Saturday, September 27, 2008

What a surprise!

Just got home and turned on the laptop to check my online accounts. Received a private message from momi ruby in my ym account congratulating me for an increased page rank of my two other blogs, that left me curious and checked on my page rank for this blog. And oh my! What a surprise!! I got a PR0 for this blog. Huhu. From PR4 down to PR2 and now it's all gone! Waaa! Never expected for google to update this month. Huhu...

How about you?

*Photo credited to ~zero-rider of deviantART

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Chilling Out in CCU

Pictures taken with the staff nurses of the Coronary Care Unit and with my co-trainees.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Charger anyone?

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Zits and more zits

Got more zits lately. Didn't even know the cause of it. Perhaps, stress...or the vitamins that I'm starting to take may have caused it. These zits just popped out and it all left some red bumps on my face. Can't even conceal it. I'm not fond of acne treatments though I think it's not a bad idea using one. Who knows?! It might work like wonders without leaving a scar.

My stupid self strikes again!

I know I'm a bit clumsy, impulsive and stupid. Just awhile ago, my stupidity strikes again. Got an appointment with a bride-to-be friend of mine for the fitting of our gowns. As usual, I was late and worst is, I left my wallet at home and realized it when I was about to pay the taxi driver for my fare. Haay, my friend paid it for me then, geez...will pay you when I get back next week. Hehe.

My plans of malling and pampering myself got cancelled because of this mishap. Haha. Just have to laugh it all out for now coz there's no turning back.

Payday Loan

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Friday, September 19, 2008


Just got back from Tagum and I was met by my nephew's warm hugs and kisses which I missed the most. It's nice to be home again and find some improvement in our home. The used to be dusty house seems lighter and cleaner this time not to mention more spacious.

I had also received the prize I won from Rate My Philippines contest, the "Journey's" CD album. Nice package! I'll share the photo tomorrow guys.

There's nothing new with my brother...haha. As usual the computer addict is facing the TV playing ps2, didn't even have the time to welcome me back. Huhu...

Haven't had the time to update my blog this week. Missed some opportunities because I didn't have the mood for writing. Haay.

A lot of things happened this week and it's kinda stressful and exhausting. Need to rest now for tomorrow's day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

The joy of chatting

Chatting is a form of socializing. There are several communities online where you can join and chat with people of the same interest as you. There you can share ideas and sentiments with another, get to know one another and probably win friends. One community I have in mind is the Free Interracial Chat, wherein regardless of what race you belong, you are free to chat with anyone in the world with different races and from there, you could learn one another of your culture. It's a fun way to socialize.


We had this patient in the CCU. His diagnosis was complicated though he was a fun and dear patient. Two nights ago, during our shift, we were having a hard time inserting an IV site for his blood line. He was edematous which made it hard for us to make a line. Despite of that, he was really cooperative and allowed us to make attempts. He was very talkative and had a sense of humor as well. The nurse on duty successfully inserted an IV site and hooked it up with a PNSS.

Surprisingly, the next morning, he was intubated due to congestion and during our PM shift, he died due to massive bleeding, he was having a melena. It was sudden and we all felt sad about it.

Prom Night

Reminsicing my high school years is fun, especially the part where I attended my prom night. The pressure of preparing myself to attend my prom is just so tensed. My friends and I were planning ahead for our prom dresses and our homecoming dresses. We were also planning for our hairdressers and make up artist and where to have this done. It was fun and thrilling though, but worth it. We attended our prom night and homecoming night with confidence and treasured every moment of it.

A few more months, it will ne another prom night for teeners. And I know, starting this time, they're now all excited on what to wear and how they will look like for that precious event. 2009 prom dresses are now available olnline where you can check out.

A week of absence

It's been a week that I haven't updated my blog. Geez, that makes me feel guilty. I've taken my blogs for granted. *Sigh. Just didn't have the chance to go to internet cafes since I moved out from my Aunt's house for this week and lived in a dormitory. Wee!

Living in a dormitory is fine. Fine in the sense that it's more accessible to the hospital where I am having my clinical training and I don't have to wake up very early to prepare myself for my duty. It's fun living with my room mate, too. She's approachable and nice and the moment we met, we already jived. Haha. She's been living there for almost a month alone in the room and I think I am her first room mate. Weee!

On another note, the downside of living in that dormitory is that there's no means of entertainment. Their television's broken and a lot of students are occupants of that dormitory. That left us locking ourselves inside our room. *Sigh.

For the whole week I was staying there, I always skipped my breakfast meal. Since I have to go out of the dorm and eat in a "carinderia" which makes me lazy thinking about it plus it's hot outside. I know it's unhealthy, but my room mate and I just don't have the appetite for breakfast. Which made me lost some weight, which I think is a good thing. Nyahaha!


