Monday, March 1, 2010

Death Toll In Chile

Deaths in Chile earthquake is increasing. The last time I note, it was around 300 already. That was a lot already. Is this a bad omen? I noticed that several earthquakes has been hitting globally and has caused a lot of mortalities. That's a huge funeral costs to consider, I think.

Just a day before the earthquake in Chile, we experienced an earthquake in our place. It was reported to be a 5.5 magnitude quake. And it was quite long. At that time, I was on the 4th floor of a building doing some work outs. We all paused from what we were doing and waited if it the earthquake would still commence and started eyeing on the fire exit. Fortunately, it stopped and we all resumed our work out.

Days before the said quake, our institution has initiated an earthquake drill. It was a good preparation though there are some people who didn't took the drill seriously.

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