Monday, March 29, 2010

Solo Nurse On Duty

Just last week, I got my chance to work alone as the nurse on duty for the afternoon shift. My partners didn't report on duty and so I was left alone. Good thing I had two trainees on duty and one OR technician plus 2 students for their completion. We had one case in our shift. I was concerned that may be anytime I would receive a STAT (emergency) cases. This I cannot reject since it's an emergency. I was praying hard and indeed God hears our prayers.

I managed to survive my shift and I was grateful I did. Thank God!


sendzki said...

wow, i cant imagine myself in your condition...kasi last duty nung sat, parang katumbas ng lima ung naging patient ko....T_T ...anyway, kaya mo yan~ galing talaga ng mga nurse na nagbablog!!

Crissy said...

wow! nurse ka rin? kakapagod nga pero it's part of our work na talaga.

sana nga magkaroon pa ng more budget every hospital para makapaghire pa ng more nurses.

sendzki said...

intensive practicum pa lang...:P next year pako magiging nurse hopefully haha

Crissy said...

oh i see...take the most out of your practicum. goodluck then! :D