Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gift Giving

Christmas time is fast approaching. Are you done with your Christmas shopping? Better do so and avoid the Christmas rush.

Just last week, I think, "The Sweet Life" in Qtv featured the popular things to buy for Christmas presents. Too bad I wasn't able to watch it. And aside from that they had also featured those usual Christmas gifts that is a no-no to give this time. I wonder what are those.

I'm not fond of giving Christmas presents. Haha. Though I think, I'll make an exception this time. I was thinking of buying one for Arven but I don't want to disclose it here. It's a surprise! Wee! I shouldn't have given you a hint since he's not aware that I'll be giving him a present. Haha. I just hope he won't read this.

On another note, if you are still looking for presents to give this Christmas, I suggest you buy one of the Holiday frames of Zenni Optical. They have a wonderful selection of holiday frames available. And among of their frames, this item caught my attention...'s stylish, simple and lightweight. You'll find a lot of selections on their site and I want you to check it out.

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