Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Preparing for Colonoscopy

During the span of my training months in the operating room, I was mostly assigned in the endoscopy unit. Making it my priority in terms of assisting. In a way, I was fortunate to have been exposed in that unit since my father is a candidate for a colonoscopy. There I was enlightened with how the procedure is going to commence. The preoperative procedure is just like having any surgery. Instructing the patient not to eat or drink anything at bedtime and until the procedure is done. I think colon cleansing pill can help cleanse the colon in preparation for the procedure. Just make sure it is in accordance with your surgeon's approval. Colonoscopy is considered a diagnostic exam wherein the endoscopist is going to insert a scope to get a view of the inside of your colon and to learn what the problem is.

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