Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Excited....3 Days More To GO!

It's 3 days more to go for my friend's birthday. The celebration will be held in Samal Island in a private resort. Weee! There will be a number of us and it looks like fun too. Can't wait to take a splunge in the sea water again. And no....I don't want to get drunk!!! And ohh...I want to go to Haguimit Falls!!

Tweeting Up

Are you guys using twitter? There are several Hollywood celebrities that are using it. Check them out!

My Secret Diet...LOL

A number of people have commented that I lost my weight. It was flattering, I know since I am kind of conscious when it comes to my body weight. They were asking me what my diet was or was I taking diet pills. I only told them, depression was my diet at that time, nyahaha. True and it worked but I don't recommend you to undergo depression just to lose weight. LOL. It just so happen I was depressed and I lost my appetite back then. Getting depressed just to lose weight is a silly thing to do.

A Chat with my Friend

We had very nice chat with my friend in New York. She told me about her new friends there and here career life as a nurse. Her friends are fond of baseball and they thought of watching the game live and bought a New York Yankees tickets. They were very excited with the idea that they'll be watching it live together. Unfortunately, my friend wasn't able to go with them as she had already promised a friend in Virginia that she will be spending her weekend there. Anyways, she still had fun at Virginia.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Treating Mesothelioma

Oncology patients are difficult to handle in terms of emotional and physical support. We all know that cancer patients experiences severe pain and needs our support to help alleviate their pain and understand them. One form of cancer that an individual may get when exposed to asbestos is Mesothelioma. It's a rare and difficult disease to treat effectively and for so many decades, there is still no known cure for it. When seeking for Mesothelioma treatment, one must go to specialists for consultation and treatment as these physicians are updated with the latest research about the disease and are trained and skilled in handling this kind of disease.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blue Jaz Resort

It's summer! And part of this season is going to the beach with friends. It was a pleasure to join this group to Blue Jaz Resort in Samal Island.

We took the boat going to the resort at Beachside Resort in Lanang. It was a whole day experience in the beach. It was very hot and the sea water is very inviting to dip in. What I was excited to do in the resort is to try their new big waterslides. Unfortunately, it will cost you P90 for that so we opted not to.

What's good in this place is it's nice to take pictures. And we had a lot of it.

A Nice Cottage

Last Friday, my friends and I went to the beach and bonded. It was fun being with them considering that I only knew some of them and only met the others at that time. Nevertheless, they were very nice and fun to be with. No dull moments. And because most of us were girls, there's no way we'll leave the vicinity without taking any photos. Here's one photo of ours in one of the cottages in the resort. We're guessing it was a nice cottage although we haven't seen what it looks like inside, but as we observed the wood flooring seemed intricately done. It was a big cottage and costs a lot. *Phew!.

Outer Banks

It's time for vacation and my friend in the United States shared to me her vacation experience. She and her friends make use of Outer Banks rentals in North Carolina. It was fun according to her. They went to the beach and visited points of interest on the Outer Banks and just enjoyed their vacation. It was indeed a memorable vacation with her friends and they planned on going back anytime they'll file for another leave.

I Should Have Known

If only I knew we were going to the beach weeks before it happened, I should have prepared myself. Tone down and went on a diet. Result is, bulging stomach while wearing my swimsuit. Haha. I should have taken up any best diet pills in town to help me lose weight. But as I have said before, I still have doubts taking it. I'm scared with the possible side effects it might give so beware and consult your physician first.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Blessing of the Fire

It's Black Saturday. And one of the events that I most awaited this time is the Blessing of the Fire. I first witnessed it when I was younger. We attended this kind of mass at Redemptorist Church and we were bringing candles with us. Inside the church, the first part of the mass, everything is dark. Lights inside the church is switched off and a fire dance presentation was performed by the church's dance group. A big candle was placed in the altar and it was being lit. When lit, the priests lights his candles and pass the light on to the people inside the church lighting their candles then the priests roams around blessing the lit candles. It is a very spiritual experience.

*Photo credit to Six Degrees of Inspiration

Shopping for Gifts

Christmas has passed but it doesn't mean that it's only during Christmas time that we give gifts. We can give presents anytime of the year and people receiving it surely will be glad. We usually make sure that the gifts we give to our love ones are the somehow connected to their interests in life. For instance, the recipient would be a sports lover then we naturally give him/her a sports gifts. It will surely be appreciated and perhaps, he/she will make use of it.

Friday, April 10, 2009

Good Friday...

It's calm all around our place even outside our house. For two years, we spent our holy week at the beach with our family friends. But now, we stayed at home and watch TV and listen to the inspiring words people shares.

Kinda boring if you're not used to this peacefulness. Haha. But the calmness of the entire place is inviting for meditation and prayer.