Monday, December 22, 2008


It's still unbelievable for me that our long term relationship's over. I really regret what I did that hurt him, if only I could turn back the time. If only he could give me a second chance.

It hurts me more knowing that he really didn't love me that much. That this incident showed me that our love's not that strong to face adversities in our relationship. Instead, his love for me faded and was replaced with anger. Though, I understand that. On the other hand, by this incident I realized that I really do love him which is painful because it's now one-sided. I can't seem to imagine myself with another man. I can't seem to love someone else again. T_T. But still, I have to try to go on living without him. He will always be in my heart.

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intel828c said...

hi! coz "everybody hurts" sometimes. its something unpredictable but at the end is right, i hope you have a time for your life..