Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Not in Good Condition

Lately I'm not in a good condition, after the flu that hit me, here comes the toothache that I've been suffering for days. And it's not enough, it's been associated with body pains that I have to endure plus my heart's still in distress. In short, I've been emotionally and physically suffering. Huhu.

Hayz, been taking a lot of pain killers and antibiotics but still the pain's there. I'm quite worried that by taking these medicines for long term will greatly affect my health in the future. Don't even want to develop any drug tolerance. Been even nauseated lately and dizzy. Huhu. Still, I have the urge to self extract my tooth or better yet take a stronger pain killers. Just hoping I wouldn't have respiratory distress and ends into coma. *Sweat.

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