Being away from home, leaves you more prone to loneliness. And in the insitution where I am currently affiliated in, most of the nurses there carry with them their notebook computer considering that the location is a wifi hotspot. It's one thing they need to communicate and bond with their family and friends at home. It is also being used to make researchers for some specific case studies. It really is very handy.


Ever wished of working abroad? I've been eyeing to work in New York since I have friends living there and it's great to be there knowing that they're there. Anyways, New York is a big city and I often heard about Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx, and Manhattan and to tell you honestly I don't know where these place are specifically located. Nevertheless, looking for jobs in Manhattan is one of my goals. Why Manhattan? I don't know, either. Hehe.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Pampering my feet

After all the tedious walking, I finally pampered my feet yesterday the Magenta way. Besides, our feet should be pampered enough since they carry all the burden and works a lot. I had a paraffin wax inclusive of a foot scrub and pedicure at Magenta Salun located at Victoria Plaza. It took more than an hour for this procedure but it was fine, it was relaxing though. I really don't know how paraffin should work and what should be expected from it, though after the procedure, my feet was smoother. And oh the paraffin wax felt good. Hehe. Anyways, here are the stolen shots I took. Haha.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Prank Callers Gets a Buzz

Last night, our helper received several prank calls. It was annoying considering that it is somewhat disturbing. And since we didn't have any caller id with our landline, there was no way we can track the prank caller. I was hoping there is another way we can trace it.

Indeed there is, with, anywhere in the United States and Canada areas can get to lookup the owner's name and address of those unknown annoying callers with their reverse lookup database. It is also helpful to look for the owner's name of any missed call of an unknown number from your bill. No one will be notified if you happen to look up for their numbers since this service is 100% private. I hope these callers will be hesitant and refrain from dialling phone numbers for fun.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

The person I missed the most...

It's different to be away with someone you love even for just a week. Although we rarely see each other even I'm here and to think our home is just 10-15 minutes away, we realized how lonely it is knowing that one of us is miles away. So everytime I go home, I see to it that at least we spend time together and make up for the days that I was away. Hmmm...

He's my confidant, my best friend and my one and only...c",) Eww...mushy...*blushing. LOL.

Searching for public court records

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Darn Cebu

Geez two more days to go and my mom and some of our relatives will be leaving for Cebu City.'s so disappointing knowing that I can't tag along with them. They'll be away for at least 4 days and I can't afford to be absent from duty for that long. Haayy, my cousin told me it's just fair since I've been to Cebu quite a number of times and in Negros when it was her who cannot come along due to her studies. Hekhek. But still, I wanna go knowing that my cousin is going because it will be fun to stroll around the city with her. Huhu. Geez, I still have 2 more days to decide. I missed Sbarro, Starbucks, Basilica and of course shopping for nothing. Hehe.

To absent or not to absent...think, think, think!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Hiring a car

Have you been in Portugal? Traveling around might be time consuming as you spent hours of walking and strolling around the city. It might be best to have an automobile with you to drive you around and get to your destinations faster. But as a tourist, bringing of one's car might be expensive and this is how car rentals comes in. You may need a portugal car hire to get you around. Google it first to find out where the cheapest car hire online is in the country you are visiting to make sure you get the best deal out of your money.

Home at last

At last I'm home after 5 days being out of town. Now I realized that it's fine being away from home. Although there are times that it gets lonesome, nevertheless, it's tolerable. It was drizzling when I arrived at Depo where my father should fetch me. Unfortunately, my text message for him was delayed informing him that I'm already in Davao. So I waited for him like hell. It was when it started to rain hard when he arrived. Phew! I got quite wet though. But still thankful that I'm with him.

Establishing Rapport

I once remember during my CGFNS review days, we were tackling about ophthalmology. As the discussion progressed, our reviewer narrated to us how Lasik helped corrected her vision. Now, she enjoys reading more books, which is one of her passions in life. And because of her good vision now, she gets to read a lot of reviewer books as well as nursing books and shared with us the learnings she got from it. It really pays if you read a lot.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Rantings 01

I'm quite alarmed with the recent bus bombing I saw on the news awhile ago. Four people were killed in the said bombing at Digos City, it's a one hour drive away from Davao City. People responsible for this are really merciless. Couldn't they spare the innocent civilians? It's scary to think about this since I often ride the bus on weekends. Haayy.

I even thought of not going home often not because of the bombing issues but because whenever I leave our home, it's like a burden for me and I started to miss more my loved ones back home. I might as well stay here longer than go home every weekends. But I know I can't because I need my allowance. Hehe.