Friday, June 19, 2009

Come What May..

I don't wanna expect anything anymore.
Do as you please.

*Photo credit to `zemotion of deviantart.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Our First Girl's Outing...

It was one hot summer day last May 29 and my cousin Pao suggested we go to the beach and invite our other cousins, Han and Colleen. Off we went to Costa Marina Resort at Samal Island.

The wind was soothing to our skin. We enjoyed taking pics with our nice bikini tops that we bought at Xquichic online.

We were almost stranded in the island. It was around 3pm that the rain started to poured heavily with strong winds that canceled the boat trips to and from the island temporarily. We worried we might not be able to leave the island and so we started planning for an overnight stay. But luckily, the rain had stopped in time for the their last trip and we arrived home safely.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Building My Resto...

How I wish that time will come I could build my own restaurant. But for the meantime, I am enjoying this game from Playfish's, "Restaurant City". Building my resto, collecting ingredients and upgrading my recipes. The higher the level my dishes are the quickest way for me to level up and earn gold coins. Plus, I can trade ingredients with my fellow facebook friends and give items to them as gifts.

Remembering My Psychiatric Nursing...

When you stay at home and got no job, it's really boring. As much as you want to, you want to keep yourself busy. But there times that you find yourself just sitting down or lying around, keeping yourself entertained by thinking about many things or even reminiscing. I recently remembered my Psychiatric Nursing days when I happened to do some blog hopping and saw one blogger wearing a psychiatric nursing shirt. Memories started pouring in. Back then, I was assigned in a private drug rehab institution where psychotics are also confined in the other building. That exposure was fun! We were interacting with our patients and there are times that we forgot we are communicating with psychotics. They all seemed normal at first glance even the addicts. And I learned that not all rehab patients that were confined there were addicted to drugs. There were some patients were admitted due to addiction to gambling, cutting classes and etc. Therefore, addiction is not merely focused on drugs alone.

Josh's Curiosity...

It has been quite long for my cousin Josh since he last visited our home. He was quite excited to see our grandmother but was disappointed that our lola wasn't at home. He was also excited to play playstation and again got upset when he learned that it was already been used by my father in his business. And to kill his boredom, he tried roaming around the house and turn on our backyard's outdoor lights. Well, he expected it was already turned on, but when he opened the back door, our dog, Harvey surprisingly stood in front of him. Good thing it was on leashed.

I Miss Working...

It has been nearly a year already that I stopped working in the hospital and I'm already missing it. I missed caring for my patients. It's challenging for me to handle such patients with serious diseases such as mesothelioma but it's rewarding and satisfying when you are caring for them the best way you can and can see the improvement in their condition. I just hope that one of these days, I could go back to working in the field again.

Our TV Broke Down...

Too bad our extra television in our dining area broke down. We all don't know the root cause of it. It just suddenly went on a black screen while we were watching a local TV program. We were using that in playing playstation and for viewing movies, especially my nephew's all time favorite...Barney Show.

I thought my father would replace it with a surplus TV, but until now, it hasn't been replaced yet.

Under Renovation...

Again, spontaneity as we all seemed, my cousins and I visited one of my cousin's house in the province. As we arrived, we observed that there were a lot of their stuffs scattered anywhere in the house as their house is undergoing some renovations. I, on the other hand, decided to roam around and checked on the clinic, the soon to be pharmacy shop and the law firm office of my uncle where a flat screen TV was placed inside with it's tv stand for entertainment purposes.

The best part is that the house was wifi hotspot. We could all use the internet together using different laptops and desktop.