Monday, September 28, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy

Certain parts of Manila has been greatly affected by typhoon "Ondoy". People from various status were greatly affected. They need food, clothings, shelter, medicines and other stuffs. As of now, deaths has increased to a hundred. Most of them were kids who were drowned and got trapped from their houses. Though Philippines is being frequently visited by typhoons, this is the worst thing that happened to our beloved country. Still, many people are missing and rescuers are still on it's effort to save them.

Here's one striking video I found online. Had seen this on TV and I really got teary eyed watching these people swallowed by the flood helplessly. Bystanders on the bridge tried to help them but failed due to the water's strong current.

My fellow Filipinos do greatly need your help! Please visit this site on how to extend your help in any kind.

Another PC Upgrade Plan

My brother and I are gamers. We spent most of our free time in front of the computer and play our favorite games. We used to be a hard core gamer on some RPG online games. But not, since we're kinda busy, we usually play some casual games on facebook and some games that were downloaded in our desktop. My brother plans to have our video card upgraded by buying a new one. He saves for it and I hope he could buy one in time.

Great Smile Is A Good Asset

As for me, I think having a great smile is your best asset. Whenever I see some friends and even the strangers who smiled at me, I smile back. It's contagious and it helps lighten someone's mood immediately. On the contrary, what prohibits me from smiling is due to some teeth imperfections. I've been planning to go to the dentist to have it fixed but I think it may cost a lot. Perhaps I'll pursue that plan when I get to the states and find some Plano cosmetic dentist.

Car Parts

Got the time to hang out at our store last week as I was preparing my requirements for my clinical training. My family's handling an auto supply shop and one morning, a walk in customer passed by and asked about the availability of certain car parts of a luxury car. We had none of those and so i recommended him to try searching for Mopar performance parts online.

Monday, September 21, 2009

A Very Sad Yet An Inspiring Story...

My brother showed me this video last night and while we were watching the whole video clip, I can't hide the feelings of sadness felt for these siblings. They were left by their parents and their 8 year old sister cares for them. Such an angel! Despite of poverty she still finds to take care of her brother and sister. They were severely malnourished. This video just proves that we should count our blessings and share these with the unfortunate people like them.

Premature Wrinkles

At my age, I am starting to get premature wrinkles around my eyes. As hard as I want to maintain a positive outlook in life, there will always be stressors around. Sleepless nights and dehydration I guess helped contribute to this upleasant wrinkles. When did it became pleasant though? Hehe. Anyways, I've been craving for various eye creams and there's one particular eye cream I am using now. Hope it'll do wonders.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Ensuring Our Safety

In the nursing field, our primary concern and our top most priority is to ensure the safety of our patients. It is also the same in our household. Especially now that we have a toddler in our home. Toddlers are curious kids and very movable. And so we see to it that we buy safety products . Buying these kind of products doesn't only ensure safety for our toddler but also with each and everyone of us.

Anticipating A Change of Neighborhood

Just recently, there were rumors that the airport is planning to expand again for international purposes. Our village is near the ran way. And if that happens, many homes will be paid to be demolished. I am hoping that ours wouldn't be affected with the expansion. It would be kinda hard to move and a long distance movers would really be a great help. But it's also saddening to move from here sicne there are already a lot of good memories during our childhood here.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Meeting New People

I had the chance to meet new people. This time they were Koreans. The first time I met them was when I dropped by in a restobar where my friend was and just said "Hi" to them while chatting for awhile with my friend. I didn't had the time to stay longer with them as I have also friends waiting for me in the taxi.

And so last week, I had the chance to be with them again and hanged out with them together with my friend. These Korean guys were funny and gentleman. We accompanied them to the PAL office, had dinner with them and accompanied them to go the grocery. We even rode the jeepney and for almost 3 months that they were here, that was the first time they rode one. They were like typical Filipinos who were "makulit" and funny. The only difference is the language. There are times that we can't understand one another due to the fact that their English vocabulary's not that good yet and often times they mispronounced some english words. We ended up letting them spell the word for us. LOL!

The experience was fun and different. I had the chance to learn more about their culture and also found out that the first few months they were here, they didn't appreciate Filipino foods. They find it oily or too sweet or too salty. But after awhile, they got used to it and liked it especially the barbecue and halo-halo.

My friend and I were also amazed with their medicating ointment. One of them got injured weeks ago and had a big wound around his right forearm. But now, with the Korean ointment he was using for his wound, it left no scars on it. There wasn't even any marks that would remind him of his injury. Amazing! No wonder they have nice skin.

I had fun with them but I just wish they learn more english words. Haha.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Safeguarding Your Home

A friend of mine and I chatted on YM and she shared to me the horrible experience they had in their dormitory. According to her, their building was intruded by a burglar and one of her dorm mate's room was robbed, taking her DVD player and her laptop. CCTV had recorded the actual intrusion of that burglar and it even stayed an hour in that room. Now, the whole occupants of the dormitory feared that it might happen again.

I was thinking, if this happened to our home, good thing if the burglar only robbed some stuffs. But what if it's more than that? It could be possible he'll leave the house on fire so as not to leave some traces of his identity. It then occurred in my mind that an alarm system and a home insurance is really a must.

Thursday, September 3, 2009

Looking Younger

At this moment with my age, I am becoming more concern with my skin. It's a fact that as we age, we lose that elasticity and suppleness in our skin, especially in my face. I've tried different kinds of stuffs from non-organic to organic products. Even tried taking antioxidant supplements to delayed the age process. But as I noticed now, I observed there are some wrinkles around my eye area. It isn't good to have these and so I think that I'd be needing a face wrinkle cream. Need to keep my skin moisturize to prevent wrinkles from developing and to drink 6-8 glasses of water a day.