed the said outing. It brought out the childlike in us and just loosen ourselves and enjoyed the day. It was envying to watch some friends who knew how to swim. Since the seabed was so inviting, the corals and the fishes underneath the water was so tempting to dive in and have a closer look on them. But sad to say, I can't swim and just depended on my life vest for support. Hehe. Anyways, it's still the beginning of summer and I am thinking about some other ways to do this season. Perhaps atv riding is one good idea but kinda expensive as well. We might as well try the wakeboarding soon.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

I'm Starting To Feel Drained

It's my third day of overtime for this week and I can now feel the exhaustion. My body's trying to tell me to give up and take a rest. Body aches and muscle aches in one! Still, I am thankful to God for helping me survived this shift no matter how toxic it was. Though I'm still hoping and praying for a lesser toxic days ahead of us and to spare me for another overtime. I really need to take a rest. Looking forward for my days off. Hehe.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Extended Duties

For two consecutive days, I've been opted to work overtime. I should be off at around 6 pm but since our unit was so busy due to a lot of elective cases, I was forced to go overtime. What can I do then? There are only two nurses on duty and one OR technician in the afternoon shift and there are cases on going plus patients in the PACU. There's no one who would received my patient for PACU and so I have to do it my own. Even the transporting of patient seemed hard for me since I can't get anyone from the staff to help me in transporting my patient, and so I have to ask help from the housekeeping. Good thing they were kind enough to lend a hand. It's exhausting having duty extensions, then your compensation for your overtime work is just around thirty bucks per hour. That's not even satisfying when you consider the load of your work you render. Hays. How I wish the administration would go attend the needs of our unit in order for us to work effectively and efficiently.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

*Photo credited to Julkusiowa of Deviantart.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Friday, April 2, 2010

Am I Really That Toxic?

For quite sometime now, I've been noticing my duty days and cases I've handled. Mostly we're toxic. If not the patient, it would be with the doctor's order and other endorsements. Waah! My colleagues are starting to tease me as "toxic". Huhu. Sure enough, with God's grace, I was able to survive those things.

It's exhausting and mind boggling. What can I do? It's part of my profession. I just hope we will be compensated well and hoped for an additional staff. Hehe.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Absurd Imagination

Last night, I dropped by the convenience store and bought some goodies for me and cigarettes for my dad. He shouldn't be smoking but he's hard headed. And I gave up from reprimanding and reminding him of the risks. Anyways, I was imagining back then taht perhaps it would be a great idea to invent a nicotine-free electronic cigarettes. So it won't be harmful to our health and will only needs to recharge it to save on buying stick of cigarettes. Hehe. What an absurd idea!