Monday, September 8, 2008

Pampering my feet

After all the tedious walking, I finally pampered my feet yesterday the Magenta way. Besides, our feet should be pampered enough since they carry all the burden and works a lot. I had a paraffin wax inclusive of a foot scrub and pedicure at Magenta Salun located at Victoria Plaza. It took more than an hour for this procedure but it was fine, it was relaxing though. I really don't know how paraffin should work and what should be expected from it, though after the procedure, my feet was smoother. And oh the paraffin wax felt good. Hehe. Anyways, here are the stolen shots I took. Haha.


Jemi said...

My, how I missed all the luxury and pampering I used to enjoy in the Philippines such as this and hair care, manicure/ pedicure, ect... Here in the US, ang mahal. Besides, wala koy paborito diri nag place to do such pamperings.

Gigi said...

I need to have this done one of these days! Kind of relaxing just imagining myself in your shoes.

Melissa said...
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