Wednesday, November 12, 2008

SMILING is my remedy

Research says smiling is one way of releasing your endorphins and one way of relieving stress. It's also one way of being positive. I guess there's some truth in it.

Now, I manage to wear a smile on my face again and saw the difference it made in my life. Problems and heartaches are still there but somehow I learn to let go of everything in a short span of time and just smile. It might not helped solve them but it helped me loosen up. I hope I can forever paint a smile on my face even in tough times.

So learn to smile. one knows what you're up to. c",)

*Photo by ~zim-zoe of deviantart.


murena52003 said...

I know that smiling and laughing make not only your mood better but prolong your life. Let's laugh more!

Regina said...

I totally agree! Laugh more, hug more, live more.
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