Thursday, February 11, 2010

Upset with the Late Information

It was on November of last year that the recruitment agency of my employer emailed me and informed me of the upcoming meeting with my employer this February of 2010. The meeting will commence sometime between February 3-16 to discuss about our application status and the retrogression. A survey was also conducted for the possible venues of the said meeting. They will update us on the final schedule of the said meeting but sad to say, there wasn't any updates on it. Until I received a text message this morning from my agent informing me that the meeting will be tomorrow and the interview for new applicants will be on the 13th. Hays! I'm 2 hours away by plane from the venue and they expect us to be there tomorrow?! Aren't they a little inconsiderate of the time? If only I have the financial means to board the plane on rush then yes I can be there. They could have informed us way earlier so we could have time to prepare. Because of my disappointment, I faced my pc and started surfing the net. Stumbling from different websites to the other without any particular site to look. Then I dropped on this site, I then remembered our last outing in Buda where one of my friends teased our friend about having joint pains and suggested medications to ease it. Hehe.

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