Sunday, December 21, 2008

On Getting Hurt

Finally, I felt what it feels like getting hurt. Though I've been hurt before but I can say it was just subtle. The recent pain I went through was terribly painful. Mixed emotions have been felt not knowing what to do and made impulsive acts in the process.

Now I understand the pain it feels. And now I realized that it is not best to make decisions when you're hurt or when you're mad like what other authors say. It is because you base your judgments on your emotions which is not healthy. You are making hasty and impulsive decisions. I've been in that stage. Was impulsive with my decisions and made stupid actions. And after the pain subsides, regrets from making such decisions set in.

When you're hurt, you only care about your feelings. You only see the side of you, you're welfare. You become emotionally blinded. You can't think rationally. In this time, you need social support like your family and friends to help you see the other side of the picture...not to judge and be bias in favor of you. They are there for support and give advices. But it doesn't mean then that their advises are the best. In the end it is only you who decide rationally with an open mind. Praying also helps a lot and surrendering yourself to God helps you in the grieving process.

*Photo by ~Miss Charon of deviantart.

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