Friday, November 28, 2008

My birthday's over...

I would like to thank the people who greeted me on my birthday. Yes it was my birthday yesterday and I am now 25! Should I be happy or not? Hehe. It was surprising to check on my friendster account with greeting comments waiting for approval from my friends and for those friends and acquaintances whom I did not expect to greet me. Thanks a lot guys!

Anyways, I woke up this morning gloomy, felt like an ordinary day. Though my parents greeted me and asked me what I want for my birthday. Dinner? Or a house celebration perhaps? But these I declined. Hmm...I wasn't in the mood for a celebration and so I told them I just wanted to unwind. And so I did!

My boyfriend and I went to SM and ate our dinner at Antonio's, then a parfait at Igloo. Before heading home, we dropped by at Cats & Dogs for a videoke. Hayz. I don't want to sing but he kept on insisting, good thing it's just the two of us so it's not that embarrassing. But still, I sang out of tune and almost lost my voice from singing. Haha. Obviously, I just wanted to spend this day with him.

A NIKE shirt from Arven

Still from Arven. Isn't he sweet? *ROFL.

Even though it was my birthday, I was still kinda sad knowing that I didn't received the sign I asked of Him. *Sob. On the other hand, I just wished that my birthday wishes will be granted, that will really make me happy.