Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bothered With My First Encounter With Her

It was one fun day. Not knowing what's in store for me as the day progressed. After lunch, I got a surprise announcement from my head that our senior wants to talk to me. Confusion sets in and thoughts of the agenda for the meeting must be related to the endoscopy unit. Hence, I wasn't wrong. Though I never expected her approach would be quite mean. I was surprised by her tone of voice and the way she delivered her message.

The news about my refusal to be assigned in the endoscopy unit got her and asked me the reason behind it. With her having the thought that I didn't find that unit challenging. With all respect, I humbly told her that my concern was the radiation exposure. Since I have assisted ERCP cases back then not knowing that my lead gown was defective. She emphasized the flexibility of a nurse to be assigned in other areas and that I shouldn't say "NO" to it. And that it would be an added learnings for me if I get assigned in that unit. And that I am still under observation. Point taken. But I'm still concerned with my reproductive health. LOL. Hays. Now it bothers me so much whether I should give in with their expectations or stand firm with my decision and safeguard my health.

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