Monday, October 26, 2009

What my Sunday Felt Like

It was a Sunday yesterday and I had this urge to go to mass. I gave in to the calling but was quite late when I arrived at the church. The priest was already giving his homily and it was about love and marriage. Hmm... Anyways, I went to the mall thereafter to buy some stuffs needed for my duty. One thing that I need is a toothpaste, and so I was scanning over the toothpaste section. My attention was sought when I stumbled on this whitening toothpaste that is an appetite suppressants. I wonder if it does work, do any of you tried one? Was able to buy some good facial scrub and I'm meaning to buy the other lines of the said brand. The ample time I gave to myself that day helped relieves the stress I was having. LOL.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Our First Shifting Duty

I don't know what crossed our head nurse's mind that he gave us a duty off this Friday and asked us to report on duty this Saturday. Initially, we will be reporting on morning duty for the whole month and consider it as our orientation. But I guess, some staff requested for it or perhaps, this Saturday is a toxic day. Still, it was okay and we were happy to have our off this Friday and I will be having my PM duty this Saturday. Weeh!

No Graveyard Shift!!!

During our orientation in O.R. with our head nurse, he informed us that he wouldn't be giving us a graveyard shift. I felt so relieved upon hearing that not only will I get dark circles around my eyes, but as well as avoid possible creepy encounters in the unit. I believe wherever you will be, there will be spooky stories you will hear from the locals, and our unit is no exemption. Nevertheless, it was a good news for me as I was anticipating fear that night shift will give me. LOL.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

Car Accidents

Car accidents may be due to car negligence, recklessness, impairments or dangerous road conditions. There are a lot of factors and I think no one ever wants to have a car accident. Most of the cases were accidents, thus unexpected. But when the time comes that we least expect this thing to happen, it's best that we should be ready with our defense. May be in the for of car insurance or lawyer like the Tacoma car accident lawyer that would help us with this problem.

Driving Around McDo Bajada

After duty yesterday, my group mates and I were very happy that Sir Jun offered to drive us to Victoria Plaza with his Montero Car. It all started with a joke. We were teasing him during our duty to drive us to the mall in his car, without really knowing he really has one. While dressing up for home, we were all surprised when suddenly Sir Jun asked us if we are going with him. We were caught off guard because we really didn't expect that he was taking our joke seriously and that he really did have a car. And so we readily said yes! While he was driving us around Mcdo bajada, I saw a familiar face of a pretty lady. I realized she was my schoolmate back in college and I can't believe she lost some weight. I wonder if she uses some weight loss pills or perhaps it's the result of her working as a flight attendant.

Advocating Life Insurance

Being a healthcare worker and being the eldest offspring in the family, I realized that having an insurance is a necessity nowadays, especially with life insurance. We have to be practical and ensure our self and our family's welfare. There are various insurance available in the market today catering to our needs. It's best to do some research and ask the help of the experts before purchasing one.

Discipline Through Sports

At a young age, it's good to expose kids in sports. Not only do they achieve physical wellness but it also develop their social skills, teamwork and discipline in oneself to name a few. I am grateful that I was an athlete back in school. I learned a lot and developed my passion in every thing that I do. It drives me to perfection. And even now that I rarely play sports, I still practice the virtues I learned from sports. The only regret I have though is, I wasn't able to pursue my dream to be an equestrian and fit those nice and decent equestrian apparels.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Chit Chats About Working Abroad

As nurses, when we're in the stage of getting to know each other, most of the conversations will lead to taking up foreign exams and working abroad. Fortunately, I passed all the foreign exams required to take to work in the United States. And they were all asking me if I have an employer already. And yes I do. My employer is in New York and I had already had signed a contract with them. Currently, I'm waiting for my visa number and hopefully in the future I will be granted the visa and could work in New York. That would be a dream come true. And since I am pursuing my dream to work in NY, I think it is best for me to scan for any good New York accident lawyers that I could contact in case I needed one. Hopefully my New Yorker friends will help me with that.

Weight Loss Conversation

Our duty this day wasn't that toxic. We had 3 minor cases in the operating room and after all has been done, my co-trainees and I had the luxury of time to make chit chats. It was around lunch time when we were discussing on what we should order for lunch. Three of us ordered kare-kare while the only guy in our group just ordered palabok. He insisted he's controlling the amount of food he's consuming as he is gaining weight already. He did'nt like to opt for weight loss product, as this will be his last resort. But then I thought that palabok is still rich in carbohydrates and it's still useless if he chooses that for his diet plan. LOL. Anyways, I was satisfied with the kare-kare I ate. It was delicious!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Unhealthy Fats

Back then, I was conscious with my weight. I went to the gym and lost some weight. It was satisfying as I had lost 6 kilos from it. Though unfortunately, eventhough I lost some weight, I still have belly fats. And I know it isn't healthy since it's still prone to heart diseases. And because I was sensitive with it, I asked my trainor on how to lose belly fat fast. According to him, it's plainly simple...just skip rice and sodas. Huhu.

Texas Accomodations

Just last week, I heard that a college batchmate of mine just flew to states. She's a nurse and she got a job via working visa in Texas. The processing was quite fast and now she's there already. I wonder if she is staying in an Austin apartments in Texas. Or perhaps, she has relatives there. Nevertheless, I'm still happy for her.

Live Chat On Facebook

I know there are a lot people out there who are currently addicted to facebook. Who wouldn't? Aside from social networking, you get to play games application in it. But one thing that I like from this site is the fact that you can have a live chat with your online facebook friends. No need to ask them for their YM id for you to chat with them. It's convenient and helps strengthen your bonds too!