Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Extended Duties

For two consecutive days, I've been opted to work overtime. I should be off at around 6 pm but since our unit was so busy due to a lot of elective cases, I was forced to go overtime. What can I do then? There are only two nurses on duty and one OR technician in the afternoon shift and there are cases on going plus patients in the PACU. There's no one who would received my patient for PACU and so I have to do it my own. Even the transporting of patient seemed hard for me since I can't get anyone from the staff to help me in transporting my patient, and so I have to ask help from the housekeeping. Good thing they were kind enough to lend a hand. It's exhausting having duty extensions, then your compensation for your overtime work is just around thirty bucks per hour. That's not even satisfying when you consider the load of your work you render. Hays. How I wish the administration would go attend the needs of our unit in order for us to work effectively and efficiently.


Sendzki said...

wow..tingin ko talaga sipag mo..nakakapagblog ka pa.. ok lang yan, may reward sa yo si Lord sa sipag mo ...

Crissy said...

thanks sendzki! all for His glory.

nakakapagod naman talaga pero no choice talaga eh.

Blogging is one of my destressing place eh. ;)