Monday, December 8, 2008

waiting for his sms

Since this morning I was texting Arven some messages. Sadly, I got no reply. Tried calling him in his mobile but it's out of reach. I remembered him telling me he have problems with his mobile charger, it's not working according to him or perhaps his cellphone's not working well.

Just this afternoon, I was strolling in the mall alone and still trying to call him in his mobile phone. After many attempts I successfully heard his voice and ask him what's wrong and how he is. Still, he told me it's his phone, he don't know what's wrong with it. Then the line was cut. Tried calling again and I can't reach him again. Hayz. I was still trying to call him while I was heading home and when I was able to get through the line, I told him I'm going to their house as I was getting worried about not hearing from him the whole day.

There he was, with his two siblings in the living room singing with their videoke system. I guess, he was telling the truth. His phone's off and was plugged for charging but it's not charging. LOL.

I guess I now realized how difficult and worrysome it was texting someone you care and not hearing from him back. I miss the old him. He used to text me everyday, almost every minute but I did not appreciated his I do. Back then, I was contented to text him back with only few messages. But when I don't hear from him the whole day, I misses him and that's what I am feeling now. Hayz, I just wish everything will get back to the way it was before. c",)

*Photo credited to ~nebulaskin of deviantart.


Romy said...

Hi Crissy! Nice blog you got.. I understand your feelings, its normal.

mecozz said...

I always wait sms from my hun