Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Island Hopping with Friends

This is the second time around that I tagged along for an island hopping in Samal. Now, I'm with my co-workers and some friends as well. We went to Babusanta, Coral Garden...and the others...I don't know where was that. What I knew was, the water was crystal clear and was so inviting. The corals were colorful and plentiful, the fishes were abundant and everything was just so great. We rented a boat for like P7,000, good for 50 persons maximum.

Everyone just loosen up and enjoyed the day diving with life vest on, since most of us didn't know how to swim. Hehe.

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Sendo said...

wow..nice pic..been to samal last oct 2009...wonderful island indeed! ^^ enjoy nurse..u deserve that getaway!