Saturday, September 6, 2008

Darn Cebu

Geez two more days to go and my mom and some of our relatives will be leaving for Cebu City.'s so disappointing knowing that I can't tag along with them. They'll be away for at least 4 days and I can't afford to be absent from duty for that long. Haayy, my cousin told me it's just fair since I've been to Cebu quite a number of times and in Negros when it was her who cannot come along due to her studies. Hekhek. But still, I wanna go knowing that my cousin is going because it will be fun to stroll around the city with her. Huhu. Geez, I still have 2 more days to decide. I missed Sbarro, Starbucks, Basilica and of course shopping for nothing. Hehe.

To absent or not to absent...think, think, think!

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