Friday, September 19, 2008


Just got back from Tagum and I was met by my nephew's warm hugs and kisses which I missed the most. It's nice to be home again and find some improvement in our home. The used to be dusty house seems lighter and cleaner this time not to mention more spacious.

I had also received the prize I won from Rate My Philippines contest, the "Journey's" CD album. Nice package! I'll share the photo tomorrow guys.

There's nothing new with my brother...haha. As usual the computer addict is facing the TV playing ps2, didn't even have the time to welcome me back. Huhu...

Haven't had the time to update my blog this week. Missed some opportunities because I didn't have the mood for writing. Haay.

A lot of things happened this week and it's kinda stressful and exhausting. Need to rest now for tomorrow's day.

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