Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Unofficial Overtime

It was a local holiday today and the operating room was quiet. There were no surgeries scheduled for today and so we were waiting for our shift to end by chit chatting. Time for bonding again. I should have gone on duty for 8 hours shift and went an unofficial overtime to wait for my other colleagues.

It's a local holiday, but surprisingly my drinking buddies were not in the mood to go out tonight. Even I, wasn't in the mood either. The city is crowded in celebration of our city's foundation day. Who would want to go to bars were people all flocked in there right? Our drinking careers went to a halt for this week. Hopefully, sometime soon we could go out again. Perhaps next week, I'm starting to miss their company. Hehe.

*Photo credited to *KirlianCamera of deviantart.

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