Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thankfully Lost Some Pounds

Just a few weeks, I was worried I hit 56 kg. in my weighing scale. I started to lessen my intake of carbonated drinks and truly it helped. I may not have shed a lot of pounds but it helped loosen it. I thought i was gonna resort to nuphedragen but happy to say I didn't. It would really just takes a lot of self discipline and control to watch what you eat. Softdrinks help you gain some weight and help you feel bloated. And that's one of my priority list to eradicate or if not, lessen my intake of it.

Scorching Heat

The scorching heat of the sun feels like burning my skin. It's so hot brought about El Niño. I can't take riding the public transportations because of the weather. And I badly need a good day cream with SPF 30. That would like protect my skin to lessen the damage the UVA and UVB will give. I'm kind of worried to have PM shifts because I will be leaving the house where the sun is up and hot. I'll be wasting my money again for my taxi fares.

One Drug Per Prescription

I just can't understand the logic behind the one drug per prescription policy. It's quite absurd and a waste of prescription forms. And the physicians have to sign to a number of prescription forms especially if he/she has prescribed a lot of drugs. They're making our lives more miserable and exhausting, hehehe. It would be appropriate for the pharmacy head to explain to us the rationale behind this policy. Anyways, good thing there are over the counter supplements like adipex without prescription.

Needs Some Day Out

Time flies so fast. Didn't even recognize that it has been 3 months since I started my work. You can't even tell it if you're really busy, right? But I am happy that I'll nearly finish my contract as a reliever and hopefully will renew my contract as a contractual.

Though sad to say, I'm starting to get tired working. I feel like I need to take some rest. Maybe go on vacation or even go joyriding. If only I have the mobile I saw on site. I think that would be comfortable doing a land trip. Maybe go to Camiguin perhaps? I wished!

Friday, May 21, 2010

Wondering Where and How He Is

I just can't get to ignore the feeling of being sorry for having said mean words to him the last time we texted. Indeed, I tend to burst out my emotions and didn't even think about the consequence of it. I just had the urged to said it with conviction even though I really don't mean it that way. Confusing? Me too. I just said whatever I want to say because it felt relieving that way. But afterwards, I felt sorry. And I know I might have hurt him badly. I'm just still hurting that's why I was mean to him thinking that he's just being nice and sweet just to lead me on - a sort of ego tripping on his part. And now, I wanted to apologize and take back what I said since perhaps he's being nice was sincere. But it's kinda hard this time, since he already said he won't talk to me anymore. He might be ignoring me this time for good. That's sad. I guess, it's better this way. Since it's still quite hard for me to move on with us still talking.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Can't Sleep

It's past one in the morning and I can't sleep. This is one reason I hate having a one day off from a night duty. My day off will be spend mostly from sleeping the whole day and when bedtime comes, it's hard for me to sleep back again for tomorrow's morning duty. And so many things are lingering in my mind right now. Surprisingly, I was thinking of a cheapest car insurance awhile ago for my friend. Now, memories set in again from a failed relationship. I wonder if we ever gonna get back together someday. Perhaps it's one reason that I can't sleep as well.


Watching "Hachiko, A Dog's Tale" melted our hearts for this poor and loyal dog. We have been watching it through our friend's Samsung home theater in her condo unit. Hachiko is one example of a loyal dog, really a man's best friend. For like ten years since his master died, he still revisit the place where he usually wait for his master to arrive from work, and that is the train station. He usually sit in front and wait for his master to appear and give him a hug. For ten year, even without seeing his master he still has high hopes and wait for him patiently outside the train station. We were all teary eyed while watching it.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Exercise Your Right To Suffrage

Hours to go and the voting precincts will soon open to all the registered voters nationwide. Quite excited with election since this will be the first time that the Philippines will have an electronic type of voting. And I am eager to know how long would the announcing of the new leaders will take place. Hopefully, I could go vote tomorrow as early as I can since I still have my duty tomorrow morning. Anyways, I just hope that there will be no long lines for me.

Go cast your votes and vote wisely!

Sunday, May 9, 2010

A Friend Is Expecting

A friend who has just got married is now expecting a child. Been to the ward to fetch my patient for surgery and while waiting, this friend informed us that she's expecting a child. It was a good news considering that it was only a month since her wedding and now they were given such wonderful blessing. She's now starting to take prenatal vitamins and starting to watch what she eats since she's beginning to eat a lot now. She has to watch her weight too.

The Malls Were On Sale

The malls were on sale last week. Went mall hopping and there was a huge sale marks everywhere. I even saw a discount diet pills in the malls too. Was able to buy some stuff I needed and glad I did at a discounted price. There was even some money left for me to eat my favorite foods. That's the nicest thing about buying things on sale. Now, I'm looking forward for the next payday again.

It's Hot and Humid

El Niño has given me an uncomfortable feeling everyday. The scorching heat of the sun plus the warm humid leaves me feeling sweaty and unfresh, even if I just came out from a bath. Indeed it's so hot that I cannot even dare to ride the public jeepneys and need to take the taxi instead. This eeky feeling made me want to take a bath more often in a day and enjoy using my acne body wash. Good thing now is that, it's starting to rain again.

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Not Feeling Well For Now

*Photo credited to minimouse95 of deviantart.

Back at work, as I was circulating a thyroidectomy case with my trainee. Headache sets in. Thought it's associated with stress teaching my trainee on how to circulate. But as I had finished my work, there I realized I'm going to have a flu. My body's getting weak, I'm starting to get colds and fever. Rested for awhile when I arrived at home and there I felt how cold my body was. But fever didn't prevent from eating ice cream I bought for my family. Hehe.

And as I am writing this entry, I then realized I forgot to let my colleague sign the medication he gave the patient. Geez! Hope we could work it out tomorrow ASAP without getting an incidental report.